What to See in Manila: My Tour in the Capital City of the Philippines with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


mall of asia manila

What to See in Manila: My Tour in the Capital of the Philippines with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

What to see in Manila. It’s time to tell you about my trip to Philippine, to be more precise, to Manila with – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and KLM Dream Offers. We flew for 23 hours with all comforts, Giova and I watched thousand of movies, even the most recent, we play games on board, and we had three complete meals with soy noodles and a lemon tart when we were about to land on Asia (as you can imagine we eat every crumble, everything was so good!). On our way back we even try Economy Comfort Class: the price in just like a regular Economy Class but you have more space between each seat and more space to recline: it feels much better!

Manila was one of the locations in my travel wish list for 2016 and it didn’t let me down! All the things I’m going to tell you about Manila won’t be enough to explain how incredible my experience has been. You must see it with your own eyes to understand. Chaos, people literally everywhere, on the streets, inside sidecars, jumping on and off crazy buses that never stop, riding motorcycles (generally more than three people for each), carriages, bicycles and driving millions of cars and taxis. SOUNDS: klaxon, screaming of peddlers, noises from building sites of a giant, still growing metropolis, music on the streets, people chatting, running and walking up and down. SMELLS: of food cooked on the street, the strong smell of a city where the rich and the poor coexist in a perpetual conflict. FEELINGS: the good heart of Philippine people that in such a huge city don’t see many tourists, the surprise in their eyes when they see us walking in places we’re not supposed to be, children waving “hello” ever time they see us passing by, all the smiling faces, the curious looks and the gentle greetings of elders. It’s a tough reality… but it’s fascinating and I want to understand it deeply.

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Green Parka Jacket and Extra-Long Pleated Skirt


green parka jacket

Green Parka Jacket and Extra-Long Pleated Skirt

Green parka jacket. This is one of my favorite outfit, that I’ve ever worn, did you like it on Instagram (You can find me HERE or look for @ireneCCloset). I love it! I like to match army green, such a casual and boyish color with baby pastel shades, delicate and super feminine colors. So today I put on an oversize army green shirt, a green parka jacket (with a cool back) and a powder pink skirt.

Green Parka Jacket and Extra-Long Pleated Skirt

The skirt is suuuuper long! A floor length maxi skirt. Since the outfit looked a bit too wide, I decided to add a waist skinny belt over the green parka jacket, to enhance my body shape and for during the latest fashion shows I saw lots of belts over the coat! Well, what do you think about this look? Comment below I want your opinions! :) Hugs and kisses!

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How to Dress for Cold Weather: 5 Tricks to Stay Warm in Style!


dress for cold weather

How to Dress for Cold Weather: 5 Tricks to Stay Warm in Style!

How to dress for cold weather. “How is it even possible that some girls keep being so cool when is freezing cold while I look like the Michelin Man?” I suppose you’ve wondered that sometimes..:))) Well, I know some tricks… and maybe I should keep it to myself. They’re tricks of the trade that shouldn’t be public knowledge. LOL!!! But I decided to tell you, because we’re all in the same boat and we must do our best to look chic and stay warm in this polar climate… or at least we can try! So let’s see how to dress for cold weather..

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How to Dress For An Elegant Happy Hour: I Choose a White Outfit!


come vestirsi per una serata speciale

How to Dress For An Elegant Happy Hour: I Choose White!

How to dress for an elegant happy hour! White in winter? Why not?! We talked about that many times, even in THIS post all about this specific topic! I tried again with a total look for the evening. White for an elegant evening is a bit unusual, I must admit it, but this is super chic!

How to Dress For An Elegant Happy Hour: I Choose a White Outfit!

I decided to reinterpret the classic sheath dress in white, a long wool jacket in the same color and a sparkling necklace with a touch of black to recall the shoes. What do you think about it? Do you like today’s outfit? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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How to Wear Thigh-High Stockings: Outfit Ideas to Copy!


come indossare stivali con calzini

How to Wear Thigh-High Stockings: Outfit Ideas to Copy!

How to wear thigh-high stockings. You can hate ore love them, but there’s no doubt that thigh-highs are not easy to match properly. The line between fashionable and vulgar is very thin! You have to match them right, avoiding terrible mistakes! I’m talking about over the knee socks that is very popular right now, especially in street style. Many of you ask me to write a post about thigh-highs, so here are lots of outfit ideas to wear them! ;)

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