Packing: tips and tricks for perfect packing!

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Packing: tips and tricks to squeeze everything into a small suitcase without creasing! 

Packing: tips and tricks for perfect packing! Good morning ladies, how are we today? We’re off on holiday again! By the time you read this we’ll be on our way to a splendid Resort and Spa on Lake Garda where we’re going to spend 3 days (follow me live on Instagram @ireneccloset :D). Holidays and weekends at the beach or out of the city are on their way very soon (You can do it! August isn’t far off!). So I thought I’d recap a few points from my post a few years ago on my blog about how to pack perfectly! I hope you like it, big hug!

“You must remember that when buying a suitcase, that during any long trip, there will always be a time when you’ll need to carry it by yourself” – Paul Morand



Choosing a suitcase isn’t so boring given that there are so many types: hard-cased, semi-hard-cased, soft, squashy, overnight bags, medium bags, huge bags, bags with handles, shoulder bags, rucksacks barrel bags, gym bags. Choose one according to the kind of trip you’re going on and what sort of bag you will need.
For traveling by plane. Semi-hard-cased suitcases are recommended given that several times I’ve seen hard suitcases burst open and go round on the carousel half or completely open, and it’s not a good sight! If you really have to use a hard case suitcase, wrap it in elastic or plastic ;) I always leave my bag half empty for things I buy on holiday and souvenirs from my trip. I promise you that two suitcases is always better than wheeling one by hand and slinging one over your shoulder! :D Be careful that they’re not over the weight limit: airlines makes you pay more for overweight bags!! :)
For traveling by car, train, boat. The choice of material and shape is pretty irrelevant even if you’re going in a train or a boat, and especially in a car, but it’s definitely easier to take one on wheels. If you’re traveling by car and you’re not loaded to the brim, make sure you also take advantage of the hooks by the handles that hang next to your head. Ideal for linen suits, silk items and jackets covered in plastic bags (you know, the ones you get when you collect your dry cleaning?) to avoid creasing. But keep the windows closed!
After all the practical questions have been addressed, it’s time to talk about style. The choice of suitcase is a detail that everyone notices and you can make fashionable! Travel accessories are little clues that you have style, so choose them wisely, like your bags and shoes. Here are some tips for packing!


The first step is to put everything you want to take on the bed, then you’re ready to start packing.
Forget anything that you haven’t worn over the last few months (unless they were bought specifically for this trip or they are only wearable in certain seasons) or that don’t represent your everyday style: a change of destination shouldn’t change your style! Trust me that if you put any of this in your suitcase you will only take up lots of space and never wear those clothes! Take only what you absolutely have to because often we return home without having ever work certain things in our suitcase (I know, I know, there might be an emergency… but I’m sure you will have already put in enough emergency clothes!)
The best thing is to create versatile outfits and pairings of clothes that you can mix and match for different occasions. For example, a black skirt. It can go with two different tops (two because you need to change your top more than you need to change your skirt) and different accessories and shoes (for example a comfy pair for daytime and an elegant pair for evening). Then for that same skirt take another outfit that’s a bit lighter (for example a shirt) and one that’s a bit heavier (for example a jumper). Try to use the same items for lots of different combinations, otherwise you won’t pack light!
Depending on the destination, there are certain things you absolutely must not forget:
– lightweight dresses
– straw hat
– at least 2 swimsuits
– beach coverups and kaftans
– white trousers
– flip flops for the beach
– flat sandals (perhaps jewelled)
– open toe heels
– lightweight skirts, but not too short
– lightweight shorts or cut offs
– super comfy shoes
– a straw hat
– fresh dresses in cotton or linen
– capacious but not heavy bags
– avoid clothing that is too “walking gear” or too metropolitan
– knee length shorts with pockets and short sleeved t shirts, walking shoes (and in your rucksack definitely a sweater and waterproof)
– Cashmere or wool poloneck or fleecy trousers and a down jacket for evening and for trips to towns (look at the forecast before you leave: in the mountains it is much colder, even with sun!)
– Camouflage items for excursions and natural colours (green, beige, brown).

fare le valigie | valigia | suitcase | valigia fashion | valigie | valigie moda


– Leave garments open (i.e. not folded) to take up every bit of free space in the suitcase, and just fold in the sleeves.
– First put shoes at the bottom.
– On top put trousers and dresses letting the excess material fill the space round the sides
– Then wash bag, underwear and swimwear. But my wash bag takes up half the suitcase (I love creams :P) so I prefer to keep that in a separate bag, or put it under all the clothes.
– Now fold some more trousers and dresses on top.
– Every empty space should be filled with plastic or paper to avoid your clothes moving around too much (don’t forget to tie the straps inside the suitcase too).
Another way to pack is the “rolling method“:
– You can roll anything: from socks to shirts to dresses.
– Put loose clothes on the bottom of the suitcase.
– Then put socks, belts, scarves etc followed by bags then all the rolled clothes on top.

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To protect delicate clothes the ideal thing is to wrap them in tissue paper.
Put books and magazines in outer pockets of the bag to protect what’s inside.
When you arrive at your destination, unpack everything and put the important things on hangers. Turn on the hot water in the shower and close the door and leave for 10 mins. The steam will naturally steam and un-crease iron your clothes if you hang them in the steamy bathroom!
travel | viaggio | fare le valigie
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Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Per motivi di studio mi sposto dalla periferia sicula al capoluogo e faccio la valigia ogni 15 giorni,un inferno! ma se ci si impegna si può perfezionare il metodo,io per esempio da un pò di tempo a questa parte mi trovo bene con il metodo dei “rotoli” soprattutto per i vestiti eleganti (le feste di laurea si moltiplicano in proporzione ai nuovi amici che inevitabilmente ti fai all’università :) ).Grazie per i consigli,bacio.

  2. Ciao, tutto ciò è molto interessante… Ad aprile sono andata a Londra con il mio fidanzato e al ritorno ho rischiato di non tornare a casa perché la mia valigia aveva un rogonfiamento sul davanti dovuto alle extra compere fatte a portobello ecc ecc e risultava più pesante dei limiti stabiliti appunto dalla rayner. Comunque poi grazie a una signora moto gentile ci sono riuscita. Baci.

  3. Ottimi consigli, ogni viaggio mi ripeto la stessa cosa, poi finisco col portare fin troppo, perchè poi magari…hai anche consigli sulle valigie rigide? Perchè le ultime della Samsonite non mi piacciono, poco robuste e sopratutto chiuse con una cerniera! Basta un coltello per aprirle, e purtroppo bisogna pensarle tutte.

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