You Are the One: When Style Is Personality and the Contest #TuSeiUnica by Motivi


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You Are the One: When Style Is Personality

You are the one. We always talk about fashion, style and new trends. But we talk about the style that we like: without being conventional. We follow trends of course, because we love fashion, fashion makes us feel good, comfortable with ourselves and the others. But we like even more, being on top, having a unique style, get dressed and say “You are the one”, “Tu sei unica”. Here in my blog, day after day, I try to do exactly this: talk about new trends, give you some ideas, some tips and even some rules to made your outfit unique, personal. Do you know what I mean, don’t you?! :)

You Are the One: When Style Is Personality and the contest #TuSeiUnica by Motivi

So I immediately got into thecontest launched by Motivi #TUSEIUNICA, I feel it. Let me explain what it’s about: you have to post on Motivi’s website, HERE, a photo that shows your personality, where you expose your true self, what makes you special and unique. It may be about style and fashion sense like my photos in today’s post or your pession for travels, painting, poetry, books… and many other things! The contest starts today, November 23 and ends on December 23: the 20 photos most voted by you on Motivi’s website, will be judged by an internal panel that will proclaim 5 winners, the photos that best represents the idea of being the one and only #tuseiunica. The prize is really tempting: a session with a personal stylist and a outfit from Motivi Spring Summer Collection 2016 for free! Enjoy my interpretation..

(To be continued…)

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Wellness Tips: My Secrets for a Healthy Beauty Routine!



Wellness Tips: My Secrets for a Healthy Beauty Routine!

Wellness Tips.When I post photos on me at the gym on my Instagram profile, you often ask me some tips to stay in shape. Actually, it’s not just a beauty care, I prefer to call it taking care of our well-being in general. To stay in shapes means not only to do exercise assiduously (Given all your requests, I’ll talk about that in a different post. Soon..), eat healthy food and make some sacrifice. Being healthy also means to carry out some easy activities that everyone can do. You’re probably already doing them, or maybe not… But this precautions for your wealth must be part of your daily routine.. For this reason. PIC decided to create Pic it easy, a project to spread the massage that taking care of your health is not so difficult as it seems! The RQB, Ricariche quotidiane di benessere (daily health recharge) by Pic It Easy, are tips to follow to feel good when you’re at home, on a trip, in the city, at the office, or in your free time.

Pic ask me which are my favorite ways to recharge and here they are…

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Online Shopping: the Coolest Sneakers, Coats, Sweaters to Buy on the Internet!


Online Shopping: the Coolest Sneakers, Coats, Sweaters to Buy on the Internet!

Online shopping. Do you know, right? I love doing shopping on the Internet! You can chill at home in front of your laptop or with your smart phone, returns are always free and sometimes shipping too. What more could I ask for? So during my super intense shopping sessions, I bump into some gorgeous items and end up with a super expensive shopping cart, LOL!! So, instead of deleting some items and giving up my crazy shopping, I thought that sometimes I could show you my stylish carts.

Online Shopping: the Coolest Sneakers, Coats, Sweaters to Buy on the Internet!

I’ve already done it with booties and bags, but this time I decided to offer you a wider selection, perfect for this season: cool sneakers, sweaters and coats. But I also can’t say no to some cute accessories and bags of course. Every piece is amazing! I hope you enjoy my selection. Let me know what do you think about it! :)))

Some more shopping ideas? My previous wishlists!

Ankle boots for winter: buy them now!

Fall winter 2015-2016 BAgs: some shopping ideas.

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Blue Long Dress and Blue Hat: My Outfit Feels Blue Today!



 Blue Long Dress and Blue Hat. My Outfit Feels Blue Today!

Blue long dress. On the runaways, for this winter, we saw lots of maxi dresses, especially in boho version, between romantic and hippie: beautiful, feminine and as I like to say they can always “sort out the look”, they don’t even need too much effort with accessories, they just look flawless as they are. Recently I wore a maxi blue dress that i find amazing!

 Blue Long Dress and Blue Hat. My Outfit Feels Blue Today!

Fist, the charming print with different blue tones, secondly the perfect cut with details that remind me a dress from another time but with a definitely contemporary mood. So, to consolidate that mood I decided to match the long blue dress with a wide brim boyish hat end a blue clutch, very feminine. What do you think about this outfit? I’m looking forward to reading your comments. Hugs and kisses!

My latest outfits on the blog…

Cuissardes. Over the knee boots pretend to be stockings.

Palazzo pants: the most flattering trousers you can wear!

Bomber Jacket and Oxfords: casual and trendy.

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Dress Over Pants is Back: In Street Style and Fashion Shows!


1Dress Over Pants: Back in Fashion…In or Out?

Dress over pants. One thing’s for sure: this year fashion is all about layers. I’ve told you about the big comeback of sleeveless dress over shirts (I’ve talk about that in the TV program “Detto Fatto”!). Another trend of this season, that is all about put layers on top of other layers, is wearing a dress… over pants. Super glamorous fashion throwback.  Girls please don’t shoot the messenger but… I have some doubt about this outfit. Definitely gorgeous on the catwalk… proposed by the greatest stylists, like Chanel, also for next spring summer season. But what about fashionists? What does street style think about it? Well, the street says YES!
And this trend is a huge hit!

Dress Over Pants: Back in Fashion!

How to wear dress over pants?

– CASUAL: with skinnies and sneakers.

– TRENDY: maxi sweater dress, full length with an extreme side slit. Beautiful effect!

– ONLY FOR THE BRAVE: knee length sweater dress + flared pants. Crazy… but really glamorous!

– BEAUTIFUL: ton-sur-ton boyish trousers with over the knee dress or maxi sweater.

Here some pics that I found on the Internet to get inspired! Now it’s up to you, girls! Yes, no, maybe? Are you tempted or skeptical, like me?

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