Must Have Clothes Winter 2015-2016: 22 Items From the Catwalk!

capi da avere nell'armadio inverno 2015 2016

Must Have Clothes Winter 2015-2016

Must have clothes winter 2015-2016. After talking about Fall Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Trends in THIS post, where I brought you up to date with a list of the main tends, colors, prints that are going to be cool this winter (Very handy and useful during shopping, to read when you are in a store and you don’t know what to buy!), today I made a list of all the must have items, all the coolest clothes and accessories that you must have for a super stylish wardrobe , during this winter season.

Must Have Clothes Winter 2015-2016: 22 Items From the Catwalk!

Of course… that’s  just a first idea inspired by the fashion shows. Then, more trends will come directly from the street style… so I’m going to keep you up to date, day by day. In the meanwhile, enjoy Winter 2015- 2016 must-have clothes according to fashion designers. Read and dream :)



  1. Big Waist Belt or skinny belt: on pulls and coats
  2. Black Leather Pants
  3. Jumpsuits and… more jumpsuits
  4. Culotte Pants: in warm fabrics
  5. Ankle Jeans
  6. Pant Suit: with nothing under or a turtle neck (+ sneakers!)
  7. Knit Little Dress, in wool or cachemire
  8. A Red Dress.. and more red!
  9. Eco Fur, better if in bright colors
  10. Maxi Coat, long to the ankles (or even longer!) Some examples by Pucci and Chloè
  11. Leather Coat, in all possible shades (Valentino, Tod’s, Sportmax)
  12. Tartan Coat
  13. Plissè Skirt: better if ankle length for a retro mood
  14. Fringe, for the third season in a row: this year in long jackets and long skirts
  15. Shearling Waistcoat
  16. Knee Length Silver Dress. Not an easy dress but, it’s been presented by many fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.
  17. Fishnet Stockings or ripped
  18. Little Dress and Short Skirt:”mini” is back
  19. Bow Blouse (to wear with high waist pants and skirts)
  20. Lingerie Dress: underwear is outwear… sexy!
  21. Wool Hat
  22. Maxi Earrings
55552 (All images by Vogue.Uk VIA PINTEREST credits by Indigital)


Houndstooth: how to match this classic pattern.

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