How to wear cardigans: super long and instead of a jacket!

Come abbinare il cardigan

How to wear cardigans: super long and instead of a jacket!

How to wear the cardigan. One of the trends that I mentioned in my post dedicated to the trends for spring summer 2015 is that of the cardigan. Forget the short, bon ton cardigans. Fashionable cardigans for the season are long cardigans, in oversized styles which is worn instead of a jacket or even a coat. But how to wear the cardigan?

How to wear cardigans: super long and instead of a jacket!

Here are my 4 personal rules to answer the question: “How to wear the cardigan”:

– COACHELLA STYLE: When I was in Los Angeles this style was the greatest. Boots or flats sandals, shorts, cardigans with fancy embroidery with a  basic shirt or t shirt (preferably white), possibly a wide-brimmed hat. Great!

– OFF DUTY: dress as the models do when they come from the catwalks. A comfortable look, but trendy: long cardigan, jeans, sneakers, boots or sandals.

– WITH A MINI DRESS: If the dress is too short (and if still not hot weather and then you’re afraid of being a little cold), then long gown cardigans are a good option to stay warm and .. “cover up”. Seeing is believing!

– CONTRAST: as I said with mini dresses, cardigans looks great. Create contrast by combining it with light fabrics: summer dresses, blouses etc.

For you all the inspirational pictures ;) What do you think of this trend? Big hug!

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Come abbinare il cardiganCome abbinare il cardigancardigan ispirazionecardigan outfitcome abbinare il cardiganCome abbinare il cardiganCome abbinare il cardigancome abbinare il cardigancardigan idee

cardigan look come abbinare il cardigancardigan outfitcardigan lookcardigan color senapecardigan come abbinarecardigan come abbinare

cardigan come abbinarecardigan nerocardigan grigio

IMAGES SOURCES: Istyle / Sincerely Jules / Lady Addict / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / VINGIL fashion / Vennie Fashion / / / FashforFashion  VIA PINTEREST


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27 thoughts on “How to wear cardigans: super long and instead of a jacket!

  1. Io adoro i cardigan over, ho la fissa di coprire sempre le braccia e quindi mi piacciono molto in primavera e a volte anche in estate se sono in tessuti leggeri ed impalpabili! Peccato che non se ne trovino spesso in giro carini e ben fatti, speriamo che questo nuovo trend dia un bello scossone ai negozi :)

    Nuovo giveaway sul mio blog: in palio un fondotinta Laura Mercier e tanti altri regalini!

    Enrie Scielzo, The Ladyboy

  2. Qualche anno fa li portavo molto, ma andavano corti, quindi di lungo non ne ho neanche uno… La mamma in compenso ne è una grande fan, quindi magari vado a rubacchiare qualcosa!

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