Pandora Rings: a Super Glam Finger Party and Hands Are Protagonists!


rings pandora

Pandora Rings: a Super Glam Finger Party!

Pandora Rings. Has it ever happened to you to wear a basic, casual attire and than think that what makes it special and personal was missing? There’s only one, simple rule: play with accessories and details. Enrich your look with a bright lipstick, voluminous hair, or nails in the same color of lips. Add accessories like a hat or a pair of sunglasses and then.. add a bunch of rings, throw your personal finger party, one of the latest great accessory trends!

Pandora Rings: a Super Glam Finger Party and Hands Are Protagonists!

 The finger party is the protagonist of this outfit rings are the key players that create a extra glamorous style.Those rings are Pandora rings, modern design, hand finished with precious materials. High quality and incredible precision in every single detail! The Fenice” ring is made of 132 cubic zircon stones, incredibly gorgeous!

So what do you think about this outfit? I hope you like it and please leave your comments, I’m curious! <3


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Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015: the Ultimate Guide.. and I’ll be There Too! #CatchIreneIfYouCan


Vogue Fashion Night 2015 Firenze

Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015: the Ultimate Guide… and I’ll be There Too! #CatchIreneIfYouCan

Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015 . Tonight let’s go to Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015!! I thought to collect all the events and the special initiatives organized in stores of my Florence, in other words an easy and useful guide to keep on hand tonight to know exactly where to go! I organized the events based on type: if you are more interested in gadget or limited edition products or cool cocktail parties, and DJ sets ;)

And what about me? What I’m going to do? after the opening ceremony with Vogue Italia in Palazzo Vecchio, I’ll be walking around the streets of the city center, with a specific intent: I’ll tell you all about VFNO through Snapchat (Add me I’m @irenecolzi), with videos that I’m going to post thanks to this new social (Sign up in few minutes. It’s really fun!). From an event to the other I’ll show you what happens at Florence VFNO 2015 and…#CatchIreneIfYouCan, I’ll be looking for you girls :) So if tomorrow you are in town follow me on Snapchat (and write me using the hashtag on Instagram) to see where I am in real time. I’ll be very glad to stop and chat or make a Snapchat video or take a photo with you :) Come and say hi! See you tonight at Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015!

Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015: the Ultimate Guide to Be Protagonist at Florence Fashion Night 2015!


Sisley: limited edition t-shirt designed and autographed by Fedez.

Rebecca: Bags with Rebecca Logo for free

Marciano Guess: Free black & white masks. Then, take a photo and share it with your friends, you’ll receive an exclusive gift by Black & white party

More gadgets here:




(To be Continued…)

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The Biggest Store in the World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires, Milan


The Biggest Store in the World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires Milan

The biggest store in the world. When, on my blog or on Instagram and Facebook, I tell you about the events that I’m attending all around the world, I do it through images. But this time, considering the special occasion, I decided to add a video to the photos, a Vlog that reports all the evening from getting ready in my hotel room: makeup and outfit, to the actual party!

As I was saying, it was a spacial day: the great opening of the biggest store in the world, a new OVS store, in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires! Once inside, you immediately feel the hugeness of the place: a gigantic piano, an actual playground area for kid and a really interesting menswear floor with a fitness clothing section and one with Studio Vincenzo De Cotiis Architets. You feel inside an international store, the space is super luminous and well organized (following the most innovative concepts of sustainability like the decrease of 30% in energy consumption and 40% in water consumption).

The Biggest Store in The World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires. Come with Me in the Backstage of the Party!

The store is extremely innovative, with some mind-blowing details. For instance: two virtual fitting rooms, Magic Fitting Room: instead of a mirror you find a huge interactive big screen. Through the cameras inside the fitting room you can see yourself from every angle while you’re trying some clothes (pure genius!) and if the size is wrong you just need to tap the touchscreen and a shop assistant will bring you the right size inside the fitting room so you don’t have to take your clothes back on… super convenient! Kids have a magic fitting room too; inside it they can live a wonderful adventure into the depth of the ocean or high up in the space… and they can even take a selfie! Both for children and adults (as you’ll see in the video) there’s a platform called Play Your Look where you can make you outfit play some music! It’s real fun!!! You’ll see it! ;) To be continued after a break…

OVS event outfit (1)

My adventure at Expo with OVS (Part 1)

My adventure at Expo with OVS (Part 2)

My YOUTUBE channel ireneccloset.TV with all my videos

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Balayage and Long Hair Care: Secrets, Tips and My Hair Routine!


fall winter 2015 2016 hair  (2)Balayage and Long Hair Routine: My New Hair and Some Tips!

Balayage. When I told you about my good resolutions for September, I wrote that one of the goals to set after the end of holidays, by the end of September, was to fix our manes with new colors, new cut and intensive treatments… and I was very interested in Balayage, a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. So finally I did it! Taking care of long hair is extremely important! A few days ago I renewed my long hair. I made an appointment in Milan with Pier Giuseppe Moroni, artistic director for Wella Professional. I’d already had the pleasure of meeting him for THIS and THIS color and when I worked with Wella a few years ago (HERE). Every time I need to dye my hair and I want to step out of the salon feeling amazing, I know that the person for this job is Pier Giuseppe: he always understands what I want and does it better than I expected. He uses the incredible Wella Professional Colors, which have a natural-looking effect, they’re not aggressive and last longer!

Balayage and  Long Hair Care: Secrets, Tips and My Hair Routine!

When, some days ago I went to Pier Giuseppe Moroni’s Salon without a clear idea in my head, except for Balayage (Maybe you read it on Instagram HERE). We made a decision together: no cut (my hair were still very healthy so I didn’t need one. I’ll tell you why later! Yay!), only an interesting color retouching: Balayage. This winter I dyed my hair black (QUI) but in summer my old color reappeared on the roots. And I have to admit that I really liked those lighter locks… they light up my face! So Pier Giuseppe Moroni enhanced my natural highlights coloring some strands, starting from the roots with the same color (in order to uniform it so it doesn’t look too different) then he enlightened of just one tone the strands that were closer to the face to make it brighter! You can see the result in the photos: I can’t be happier!

And now some tips to take a good care of your long hair… or I should say: my hair routine! I hope you’ll find it useful :)))

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How to Dress for School: Tips, Shopping and Outfit Ideas!



HERE to see the outfit and the brands that I’m wearing

How to Dress for School

How to Dress for school. Many of you are going to go back to school/university and the question that you often ask me in you PM is:”How should I dress to go to school? ? Can you please give me some advice on how to be cool at school too?”. So today I thought to collect some tips that I gave you in private and create a post that can help you all.As usual, you’ll find a nice gallery photos with many super cute outfits, appropriate for school and uni: get inspired! ;) Some advice on school outfits.

How to Dress for School: tips, shopping and outfit ideas!


Get inspired by all my outfits!

Ideas to match Converse All Star

Ideas to match Stan Smith

Ideas tomatch Dr. Martens

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