Clarins Spring 2016: My make up tutorial video in Barcelona, plus… win my make up!



Clarins Spring 2016: My make up tutorial video Barcelona, plus.. win my make up!

Clarins Spring 2016. It’s been almost a year since I started filming these tutorial videos, from when we started this big project together with Clarins. Take bloggers from all over the world (I was chosen to be the representative for Italy, and I’m incredibly happy and honoured!), and take them to a lively, vibrant city – Barcelona. Add in some easy-to-use products, which are very colourful but completely natural, and there you have the new Spring 2016 collection by Clarins. The array of products is beautifully appealing, enjoyable, and super exciting…

Clarins Spring 2016: My make up tutorial for a glowing look!

But let’s start from the beginning!! The first thing I want to show you is my first video tutorial with my favourite products from the Clarins Spring 2016 collection that we shot last spring in Barcelona :)

Find the video tutorial below or click HERE

The goal? To create RADIANT MAKE UP that is, first and foremost, SIMPLE to achieve! And here it is!

(Make sure you check out the video description to see all the products I used and to find more videos…)

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A blue hat, some colourful accessories and a bicycle: the Sodini icons!


fashion blogger

A blue hat, some colourful accessories and a bicycle: the Sodini icons!

A blue hat. Do timeless icons exist today? Yes indeed, those symbols, those iconic figures, those objects that remind us of generations and generations that never seem to fade, in the eyes of both youngsters and veterans. When we speak of certain people, the icons seem to radiate perfection, in every sense of the word. When we speak of iconic objects, instead we speak of objects that have become symbols: either symbols of an era, of a status or of a fashion.

A blue hat and some colourful accessories

My favourite timeless icon is my trusty bicycle given to me by my grandmother: it symbolises holidays in Versilia and my childhood in Florence – a moment in time. For me, it has become a symbol of elegance and a way for me to get around the city while still looking graceful. I’ve paired the bike with an outfit that nods to another era: a pair of high heels (why not, they work really well on a bike!) with a hat, a floaty dress and some timeless jewellery. The finishing touches include a statement necklace that is super versatile and works for day time outfit or a a smarter evening ensemble, plus a colourful bracelet that brightens up your look.


2222 outfit vestito irene's closet irene colzi ACCESSORI SODINI idee outfit Cappello blu
p style=”text-align: center;”> CARRY ON READING THE POST BELOW! 

I’m wearing accessories by Sodini that you can see right HERE along with the rest of the collection ;)

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Here’s my guide for how to last for hours wearing high heels without suffering!


Here are the 5 errors that maybe even you are making…


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Hairstyle ideas: photos to inspire your new hairdo!!


Hairstyle inspiration

Hairstyle ideas: photos to inspire your new hairdo!!

Hairstyle ideas. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we don’t know what more we can do with our hair, and so we fancy a change. Lo and behold, here I am in this exact situation, which I’m tackling head-on (get it?). Recently, during filming for an episode of Detto Fatto, one of the hairstylists told me that my hair either needed a good restorative treatment or… a cut! Ahh, don’t tell me that!! So while I frantically search for a new miracle hair treatment I’ve put together a few inspirational photos of hairstyle ideas for you to copy this 2016, are you ready?! Get in touch and let me know what you think!!

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The half-topknot: the easiest and trendiest hairstyle right now. But are we sure it’s a good idea?

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My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin: Pura Vida!



My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin: Pura Vida!

My trip to Costa Rica. ‘Pura Vida’ is the official motto of Costa Rica, meaning ‘pure life’. These two words perfectly sum up this beautiful country: a wild and sun-kissed land that is rich in beautiful nature and animals. A land of nature that is still blissfully untouched, dreamy beaches, unforgettable little places. Costa Rica is the country that we had the pleasure of exploring together with Piz Buin, the famous sun-care brand that was the creator of the first suncream, and that is celebrating its 70th birthday this year with the launch of lots of new products and its search for the best sun-kissed corners of the world for you to explore!

My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin: Pura Vida!

So super protected by an infinite range of products by Piz Buin that we were lucky enough to try out during the trip (and that I must say, provided excellent sun protection even in adverse circumstances… and this comes from someone who is obsessed with sun protection!), together with the Piz Buin team and some bloggers from all across Europe (Trendy TasteFashion MumblrThe muse and the ladybugSandra Kisic), off we went to explore Costa Rica!

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Caterina Balivo style and looks: my visit to the Balivo household to revitalise her wardrobe!


caterina balivo and irene colzi in caterina's wardrobe (1)

Caterina Balivo style and looks: my visit to the Balivo household to revitalise her wardrobe!

Caterina Balivo style and looks. Every time Caterina and I bump into each other in the dressing rooms of Detto Fatto before filming the next episode, there’s always lots of “Ah your dress is so cool!” “Noo! But your shoes! Where are they from?”. Essentially Cate and I understand each other completely in terms of fashion (even if sometimes we affectionally squabble during the show over the catwalk looks… aaah if they are tough!) HERE YOU CAN SEE ALL MY EPISODES OF DETTO FATTO! 

Ogni volta che io e Caterina ci incrociamo nei camerini di Detto Fatto prima della puntata è tutto un “Ah ma che figo il tuo vestito!” “Noo! Ma le tue scarpe? Di chi sono?”. Insomma io e Cate in fatto di moda ci capiamo (Anche se spesso lo sapete, in puntata ci becchettiamo amorevolmente sui look da sfilata.. aaah se sono difficili!) QUI POTETE RIVEDERE TUTTE LE MIE PUNTATE A DETTO FATTO!

Caterina Balivo style and looks: my visit to the Balivo household to revitalise her wardrobe!

Basically during one of the recent episodes of Detto Fatto, Caterina said to me “Of course, Ire, you’ll have to come to mine and rifle through my wardrobe and give me advice on how to style some of the pieces I have that I don’t know how to wear..!!” And what better challenge could there be for me? So here we are in Caterina Balivo’s house, rather, in her wardrobe (Check out her own fashion blog here!)  looking for items of clothing that, despite being gorgeous, Caterina has never really known how to wear: they’re either too detailed or too fussy, and they all live permanently inside her cupboard. But how to wear them? Ah Caterina Balivo and her wardrobe (one of the best, let me tell you!)…

(Continued below!)

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