Brunch in Florence with Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo



Brunch in Florence with Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

Brunch in Florence. An amazing location, that rarely open its gate. Giardino dei Semplici, the wonderful garden in the heart of Florence. e. A real Garden of Wonders. Inside, a long table completely covered with fresh flowers, art installations, ambient music and fountains. This was the charming atmosphere that surrounded the brunch in Florence organized by Salvatore Ferragamo: the protagonist was the new perfume Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo. A fresh fragrance with scents of citrus, flowers and summer. Extremely feminine.

Brunch in Florence.. e ora on the go!

Chilled-out atmosphere, fresh brisk air of the morning and colors. that’s amazing :) Now I’m writing from my dear friend Freccia Rossa (I think that soon I’ll receive the honorary membership card from Trenitalia. Aahah!), destination Milan. We’re staying there for two days, to do the second part of the Expo tour with OVS (If you miss it, here’s the first part!). Follow me live on Instagram, I’m @ireneccloset :)

Enjoy all the pics of the fairy tale morning with Signorina :)

P.S QUI un post dedicato a come indossare le Midi Skirt

P.P.S  le GONNE PLISSE’ SONO DA COMPRARE AI SALDI, perchè andranno alla grande il prossimo autunno!

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Summer Sales 2015: What to Buy Now and Wear Next Fall/Winter!



Summer Sales 2015

Summer sales 2015. When sales begin,my advice about what to buy is always the same: (READ my tutorial “How to Survive the Sales”): 

  • THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO BUY THIS SEASON BUT YOU CAN’T AFFORD. Sales are perfect to buy discounted items that you can only dream to buy because they were too expensive for you!
  • SUMMER IS NOT OVER: bathing suits, playsuits, sundresses, shorts… all you need for what’s left of summer!
  • BASIC ITEMS The smartest thing to do is to buy timeless clothing at discount prices. Shirts, jackets, black or white trousers, jeans, basic tees and tops, black pumps, black dresses. Usually this kind of items are not on sale but it’s worth to give a try!

Summer sales 2015: what to buy during this seasonal sales and wear in fall/winter season!

I’d like to elaborate on this particular aspect of sale, because there is nothing worse than buy something during the sales and then just forget it in a drawer and never wear it!The best things about shopping sales is to buy items that will be a trend next season. Better if you wear them, a lot! Here’s a list of items to keep an eye on when you go shopping during summer sales 2015… because they’ll be super cool in fall and winter too ;)



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Silk Epil 9: Change Head to Exfoliates 4 Times Better!


Silk Epil 9

Silk Epil 9: Change Head to Exfoliates 4 Times Better! #BreakFree

Silk-épil 9. My mum uses it! Hers it’s 20 years old. I’m talking about her Silk-épil, old but still working! Of course, after 20 years, a lot of things have changed… Seriously, a lot! But it’s not so easy to convince my mum! Maybe, now that I’m trying the brand new Silk-épil 9 she’ll change her mind, because, objectively, it’s the ultimate beauty instrument for your body care!

Here 3 important reasons why my mum should retire her “prehistoric device” (and perhaps I could forget the nightmare of wax and pulse light treatments… I’ve tried everything!)

Silk Epil 9


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Colorful Dress… Everyone Has His Own Fears| Feliway and Pannocchia



Who is the star of today’s post? Pannocchia (it means cob) or, as we like to call her, “Pannucchiella” (yes I know it’s an odd name for a cat but if you’ve read my previous post about her you’d know the story about how we found our kitty and…  her name!). Pannocchia is a cat about town. She’s a casual and independent kitty, that likes hanging out with her friends (but mostly she ends up in a fight!), every once in a while she gets involved in love affairs with no future, she likes bringing home some presents for the family (a bit disgusting for my taste!) and playing cheerfully among the olive trees in our garden. So she’s a reeeally dynamic girl.  A tough girl, I’ll say.

But even the most independent and strong cat has its fears . Our Pannocchia is literally terrified by pet carriers and cars: probably they’re associated with bad memories. Every time we try to put her in the carrier it’s a nightmare: eventually we just give up and carry her on our lap for the whole trip (don’t try this at home! is so dangerous!)

The vet suggest to try Feliway, a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory. So it ca be used to reassure cats while they cope with a stressing situation and to reduce the stress that will led to scratching, refusing to interact and hiding away or even vomiting and diarrhea attacks when we transport them in the carrier…

Here’s all the detailed info if you want to learn more about this product:

– You can find it in pharmacies and pet shops

HERE the web site with all you need to know!

HERE the Facebook page

E you, have you experienced any of these problems with your cat in stressing situations? Write a comment so we can give each other advice ;)

This post is sponsored by Feliway :) 

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Wavy Hair Without Curling Iron: 3 Techniques for Waves with No Heat!


hair lunghi wavy

Wavy Hair Without
Curling iron or Hair Straightener

Wavy hair without curling iron.  Summer and good weather bring with them the desire to take care of our beauty even more. Higher temperature for instance can help us with our hair. Summer is perfect to rigenerate our manes avoiding curling irons and straightener… or at least reducing their use, only in few occasions! I like wild hair for summer,. I love natural beach waves, like those you get with sea water and sun. But, how to get this beachy hairstyle at home? Here’re 3 techniques that I’ve learnt on the web. They actually work! ;) In this way you’ll stop using heat. Your hair will be grateful next winter!:)

Wavy hair without curling iron or hair straightener: you can do it in 3 different ways!


This is the easiest way to do it and you can get very natural waves, that just looks like beach hair. That’s how it works:

– Wash your hair as usual and dry it (better if they’re still a bit wet)
– split your hair in two sections

– if you have natural straight hair, you’d better apply a dollop of curling mousse
– twist each section tightly.
– set both twisted locks on the top of your head, like a hair headband
– hold firmly with bob pins
– after two hours or (better)the following, morning loosen the twists… and enjoy your waves! If you have super straiight hair spray with a holding product to help set the waves :)

irene colzi hair

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