I really don’t think that this kinda cloth is made to dress up a plus-size model!
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  1. Exactly. This world isn't full of thin ass little girls. There are woman that have curves. So let's be realistic here. Curvy woman look better than those sick skinny models.

  2. I agree with you in the fact that we are not all models. First of all i seem thin in this photos, but i m not so thin.. one of my legs weight as an entire model :D.. i'm 62kg!Second i think that ON THE RUNWAY the clothes worn by thin model stand out much more better then a plus size model.. not because the thin models are beautiful.. the fact is that when clothes are worn ON THE RUNWAY (we are talking about runway and not of the real life!!)by plus size models.. the attention is not on the clothes but on the models and on her curves!I don't think that thin or anorexic models are more beautiful than plus size models.. i absolutely don't think so!!I hope that you can understand my position!xoxoIrene

  3. allora le sfilate di quelle aziende moda di taglie comode che fanno??? vendono vestiti per donne formose ma prima ti fanno vedere sulle sfilate quanto starebbero meglio quegli stessi vestiti se le donne fossero tutte stecchini? grazie al c….

  4. I know what Irene means, and to some degree I agree. The attention is supposed to be brought to the clothing, which is why those models are disgustingly thin. However, first of all, this woman is NOT a plus size! She looks like she is probably a size 6 or 8.. maybe 10? Secondly, the problem with this photograph isn't that the model HAS body fat, its that the dress is too small on her. You're right, the clothes should really hang off the model, but it doesn't necessarily mean she has to be a size 2 and 6' tall.

  5. I do not agree with you because your theory is not completely correct. First off what is a plus size woman to you is it a size 10,11,or 12. Because one the most beautiful women of all time is Marylin Monroe who was not a 6,7,8 or 9. But infact a 10/12. Beyonce who is 11 so what is plus size. Kimora Lee no where near a 5 or 6 but any and everything she puts on look great. Now if people are just looking at the model and not the clothing because of her size then their the one with the issues. And plese most if not all camera's make u look bigger than what u are. So I see you seem to be 7/8.

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