High-waisted jeans, a shirt and a hat: an EASY look for all ages!

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High-waisted jeans, a shirt and a hat.

High-waisted jeans. What is the one item of clothing that is loved by all women, of all ages, shapes and sizes? Of course I’m talking about jeans: we all have them in our wardrobe and they feature in nearly all our outfits, am I right? Jeans are super versatile and so they always help us out when we don’t know what to wear! I’m preparing a new post for you that’s dedicated to jeans, with all the hottest denim trends for next season… but in the meantime here’s one of my outfits from a few days ago where I’m wearing the most useful wardrobe staple… jeans!

High-waisted jeans, a shirt and a hat: an EASY look for all ages!

Here I’m wearing one of my favourite trouser styles at the moment: high-waisted and super skinny! They look best belted at the waist and then combined with a look that has both masculine and feminine influences.  A long coat, an ankle boot, a hat and a white shirt… possibly stolen from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. I’ve chosen to add a flash of colour… what do you think? Do you like this look? Let me know your thoughts!

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I was wearing..






BLOUSE: ZARA (Stolen from Giova!)

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Oriental influences: here’s my nod to one of Spring 2016’s biggest trends!

A very particular kind of culotte

Black culotte trousers with colourful accessories

What to wear for drinks? I’m going for white (even in winter!)

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19 thoughts on “High-waisted jeans, a shirt and a hat: an EASY look for all ages!

  1. Bellissimo il cappello e la borsa jellow.
    Hai uno stile impeccabile e il tuo essere rimasta una ragazza semplice rende ancora di più.
    Siamo due sorelle appassionate di Moda e abbiamo appena aperto un blog, se ti fa piacere passa , ogni consiglio è prezioso.

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