Cromia Fall-Winter 2015-2016: Win a Cromia Bag!


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Cromia Fall-Winter 2015-2016: Win a Cromia Bag!

Cromia Fall-Winter 2015-2016. Everyone knows that at Christmas people are kind and generous! Even brands, that we love :) Today I’d like to inform you about an exceptional news: Cromia raffle 5 bags from Fall-Winter 2015 2016 Cromia collection and 5 wallets too! Try your luck on the website D di Repubblica and enter your data, you might be among the 10 winners :))) Good luck!!

Cromia Fall-Winter 2015-2016: Win a Cromia Bag!

In today’s outfit I’m wearing one of the bags from Cromia Fall Winter 2015-2016 Collection, my favorite: tiny, in a beautiful mustard color,  with a gold chain that gives a rock’n’roll turn to the whole look! You can find it on Cromia e-store HERE. I decided to match it with an unusual look: a pair of leopard shoes, boyfriend jeans and a trench. What do you think about this outfit? I can’t wait to read your comments!


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5 Outfits For Christmas Holidays: Red, Purple, Long… What Else? #ireneSClosetXmas


5 Outfits For Christmas Holidays #ireneSClosetXmas

Holiday Outfits. Today we begin feeling the atmosphere of Christmas time!! December is just around the corner!!! :) And without being too specific about Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve outfits, let’s start talking about some attires for Christmas Holidays in general: what we might wear for Christmas parties, dinners, events… all those evening happenings that we have to attend during the magical month of December. So let’s see some outfits for Christmas Holidays!!

I selected 5 Christmas outfits: long, short, rock’n’roll or chic, nice details, crazy shoes… and much more! But there’s something special about these outfits? Every single item that I’m wearing can be bought on-line on Asos at a very smart price… oh yeah!!! At the end of this post you’ll see the links to see the price and buy online all the items and accessories :)

Outfits For Christmas Holidays: Let’s #ireneSClosetXmas begin!

Girls, with this post I officially declare opened… #ireneSClosetXmas! Like I did last year, during this Christmas holiday, I’ll entertain you with cute and original ideas and contest on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s start with the first bright idea! :) Starting from today, till November 2, do as I do: share on Instagram, all your holiday outfits: take a selfie or have someone take you a picture with your festive attire (during parties, dinners with family and friends, on Christmas Day, on New Year’s Eve… every time you are celebrating!) with the tag @ireneCCloset and #ireneSClosetXmas. My favorite outfits are going to be protagonists in a photo gallery that I’ll post on my Facebook page “Irene’s Closet”, during this month. My 330.000 Facebook followers and I, of course, are going to comment all your outfits, the best and the worst too!:)

Then, in the next weeks, many posts, more specific about Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, will come! Plus, some specials about Christmas presents :) and many more wonderful surprises coming soon! This Christmas is going to be legendary! For now, enjoy the video!

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Cape Or Jacket? That Is the Question. I Chose Both!



Cape Or Jacket? That Is the Question. I Chose Both!

Cape. When I was in Paris with Harmont & Blaine I fell in love with it (Do you remember?). I’m talking about the blanket jacket, a cape-jacket, that looks like a cape… but it’s a jacket!(and much more comfortable to wear… I wrote about capes and ponchos in this post). In , Paris, I tried on one with black and camel geometric pattern, but eventually I chose that one that I’m wearing in the pics. It has a beautiful palette and the cat perfectly fits! What do you think?

Cape Or Jacket? That Is the Question. I Chose Both!

I decided to create my outfit with a pair of high waist skinnies and a basic shirt. Of course I finish my look with the amazing Harmont & Blaine Fedora  I hope you enjoy today’s outfit and I can’t wait to read your comments. hugs and kisses!

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Culotte Pants: The Ultimate Guide!


irene colzi pantaloni culottes

Culotte Pants: The Ultimate Guide

Culotte Pants. I’ve already told you something about culotte pants in a post along with palazzo pants, a while ago, saying that they were new trends for this year./span>. And that’s exactly what happend, you can see every day more culotte pants in the streets. So, many of you have been writing to me to know how to match this kind of trousers. (even more after my appearence on Detto Fatto!). Culottes are not easy to wear, that’s a fact…

Culotte Pants: The Ultimate Guide

Before showing you some cool outfits in which culottes with different colors and shapes are perfectly matched, I’d like to highlight the fact that they can look good also on quite short and curvy girls. 

– IF YOU ARE NOT VERY TALL: Always match them with heels and choose high waist (leaving the waist visible, of course). In this way, you’ll get an optical illusion and your figure will look slimmer and taller. Try to add a short brim hat to gain a few extra inches. ;)

– IF YOU ARE NOT VERY SLIM: Choose dark colors or denim culottes. Look for slightly flared culottes, they’ll help harmonize your figure and proportions. If you choose wide culottes, it’ll look like you’re wearing a skirt!

– IF YOU’RE ALWAYS COLD: if you can stand cold weather, here’s a nice little trick (that I’ve already told you in THIS VIDEO ): just wear leggings under your culottes. Make sure they don’t show up when you sit down! Besides, you can wear wool socks: if you keep foot warm it will be easier to go out with undressed calf. Word of girl scout! :)

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A Christmas Present For You By Irene’s Closet and L’Occitane: How to Get It!


box natale l'occitane

A Christmas Present For You By Irene’s Closet and L’Occitane: How to Get It!

A Christmas Present For You. Girls!! I’ve been thinking about this for years! And finally my dream comes true, thanks to L’Occitane! This Christmas I have a present for all the girls that follow me. :))) In collaboration with L’Occitane I made a Christmas gift box with some lovely drawings (designed to be used as jewel case, or to contain makeup, cards, etc… That’s so cute!). Inside, you’ll find 5 little tubes of hand cream, with different fragrances, that look like they’ve just been stolen by the bag of a painter.

During my trip in Provence with L’Occitane and later during my experience at L’Occitane boutique in MilanI found out that L’Occitane hand cream is the most sold in the world. People buy one every few seconds, every day all over the world. And I’m going to give it to you for Christmas! :)))

A Christmas Present For You By Irene’s Closet and L’Occitane: All the Details!

You can have it FOR FREE in every L’Occitane Stores (HERE you find where)with a purchase of 15€ or more, you just have to say to the shop assistant that you are a follower of IRENE. You can also find the box on the website loccitane.itand you’ll get it at home for all your purchases of15€ or more by writing the password IRENE in the promotion field of your shopping cart before confirming your order. The offer is valid from today 24 November 2015 till 31 December 2015 or while supply last!

(To be continued…)

box hand creams for Christmas

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