You Are the One: When Style Is Personality and the Contest #TuSeiUnica by Motivi

vestito lungo viola (5)

You Are the One: When Style Is Personality

You are the one. We always talk about fashion, style and new trends. But we talk about the style that we like: without being conventional. We follow trends of course, because we love fashion, fashion makes us feel good, comfortable with ourselves and the others. But we like even more, being on top, having a unique style, get dressed and say “You are the one”, “Tu sei unica”. Here in my blog, day after day, I try to do exactly this: talk about new trends, give you some ideas, some tips and even some rules to made your outfit unique, personal. Do you know what I mean, don’t you?! :)

You Are the One: When Style Is Personality and the contest #TuSeiUnica by Motivi

So I immediately got into thecontest launched by Motivi #TUSEIUNICA, I feel it. Let me explain what it’s about: you have to post on Motivi’s website, HERE, a photo that shows your personality, where you expose your true self, what makes you special and unique. It may be about style and fashion sense like my photos in today’s post or your pession for travels, painting, poetry, books… and many other things! The contest starts today, November 23 and ends on December 23: the 20 photos most voted by you on Motivi’s website, will be judged by an internal panel that will proclaim 5 winners, the photos that best represents the idea of being the one and only #tuseiunica. The prize is really tempting: a session with a personal stylist and a outfit from Motivi Spring Summer Collection 2016 for free! Enjoy my interpretation..

(To be continued…)

You Are the One!

For my interpretation of this topic: I choose an outfit, that in my opinion, perfectly conveys my personality and passion for fashion. I like classic timeless clothes likea salt and pepper coat that will never be outdated. But, at the same time I love being bold sometimes, for example with “unusual lengths”, that you never know if they’re going to look good on you… if you’re clever and you can balance lengths you’ll get a wonderful result, like my longuette knit dress. A long pencil dress + long clean cut coat matched with tiny accessories and no heels. Here I am, that’s me!

vestito motivi (4)vestito lungo viola (4)vestito motivi (3)vestito lungo viola (2)vestito lungo viola (6)vestito motivi (2)vestito lungo viola (3)vestito motivi (5)vestito lungo viola (1)

And what about you? Good luck girls!

HERE YOU CAN TEKE PART TO THE COMPETITION #TuSeiUnica BY Motivi (or from the home page of Motivi’s website)




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