Pencil skirt: here’s how to wear it! Long live curves!

Longuette look

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is one of those leaders who, if you have a little bit of curves, beautiful hips and bum, it becomes sexy … no, more sexy. And it’s discreet because covering up knee (or below, depending on the model). But it becomes sexy because it enhances the curves: enhances the waist and shape of the hips. Super! Did you know that my collection of midi skirts is virtually endless right? :D So for today’s post I thought I’d give you useful tips on how to wear a pencil skirt for this winter!

Pencil skirt: here’s how to wear it! Long live curves!

  • UNDERNEATH A BIG SWEATER: The must for long skirts this winter is to be worn under oversized sweaters. The effect therefore is that of overlapping layers, you know? No? In this gallery I’ve put a few examples! High heels aren’t obligatory: it’s OK to wear a boot with a comfortable chunky heel. (It also camouflages the belly!)
  • WITH A SPORTY LOOK: do not imagine the pencil skirt as an exclusively elegant garment. Try to wear it with a sporty look. For example, medium-length down jacket and sneakers. Or with the sweatshirt and sliders. Super contemporary!
  • TRY IT IN…. leather if you want to be really hyper sexy in rock chick mode. Choose it if you want to emphasize the shape (but only recommended for those who have a rather flat belly!)
  • THE SHOES? The best thing, as I said, for this season is to wear with sneakers (but no socks), or with boots with heels for a very rock chick look.  Boots below the knee or above the knee boots for a very particular effect (in fact do not see the gap between skirt and leather boots, the cuissardes becomes like a sock). Heels look better than anything else, and so it is recommended for those who want to lose, optically, a few cm.



Longuette look pencil skirt look
pencil skirt look
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–> image sources: Stochkolm street style | Zara | Pinterest | Karla’s closet | Golden Diamonds

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52 thoughts on “Pencil skirt: here’s how to wear it! Long live curves!

  1. con una gonna simile sei una cannonata ma se vuoi mantenere o aumentare una linea dei fianchi così piacevole…..ricordati di NON andare in palestra o almeno, non andarci troppo spesso!
    + pastasciutta….. – palestra!

  2. Adoro le gonne a vita alta e quest’anno ho sperimentato la longuette.
    Troppo belle, mi fanno sentire sexy e di questi outfit quella in pizzo macramè e quella a quadri per me sono le più belle <3
    A te stanno da favola Ire ! Un bacio

  3. Ciao Irene grazie per i consigli ottime idee!io ho un problemino nè ho acquistata una nera stretta a vita alta che copre giusto giusto il ginocchio… il dilemma universale, LE CALZEEEE? Color carne abolite, nere? Nere velate fanno effetto vedova da funerale, nere troppo coprenti non credo siano l’alternativa, quindi??? Help

  4. Cosa intendi per bei fianchi e sedere? Dalle foto vedo tutte modelle magre/skinny. Con un sedere importante come fa a star bene una gonna aderente, che segna i fianchi?

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