Rinascimento Winter 2015 2016: My Princess Dress and the Fashion Show!



Rinascimento Winter 2015 2016

Rinascimento winter 2015 2016. Imagine an ancient building, one of those building that once you pass the gate makes you feel all its magnificence, Palazzo Albergati. Frescoed ceilings, refined furniture from the time fashion went hand in hand with elegance. That was the perfect setting for the fashion show of fall-winter collection 2015 2016 by Rinascimento, the renowned brand, popular for its wonderful formal and cocktail dresses, made in Italy. Once again, with this show, Rinascimento proved to be not only that… but much more.

Long fringed cardigans, long leather jackets, sweaters, boots and hats in an extremely urban mood. And then, hounds-tooth matched with floral print it’s great idea that I’m definitely going to copy next season. Long, super long dresses. But also short dresses, knee length and a lot of bon-ton. I choose for you some photos of the outfits on the catwalk I loved more: Let me know if you like them!

Rinascimento winter 2015 2016: my princess dress and the fashion show!

Also the dress I was wearing during the event is part of Fall Winter Collection 2015 2016 by Rinascimento. This dress with the front vent and the floral print makes me feel like a princess for one night. Not to mention the enchanted setting…

Enjoy the pics, I’m waiting for your feed-backs… Kisses!

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Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes by Vogue Eyewear!



Palazzo Pants and a Pair of Sunglasses… with Stripes!

Palazzo Pants.  One of the trends of this season (Find out all the trends here! ) are definetely stripes (I write about them few days ago!). Versatile in town and on the beach, they are protagonist in every season, that’s a fact!

Palazzo Pants & Vogue Eyewear

Stripe are not just for clothes, this year stripes contaminate accessories too. As you can see in the wonderful pics of the campaign featuring Adriana Lima, Colorbands Sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear, have stripes on the arms, which are made of 4 blocks with different colors combined manually to create this colorbands effect… they can have bright color (like Adriana Lima’s!) or different shades of blck, like mine! I think they’r super chic because I adore black sunglasses but they’re not ordinary and predictable. This detail with stripes makes them brighter and very unusual!

I matched them with a b/w outfit and white palazzo pants (Check them out in this video)  and a funny clutch! I hope you enjoy this attire , and as always I look forward to reading your comments :)


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Colored Handbags? 21 Reasons to Stop Buying Only Black Bags :)


3Colored Handbags? Oh yes!

Colored handbags. Some friends of mine have a huge amount of handbags… different size and shape but… all black! I must admit it, I have many black bags too, but my handbag collection has a wider range of colors. I believe that a bright purse can transform an outfit completely, isn’t it amazing? ;)

Colored Handbags? 21 Reasons to Stop Buying Only Black Bags :)

– A black an white look came become much more interesting with a colored bag.

– A dress with a colorful pattern matched with a purse of one of the colors in the pattern can give armony to the whole attire.

– A scarf and a handbag in the same color is always a synonim of elegance… even if that color is not black!

– red and stipes / blue and white / yellow and black / violet and grey / orange and blue… color matches can be unlimited and you are free to play there is no specific rule

Here’s 21 outfits with red, blue and yellow bags, I’m sure next time you won’t buy another black purse :)

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Expo Milano 2015: Photo and Video Report at Expo with OVS (Part 1) #OVSforEXPO



Expo Milan 2015: Photo and Video Report for OVS (Part 1)

Expo Milano 2015. You must go! Where? I’m talking about Expo 2015, of course! Since its grand opening, more than a month ago, every single day I’ve been thinking “I must go!”. Now, I had the chance to live (only a part, so far) Expo thanks to OVS. Believe me: you can’t miss it… and I’ll show you why in this report :D Let’s begin!

Expo Milano 2015: OVS Store #OVSforEXPO

OVS is Expo 2015 official retailer: you will find a huge store right at the entrance of Expo (in a prospective of sustainability, it will be re-qualified as a kindergarten of Venezia Mestre department). It’s not an usual store, it’s an actual digital interactive shopping experience .

Have you ever shopped with a pair of Google Glass? Wearing the glasses, you only need to look at the bar code of the item you like and you’ll enter the digital store where you can leaf through the gallery showing that garment and its possible matching items. The “Interactive Kiosks”, are multimedia stations inside the store, where it’s possible to shop online on the e-commerce ovs.it with free delivery in 24 hours all over Italy (That’s awesome! Practically, you can try an item in store, pay it online, and it will be delivered directly at your home!), you can also check the availability of a product in other stores and share a post on your a socials with the new OVS App! With OVS App and Google Glass just looking at  EXPO or OVS logos you will experience the augmented reality: from the logo… magically a video will pop out in front of you! That’s incredible!

In OVS store I had the chance to have a close-up look at the new limited edition EXPO t-shirt collection: inspired by artwork designs which dates back to 1906 International Exhibition… really evocative! (I’ll show you in the video!). You can buy them HERE, inside Expo and in a limited number of stores!

(the report continues with the pics of Expo pavilions…)

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Abbronzatura perfetta: protezione elevata in un solo gesto con Vichy IdéalSoleil Bronze


Abbronzatura perfetta

Abbronzatura rapida e protezione elevata in un solo gesto con Vichy IdéalSoleil Bronze

Abbronzatura perfetta. Se mi seguite da un po’ di tempo lo sapete. Io e l’abbronzatura da qualche tempo a questa parte abbiamo litigato. Il sole NON FA MALE, il sole PUO’ fare male, se non si usano i giusti accorgimenti. Ora, siccome io ho una pelle incredibilmente sensibile, soprattutto sul viso, ho imparato molte cose sull’esposizione al sole e anche quei trucchetti che mi permettono di abbronzarmi in estate prendendomi cura della mia pelle (E per me la pelle è parte integrante del mio lavoro e quindi ho un’attenzione in più!).

Una scorretta esposizione al sole può provocare il fotoinvecchiamento della pelle ma anche danni a lungo termine. Quindi è fondamentale utilizzare sempre un prodotto di protezione adeguato evitando di esporsi troppo a lungo e preferibilmente mai dalle 12 alle 14. Ho sentito amiche dire “Ah, beata te, come sei rossa, hai preso il sole!”. Aiuto, nooo!!!! La scottatura implica che la pelle sia già danneggiata da sole. Cercate di non scottarvi mai, ne va della vostra bellezza!

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