Ankle Boots Winter 2016: My Favorite!


stivaletti inverno 2016

Ankle Boots Winter 2016: My Favorite!

Ankle boots winter 2016. Ankle boots are one of the easiest shoes to wear in fall and winter, because they’re cozy, versatile and warm, you can wear them during the day and at night too. You can choose among a wide variety of booties for this winter 2016! I made a great selections of all the ankle boots to buy for this fall-winter season. Their common denominator is: comfort. Some of these are really cool but prices are always moderate! If you’re interested in one pair in particular, just click on the picture to find out about the price! I hope you enjoy this selection. Which pair of booties do you prefer? :)

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SPA Roma: My Stay at Hotel Palazzo Montemartini!


palazzo montemartini Roma

SPA Roma: My Stay at Hotel Palazzo Montemartini!

SPA Rome. Last week we’ve been guests at Palazzo Montemartini in Rome. We were in town for some appointments and to take part to Italian Big Brother as social media correspondent (Did you watch me?) Palazzo Montemartini of Ragosta Hotels Collection group, it’s beautiful hotel near Termini Train Station, an excellent position! It’s an an ancient palace of the 19th century completely renewed. Every room has a unique design and features because of the peculiarity of the building and it’s previous use: so architects and interior designers had fun creating rooms and suites with unique style and furniture. The thing that I particularly appreciated was the attention to details and materials. Rooms have light colors and they’re super bright.

SPA Roma: My Stay at Hotel Palazzo Montemartini!

But there’s one thing that made me fall in love: SPA ExPure one of the biggest SPA Roma with its 600 sq m is an obligatory stop for who take good care of his body. Relax with fresh fruit and infusions, enjoy the sauna, the Turkish bath, emotional shower and Jacuzzi and rooms for treatments, like the room for salt treatment.The SPA inside the hotel is located exactly next to the famous Diocletian Thermal Bath establishing a parallel path with Roman history. SPA Roma is the best! (Continues…)

palazzo montemartini design

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Wellness Weekend in Venice: JW Marriott Venice Resort and GOCO SPA


jw marriott venice resort e spa GOCO (25)

Wellness Weekend in Venice: JW Marriott Venice Resort and GOCO SPA

Wellness weekend in Venice. JW Marriott Venice Resort and SPA is one of the most amazing resort with SPA in which I’ve had the pleasure to stay in. The hotel is located on a private island , l’isola delle Rose (island of roses), reachable only by boat. Once I got then from Venice the impression was to be on a true oasis of tranquility with a wonderful view on Venice lagoon.

The facility occupies the entire island and it was born as a clinic for respiratory therapies due to the favorable position of the islet: exactly between Vanice and the Lido of Venice. For this reason, Isola delle Rose has a peculiar micro-climate that, among other things, allows the the growth of many unusual plants for that area, like palms and olive trees. Since I love nature and authenticity,in my opinion, one of the most interesting features of the facility is the amazing private park where you can have a healthy walk and enjoy the view of the entire lagoon.

Wellness Weekend in Venice: Dream Stay at JW Marriott Venice Resort and SPA

Whene you get on the island I recommend you to have a coffee or a refreshing drink at Sagra Poolside Bar on the rooftop of the main facility of the hotel. The panorama is breathtaking: a 360° over the lagoon. There, Giovanni and I enjoyed some romantic sunsets and bright sunrise. You shouldn’t miss them for no reason!!! On the rooftop there’s the heated infinity pool where the protagonist is..Piazza San Marco that you can clearly see on the horizon.

Rooms are not just in the main facility but also located in the whole island with the other remarkable attractions of the resort. First, Goco SPA , the biggest in Venice with a convenient covered dock. With its view on Venice, it’s a bright and cozy SPA. No detail is left unturned: from the teapot infuser to the heated loungers, from the brightness to the design of the building. In the SPA you can enjoy the use of hammam, sauna, 40°C sauna and an indoor/outdoor heated pool that gives exactly onto Venice. The pool area offers different kind of whirlpool (the one for legs is fantastic!). Giovanni and I enjoyed a 50 minute couple treatment Inside the SPA suite, a relaxed and elegant space that for one hour and a half has been all ours (fruit and Champagne included!)

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Harmont & Blaine, Paris: 24 Hours in Paris, the Dachshund and the New Boutique!


harmont & bleine parigi opening (16)

Harmont & Blaine, Paris: The Opening Event


Harmont & Blaine, Paris.Some days ago I’ve been invited in Paris by a brand that is special for me, Harmont & Blaine. Why so special? Because this brand organized one of the first blogger event ever made, I attended it 6 years ago at Pitti, in Florence. They’re pioneers, because they’ve been the first to put trust in the role of bloggers. Since then Harmont & Blaine have had a great development in many ways. I had the pleasure to see it myself in Paris. But let’s start from the beginning :)

Harmont & Blaine, Paris: 24 Hours in Paris, the Dachshund and the New Boutique!

Harmont & Blaine is a family run business of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing with a upper casual contemporary, elegant and trendy style: it’s a continuously growing brand (it opened many one brand stores everywhere in the world… soon new boutiques will open in other China and in the US). In Paris I witnessed an important step for Harmont & Blaine: the grand opening of their first French boutique. And let me say that it is amazing (and it’s not just Italian pride). If you’re in Paris stop by! The store 400 sq m and it’s located in boulevard des Capucines, in the centra new shopping area  (just few steps from Galerie La Fayette). In the boutique, I particularly appreciate: the colors of furniture that represent Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, with the shades of vegetation (there’s also a garden-terrace inside the store), ocean, sand and the light of a 30 sq m led wall transmitting emotional images. When you enter this place, you don’t feel inside a prohibitive inaccessible boutique; it’s a refined, elegant yet cozy and warm space. In other words: Italians do it better!

Inside the store you can find men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. In the woman area I find some beautiful items (outwear and hats are incredible. In the pics you’ll see some of them that I tried during my afternoon visit to the store!). And here’s a little sneak peek… soon there’ll be great news in women’s clothing of the brand!
I leave you all the photos from inside the store, that we took in the afternoon and during the great opening party! What do you think? A big hug!


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Face Care for Fall: I tried : Pivoine Sublime by L’Occitane. Here’s My Review!


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Face Care for Fall

Face care for fall. After summer, when September comes, it’s time to change the lotions and cremes of our face routine. Our skin, with the change of the season, needs a kind of care that’s different from summer: so I thought to test for you some beauty products that arise my curiosity in the last few months and then review them in my blog. Today I’m going to write about Pivoine Sublime by L’Occitane. But, let’s start from the beginning, if you missed the “previous episodes” :)

I first learnt about Pivoine Sublime line during my trip to Provenza when, in the middle of July, I visited the headquarter of L’Occitane, I’ve already written (HERE) that this line intrigued me and that I was going to try it for you. I asked Olivier Baussan, founder of L’Occitane, what was, in his opinion, the L’Occitane line that best fitted my skin and he suggest Pivoine Sublime whose main component is peony and that I had tested inside the laboratories during our day together. (Watch the video HERE).

Face Care for Fall: I tried : Pivoine Sublime by L’Occitane. Here’s My Review!

-So now I’m ready to tell you: why I adore this line and why I recommend it!

(To be continued after a break..)

occitane products review(4)

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