Guadeloupe Islands: the Video of My Adventure: a Bath with Horses, Reptiles, Dolphins and the World’s Most Beautiful Bays!

 Guadeloupe Islands: the Video of My Adventure! #ireneCClosetTV

Guadeloupe Islands. After my super detailed account of our trip to Guadeloupe Islands, I can’t do no other than upload the loooong video of our entire adventure on ireneCCloset.TV :)

We shot it with a camera, a Nilox camera and a selfie stick, a compact camera and… a smartphone. The most important thing? It was to catch every single moment of this magical travel that we’ll always cherish in our heart!

Guadeloupe Islands: the video of my adventure: swimming with horses, reptiles, dolphins and the most beautiful bays in the world!

What are you going to see? Lots of first times, overcoming my limits, pieces of paradise, good food, my encounter with dolphins and iguanas… and much more! Some details:

  • All my outfits during the 8 days spent on the Guadeloupe Islands.
  • My adventure on horseback, thanks to “Ranch des 2 îlets” in Deshaies, my very first time (HERE all the photos of Basse-Terre). Riding with no saddle in the water and than swimmig with the horse in the Caribbean sea… really intense!
  • My limits into the water… gone! Thanks to Clear Blue Caraibes I managed to put myself on the line and take a little step forward to overcome one of my biggest fears: falling into deep water. I know, it might sound silly, but I assure you that standing on a paddle board off shore or even snorkel above a wreck in Les Saintes bay for me it’s been is real challenge. But I made it! (that’s all in the video!)
  • The encounter with dolphins that were swimming and playing near our catamaran (“Paradoxe Croisières”) offshore Petite – Terre  (Read the post about Petite-Terre)

And much more!

 Win a Trip to France Contest: do you want to win a holiday to France or Guadeloupe Islands? Here’s a surprise for you!

Visit the official page of  French Tourism, starting from 15 June, you can find  a great contest and you can win a lot of trips, among which one to the Guadeloupe Islands :):) To participate CLICK ERE

Thank you all for following me in this adventure to the Guadeloupe Islands!

Thanks to French Tourism, Air FranceYves Rocher and Delsey .


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24 thoughts on “Guadeloupe Islands: the Video of My Adventure: a Bath with Horses, Reptiles, Dolphins and the World’s Most Beautiful Bays!

  1. Ire, che spettacolo di viaggio! Mi hai fatto venire una gran voglia di ripartire!!!!
    E sei bella, tanto! Il look più speciale secondo me era quello con la giacca kimono bianco e nera, zainetto nero e l’occhiale maxi tondo. Molto giappo. Adoro. Stupendo! Un abbraccio

  2. Bellissimo video! Sono riuscita a vederlo solo ora! Mi hai emozionata perché ho fatto viaggi simili e sono tornata indietro nel tempo! Grazie di farci vivere queste emozioni e farci viaggiare con te! Baci.

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