Easter 2016: what to wear, how to decorate your home, what to eat… the ultimate guide!

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Easter 2016: what to wear, how to decorate your home, what to eat… the ultimate guide!

Easter 2016. Christmas is always spent with your parents, but Easter you can spend with whomever you want. This year we’ll be respecting this rule: we’re actually escaping our busy schedules for a few days of holiday to relax with some friends! I can’t wait :) What are your Easter plans this year? Will you be watching my favourite tv show (ahaha!), or will you be spending Easter 2016 with your family?

Easter 2016: what to wear, how to decorate your house, what to eat.. the ultimate guide!

Whatever you’ve decided to do for Easter this year, you should certainly start getting into the Easter mood wherever you are: so here are a few tips for getting into the perfect Easter mood! What to wear, how to decorate your house and dinner table, what to eat… the ultimate guide!

Qualsiasi sia la decisione che avete preso quest’anno è giusto entrare un po’ nel mood di questa festività ed iniziare a goderci questi giorni: ecco qualche consiglio per entrare nel mood Pasqua 2016. Cosa indossare, come decorare la casa, la tavola, cosa mangiare.. la guida definitiva!

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Ideas for decorating your dining table and your home for Easter!


My springtime look!


Super easy make up that you can apply with your fingers!

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Jelly shoes: they’re back! And not just on the beach! Here’s my street style look


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Jelly shoes: they’re back in fashion!

Jelly shoes. Do you remember those shoes you wore when you were little, the plastic ones with the cut out eyelets down the sides (and sometimes also on the front part of the shoe), that had a buckle at the side that you wore to the beach (and that often gave you massive blisters)? Since they were almost always made of plastic they were known not only as “spider shoes” but also as jelly shoes. Well, this season, we welcome the return of the jelly shoe to fashion: we saw them on the catwalks in lots of different versions, both multicoloured and neutral, with flatforms, with heels, chunky styles, delicate styles… all designed precisely for the city!

Jelly shoes: they’re back in fashion. And not just for the beach! Here’s my street style look!

Obviously when reading a description such as this, you’re probably a little terrified. You’re almost certainly thinking “Okay, just another whimsical catwalk trend that I’ll never wear!”. But fear not, because there are lots and lots of very wearable options on the high street. I found this pair by Carmens that I can’t stop wearing (find them HERE on their website). They’re made of leather, combining the jelly shoe philosophy with the slip-on shoe trend, and they’re super comfortable: a great alternative to trainers for a casual look where you want to be comfortable but still look chic. What are your thoughts on the return of the jelly shoe? Do you like them?! Here’s my look!



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The best make up removers: I tried out 6 by different brands, and here’s what I thought!



The best make up removers: I tried out 6!

The best make up removers. I recently discovered something that used to seem like nonsense to me, even if I’d heard everyone saying it was absolutely essential. I’m talking about the cleansing routine for removing your make up before bed. My fundamental golden rule, that I hope is also yours, is: “Never ever go to bed with your make up on”. Ok,  I admit when I was younger I used to do it sometimes: after a really late night I would occasionally fall into bed without taking off my make up. I don’t remember any disastrous consequences on waking up the next morning to a pillowcase smeared in mascara. However if I did it now, the next day my skin would undoubtedly look like a 3D geographical map: aahh, spotty chin!! If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know all about my troubles with these wretched chin pimples!! Skin problems are caused by lots of things, of course, however my skin always flares up when I don’t properly cleanse my skin, or when I’ve worn particularly heavy make up, for example when filming for TV or for photo shoots…

The best make up removers: I tried out 6 by lots of different brands, and here’s what I thought!

So I said to myself: “Come on, Irene, you have to take better care of your skin”. Starting with proper make up removal which, with hindsight, I know is really important. So, thanks to the amazing #SephoraMagicCleanser, I chose 6 different types of make up remover, from 6 different brands, and I tried them all out. I’ll tell you what I thought, what each one is like (some of them are a bit absurd) and which ones are my two favourites for my skin!

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The bomber jacket: the hottest jacket for 2016!


Irene ColziThe bomber jacket: the hottest jacket for 2016!

The bomber jacket. The bomber is the jacket of 2016: since its return to fame a few months ago, it has become the absolute jacket trend of 2016! Here are some ideas for how best to wear it…

– If you aren’t super tall: elongate your figure with a pair of high-waisted jeans or trousers, or a short skirt

– If you are very tall: go wild, you can wear this style really easily!

– If you choose a colourful or embellished bomber jacket: wear it with an “easy” outfit, e.g. blue jeans, a plain top, a plain jumper, biker boots – keep it low profile. The bomber jacket is the centrepiece!

– For a really cool look, wear your bomber with contrasting pieces: for example throw it over a smart dress, a slip dress, cigarette trousers and a white shirt, or with a long 50s-style skirt.

– Wear it with casual separates: mom jeans, high-waisted jeans, a slogan t-shirt, a crop top or a over a sweatshirt.

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Braun Silk-Expert pulsed light: I tried out Braun’s new pulsed light hair removal gadget at home, and here’s the result!


come togliere i peli

Braun Silk-Expert pulsed light: I tried out Braun’s new pulsed light hair removal gadget at home, and here’s the result!

Wouldn’t you just love to not have to think about hair removal when summer arrives? I certainly would, so now’s the time to do something about it ;)

I’ve been trying out pulsed light hair removal at home for a little while now (it’s super convenient, even when you’re travelling, as you don’t need to arrange appointments with your beautician, and most of all it’s much more economical). Do you know about pulsed light hair removal, or “IPL technology”? It reduces hair growth by using a bright pulse of light, giving you permanently silky smooth skin! I’ve heard people talking about it for ages. After having tried pulsed light hair removal in a beauty salon (but having not had the time for regular appointments due to all my travelling, I couldn’t keep up my treatment schedule…), I heard about pulsed light hair removal gadgets that you can use at home, but I was sceptical. I was scared that the gadget wouldn’t be powerful enough to guarantee the same results as a professional salon, and that it wouldn’t be worth the investment.

Braun Silk-Expert pulsed light: I tried out Braun’s new pulsed light hair removal gadget at home, and here’s the result!

But then I tried the pulsed light Silk-Expert gadget by Braun, and I’ve got lots to tell you about it! See for yourself what I think of this new hair removal technology by watching this video (where I’m also showing you how to use it!)

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