Olympéa by Paco Rabanne: My Goddess Look.


Olympéa Paco Rabanne

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne: My Goddess Look.

Olympéa Paco Rabanne. I’ve always dreamed to be an old-style woman. Stong, Sogno di essere come una donna d’altri tempi. Forte, bold, sensual and feminine: a divine woman that express her determination with grace and self-confidence. Olympéa by Paco Rabanne is the fragrance that represent all that: a feminine and sensual perfume for modern-days Cleopatras, goddess on earth.

A fragrance that smells like contrasts: salty vanilla and floral notes. Aquatic, fresh, feminine notes mixed with stronger scents: ginger, sandal, green tangerine and jasmine.

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne

The bottle is extremely precious: created by master Marc Ange, it combines ancient and modern aesthetic principles. A perfect circle, feminine curves but modern geometries. Details recall Greek statues. Columns and capitals are part of the setting that I chose for my shooting, that’s my interpretation of this fragrance for demigoddess. I strongly recommend you to try it at the first opportunity.

Enjoy the photos and I’m curious to read your comments! HERE watch the new film Olympéa.

Olympéa Paco Rabanne

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10 Fashion Ideas for Fall: 10 Outfits to Wear in September and October!

outfits fall 2015
Found on fashiongum.com VIA PINTEREST

10 Fashion Ideas for Fall: 10 Outfits to Wear in September and October!

10 ideas for Fall. Autumn has a positive aspect and a negative side. The negative one is that summer is leaving us, days are shorter and our attires start to be heavier… hot summer days alternate with the typical temperatures of late fall.  It’s so hard to get dress properly during these days of unstable weather! The bright side is that we can easily mix summer clothes with heavier items creating that particular mid season look, that I love so much: naked legs but long sleeves, skirt and boots, pants and sandals.

10 Fashion Ideas for Fall: 10 Outfits to Wear in September and October!

So I thought to collect 10 outfit ideas: 10 attires that mix summer items with fall clothes, new trends (HERE to see the list of next season fashion trends!) but that can be versatile for sudden weather changes. Here they are!


Over size sweaters will be a great trend for next season (HERE to see the list of next season fashion trends!). Take advantage of fall to wear it with naked legs, like a short dress with a pair of sneakers. No stockings required!

Fall Winter 2015 2016 fashion: trends, colors, prints and patterns. All you need to know!

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Pandora Rings: a Super Glam Finger Party and Hands Are Protagonists!


rings pandora

Pandora Rings: a Super Glam Finger Party!

Pandora Rings. Has it ever happened to you to wear a basic, casual attire and than think that what makes it special and personal was missing? There’s only one, simple rule: play with accessories and details. Enrich your look with a bright lipstick, voluminous hair, or nails in the same color of lips. Add accessories like a hat or a pair of sunglasses and then.. add a bunch of rings, throw your personal finger party, one of the latest great accessory trends!

Pandora Rings: a Super Glam Finger Party and Hands Are Protagonists!

 The finger party is the protagonist of this outfit rings are the key players that create a extra glamorous style.Those rings are Pandora rings, modern design, hand finished with precious materials. High quality and incredible precision in every single detail! The Fenice” ring is made of 132 cubic zircon stones, incredibly gorgeous!

So what do you think about this outfit? I hope you like it and please leave your comments, I’m curious! <3


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Shoes Trends 2015: 12 Kind of Shoes to Wear This Winter!



Shoes Trends 2015: 12 Kind of Shoes to Wear This Winter!

Shoes Trends 2015. After I talked about fall/winter fashion 2015-2016, and after the easy and super useful list of of all the coolest trends, colors and patterns for this season (See HERE), today, instead, I thought to made a list of all the hottest shoes trends for this winter. It’s a list of the best shoes presented by the stylist during fall/winter fashion shows… but who knows what to expect from next fashion week (I can’t wait to find out about some new trends and show them to you, girls!). Let’s go ahead!

Shoes Trends 2015: the Best for This Season!

CUISSARDES: over the knee boots

  • with or without heel
  • also with appliques


  • also lace up
  • or with flatform
  • retro style: rigorously with thick and squared heels, not to high

PECULIAR HEELS: when the back side of the shoes is the real protagonist!

  • Heels with appliques
  • Sculptural heels,
  • Transparent heels

All about this winter trends

The list of the coolest trends, colors and prints

Haircuts and colors to have trendy hair this winter

Fall shopping tips: my wishlist, what I’d like to buy this fall!

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Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015: the Ultimate Guide.. and I’ll be There Too! #CatchIreneIfYouCan


Vogue Fashion Night 2015 Firenze

Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015: the Ultimate Guide… and I’ll be There Too! #CatchIreneIfYouCan

Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015 . Tonight let’s go to Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015!! I thought to collect all the events and the special initiatives organized in stores of my Florence, in other words an easy and useful guide to keep on hand tonight to know exactly where to go! I organized the events based on type: if you are more interested in gadget or limited edition products or cool cocktail parties, and DJ sets ;)

And what about me? What I’m going to do? after the opening ceremony with Vogue Italia in Palazzo Vecchio, I’ll be walking around the streets of the city center, with a specific intent: I’ll tell you all about VFNO through Snapchat (Add me I’m @irenecolzi), with videos that I’m going to post thanks to this new social (Sign up in few minutes. It’s really fun!). From an event to the other I’ll show you what happens at Florence VFNO 2015 and…#CatchIreneIfYouCan, I’ll be looking for you girls :) So if tomorrow you are in town follow me on Snapchat (and write me using the hashtag on Instagram) to see where I am in real time. I’ll be very glad to stop and chat or make a Snapchat video or take a photo with you :) Come and say hi! See you tonight at Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015!

Florence Vogue Fashion Night 2015: the Ultimate Guide to Be Protagonist at Florence Fashion Night 2015!


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More gadgets here:




(To be Continued…)

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