Kiwaczek2 (HERE the link of her amazing blog)  got me into the game of “Who are you”, so I need to anwer some not too difficult questions.

1. Favourite Band
Black Eyed Pees

2. Favourite Video
Bad romance – Lady Gaga (Alexander Mc Queen drive me crazy!)

3. Favourite Movie
I eat films at breakfast! So i don’t have one favourite movie! I have just seen Avatar.. so.. i could say… Avatar :D

4. Favourite Designer / Label
Riccardo Tisci

5. Favourite Festival
Pitti immagine uomo

6. Favourite Book
Romantic and ledies books are my favourite. The Kinsella’s ones are adorable!

7. Favourite TV show
It’s too hard to answer this question.

I hate all the italian programs. I only watch the italian Big Brother and only to make some loughs.. in there there are really stupid people!!

As regards the foreign tv showes i love America’s Next top model.

About television in general.. well some telefilms are to die for.. i not only love shoes… i love also telefilm!! My favourite are Make it or break it, Lost, lie to me, lipstick jungle, the vampire diaries, flash farward, true blood, GG, Dott House, Jeriko, Dexter, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty, Greek, Privileged, kylie xy, 90210…

8. Favourite Person / Icon
Favourite person? My boyfriend (we are engaged since 2005), my family (I love my little brother so much even if he’s taller then me and he is only 15!), my best friends (i love you babes!) and my group of friends!
My icon? My fashion icon is Alexa!

9. Favourite City / Country
My favourite country is Italy (Of course i’m italian.. what a fantasy!)
My fvourite city is Florence (Of course i’m florentine.. what a fantasy!) :D

10. Favourite moment ever
In Rome, when i kissed my boyfriend for the first time . (we are both from Florence but we met in Rome!)

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