The bomber jacket: the hottest jacket for 2016!


Irene ColziThe bomber jacket: the hottest jacket for 2016!

The bomber jacket. The bomber is the jacket of 2016: since its return to fame a few months ago, it has become the absolute jacket trend of 2016! Here are some ideas for how best to wear it…

– If you aren’t super tall: elongate your figure with a pair of high-waisted jeans or trousers, or a short skirt

– If you are very tall: go wild, you can wear this style really easily!

– If you choose a colourful or embellished bomber jacket: wear it with an “easy” outfit, e.g. blue jeans, a plain top, a plain jumper, biker boots – keep it low profile. The bomber jacket is the centrepiece!

– For a really cool look, wear your bomber with contrasting pieces: for example throw it over a smart dress, a slip dress, cigarette trousers and a white shirt, or with a long 50s-style skirt.

– Wear it with casual separates: mom jeans, high-waisted jeans, a slogan t-shirt, a crop top or a over a sweatshirt.

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Braun Silk-Expert pulsed light: I tried out Braun’s new pulsed light hair removal gadget at home, and here’s the result!


come togliere i peli

Braun Silk-Expert pulsed light: I tried out Braun’s new pulsed light hair removal gadget at home, and here’s the result!

Wouldn’t you just love to not have to think about hair removal when summer arrives? I certainly would, so now’s the time to do something about it ;)

I’ve been trying out pulsed light hair removal at home for a little while now (it’s super convenient, even when you’re travelling, as you don’t need to arrange appointments with your beautician, and most of all it’s much more economical). Do you know about pulsed light hair removal, or “IPL technology”? It reduces hair growth by using a bright pulse of light, giving you permanently silky smooth skin! I’ve heard people talking about it for ages. After having tried pulsed light hair removal in a beauty salon (but having not had the time for regular appointments due to all my travelling, I couldn’t keep up my treatment schedule…), I heard about pulsed light hair removal gadgets that you can use at home, but I was sceptical. I was scared that the gadget wouldn’t be powerful enough to guarantee the same results as a professional salon, and that it wouldn’t be worth the investment.

Braun Silk-Expert pulsed light: I tried out Braun’s new pulsed light hair removal gadget at home, and here’s the result!

But then I tried the pulsed light Silk-Expert gadget by Braun, and I’ve got lots to tell you about it! See for yourself what I think of this new hair removal technology by watching this video (where I’m also showing you how to use it!)

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Rouge Volupté Shine YSL: 3 lipsticks for 3 occasions – daytime, evening and weekend!


irene colzi

Rouge Volupté Shine YSL: 3 lipsticks for 3 occasions – daytime, evening and weekend!

Rouge Volupté Shine by YSL. With spring just around the corner, hands up who wants some more colour in their life? Colour is everywhere at the moment, from clothes to  accessories and most of all on lips, as seen at the most recent shows at Fashion Week. I’m thrilled that lipstick is coming back into fashion in a big way: for me lipstick is an absolute must and, even if it wasn’t trendy, I don’t think I could ever give it up! My lipstick collection is ginormous!

The new lip colours that I’m currently trying out are the Rouge Voluptè Shine lipsticks by YSL, which come wrapped in beautifully elegant and sophisticated packaging, and are proper, high-quality sticks of oil-based colour that come with a very appealing promise: in addition to making your lips look wonderful, they will make your lips softer, plumper and more nourished in just four weeks.

Rouge Volupté Shine YSL: 3 lipsticks for 3 occasions – daytime, evening and weekend!

This is because YSL have created a totally new concept for their latest lipsticks: a formula made up of 65% oil, with a mix of 6 different oils for a mega-hydrating texture. The lipstick melts smoothly onto your lips and produces a brilliant, highly-pigmented colour with an “Aqua Shine” transparent effect, a super-smooth texture with nourishing anti-oxidants, and a deliciously fruity fragrance. There’s a huge choice of colours – you’ll fall head over heels with them all! Well, there are 24 colours in 8 new shades, that are fresh, bright and youthful, that I’m showing you in today’s blogpost in three different moods. Are you ready, ladies? :)

rossetti ysl (10)

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A dress with a tie: the androgynous look!


outfit con vestitino con cravatta

A dress with a tie: the androgynous look!

A dress with a tie. We spoke a little while ago about the androgynous look, or rather a masculine look that also combines feminine elements to create the perfect androgynous style. You should know that I’m completely in love with this look – I absolutely adore it! I find it extremely sensual and it’s also really fun to put together these kinds of outfits! During Milan Fashion Week I had a wonderful time combining femininity and masculinity within the same outfit. Here’s the result…

A dress with a tie: a look that is both masculine and feminine! 

I paired a black and white dress with a little tie, a masculine-style long coat, high heels, and black socks, and I wore my hair loose with feminine waves. So, what do you think? :)

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How to wear stripes: horizontal, vertical, colourful??


Irene Colzi

How to wear stripes: horizontal, vertical, colourful??

How to wear stripes. Stripes, stripes, stripes!!! This season they’re all people are talking about! I already told you about this trend in my latest episode of Detto Fatto on RAI 2, which you can WATCH AGAIN HERE. Of course there are certain rules to follow… so here’s how to wear stripes now and later this year ;)

How to wear stripes: horizontal, vertical, colourful?? 

General rules:

– Thin stripes are the most slimming.
– Wide stripes tend to widen the wearer, too.
– Horizontal stripes also can be quite widening.
– Vertical stripes are usually slimming.

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