Outfits for Christmas Holidays: 13 Brilliant Ideas For You!

Ph. Giorgio Leone – Christmas 2014

Outfits for Christmas Holidays: 13 Brilliant Ideas For You!

Outfits for Christmas Holidays. While I’m writing this post I’m listening to a Christmas play list from my Spotify account. Christmas mood mode on! :) Today a collect some outfit ideas for Christmas holidays that I’ve found on the Internet and that you must copy immediately. (HAVE YOU SEEN THESE FIVE LOWCOST IDEAS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS?!?) I divided them in sections with 3 different festive colors: glitter, green and red! So have a look to thisoutfits for Christmas and Winter Holidays!! :)

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Outfits for Christmas Holidays: 13 Brilliant Ideas For You!!


Why wearing sequins and shiny metallic color just on New Yer’s Eve parties? (coming soon, a post all about outfits for this special night!) I think that in December with all its celebrations and parties is the right month to perfectly enjoy this shiny trend. So don’t be afraid!

– CASUAL: match sequined pants or skirts with a grey sweater and a white shirt or t-shirt orcamicia o tee shirt or a simple solid color jumper. So cool!

– METALLIC TONES: metallic colors are a big trend this season. Try silver or gold trousers with a black blouse and high heels! Simply perfect!

Found on diorina.tumblr.com VIA PINTEREST
IMAGE SOURCE: Lluvrumcake VIA PINTEREST (Song of Syle in the picture)
Found on juliakeinanen.tumblr.com VIA PINTEREST
Found on glamradar.com VIA PINTEREST (Miroslava Duma in the photo)
Found on bloglovin.com VIA PINTEREST (ALEXA CHUNG)


Green (and red, of course) is one of the colors that I prefer to wear at Christmas Time. For me the best tone is forest green!

– GREEN PANTS: to match with a blouse and a necklace with green shades!

– GREEN SKIRT: why not? Long is beautiful, better if with a black shirt and a gold necklace!

– GREEN CLOTHES WITH RED DETAILS: green and red are great together!

Found on glamradar.com VIA PINTEREST
Found on shopgreydog.com VIA PINTEREST
Found on bloglovin.com – Fashion Inspiration VIA PINTEREST
Found on refinery29.com VIA PINTEREST

3. RED 

Red is the color of Christmas! Everyone knows that!

-TARTAN SKIRT: match it with a white shirt and a gray romantic cardigan…

– TOTAL RED: Super chic with a 50’s skirt.. but only for the brave!

– RED HERE AND THERE: red details are necessary during Christmas Holidays. They put you in a festive mood! Always keep a pair of red stilettos and a red bag in your winter wardrobe.

Found on noellesfavoritethings.com
Found on womenpla.ne VIA PINTEREST
Found on whowhatwear.com VIA PINTEREST
Nausheen Shah (Stockholm Streetstyle) VIA PINTEREST

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