How to use Snapchat: all the basic steps for how to use this app plus a few tricks that you might not know of!


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How to use Snapchat: all the basic steps for how to use this app, plus a few tricks that you might not know of!

How to use Snapchat. The Snapchat obsession, the most popular social network of the moment that I absolutely love! Let’s start off with ‘what is Snapchat?’. The most famous little ghost at the moment :D Snapchat is an app (available for both iPhone and Android), that allows users to take a photo or a short video which automatically self-destructs after 24 hours.

Where can you download Snapchat from?‘. Snapchat can be dowloaded like all other apps from the Apple Store or Google Play, and once it is installed you can create your account by clicking on the button on the bottom of the screen.

How to use Snapchat: it’ time to send your first video and little message – the infamous ‘snap’!

snapchat come si usa

Sign up to Snapchat. Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose the username you want to use on Snapchat and verify your identity by typing in your mobile number. After having put in your number, press the confirm button, and choose whether you want to receive the confirmation code to activate your account either via SMS or voicemail.

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Aquasource Everplump by Biotherm and my fitness routine!


Aquasource Everplump di Biotherm
Aquasource Everplump by Biotherm and my fitness routine!

Aquasource Everplump by Biotherm. The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, the trees are all in blossom. Biologically, our internal motor is recharging, making us more energetic than ever. This is what spring does! From the very first days of gorgeous weather, I felt way more energetic: I wanted to get out and about and get stuff done! I wanted to take better care of my body, get more fresh air, nourish my body and mind and to benefit from the urge to get up and go that comes when spring is in the air, to become stronger and more dynamic. If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know all about this: I’ve been training in the gym with weights and going for walks in the country or in the Florentine hills, which has become my daily obsession, together with discovering new beauty products for my face and body that will banish my tired, winter skin.

Aquasource Everplump by Biotherm and my fitness routine: let’s hit the ground running this spring!

As you will have seen on my Snapchat, for a while I’ve been trying out the Aquasource Everplump by Biotherm facial moisturiser, and now it’s finally time to talk about it, together with a very special shoot. Aquasource Everplump di Biotherm is a new generation of facial moisturiser, adapted to all skin types, which brightens and plumps up your complexion, created for a busy woman who is always on the go, plays sport, and lives life to the full. In fact, its interesting quality is that it absorbs easily into the skin and hydrates well even in extreme climates, without weighing the skin down. For example when you’re playing sport outside, no matter whether it’s in the mountains, the city or by the sea. Have you ever had that horrid feeling of when your skin feels really “heavy” after putting on too much moisturiser then taking exercise and sweating? This is because the moisturiser is too greasy, too heavy, too rich. So this isn’t the result we’re going for (especially since your skin can’t breathe like this!). What we want is a powerful but lightweight face cream, and Aquasource Everplump does just the trick. It’s light like a serum, thanks to the hyaluronic acid and micro marine particles, but dense in consistency like a balm and at the same time light like a finishing crea, given that when it comes into contact with the skin, the gel-like consistency transforms into millions of tiny bursts of freshness. Most importantly, after just one week, it will start to diminish signs of ageing! Find the cream online HERE on the Biotherm website, if you want more info!

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Aquasource Everplump di Biotherm

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Parka with embellishments, tie dye and pom poms… hippie style!


parka con applicazioni

Parka with embellishments, tie dye and pom poms… hippie style!

The Parka. I was telling you about this in my post about Spring Summer 2016 trends. Embellished jackets and Tie Dye are two big trends this season… and I managed to wear them together in the same daytime look!

Parka with embellishments, tie dye and pom poms… hippie style!

Tie Dye is the technique of tying knots in an item of clothing and dipping them in colourful dyes to create the effect of rings of colour that I have on this t shirt: it makes me instantly think of the era of hippies and the 70s. So that’s why I decided to pair it with this great pair of round, colourful sunglasses. I then added a mini embellished and colourful parka jacket: embellishments on jackets (and also on jeans) are one of the biggest trends this spring. The key word is customise!! Given that this look was already quite busy I decided to stick with a simple pair of white sneakers and a white bag…

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Banish dull skin and get summer-ready: goodbye fuzzy legs, hello tan!



Banish dull skin and get summer-ready: goodbye fuzzy legs, hello tan!

Banish dull skin. How many of you are going to tell me that you’re too afraid to get your legs out, because they’re too pale, or even worse, too hairy? This is the fundamental problem of this time of year, in the period between winter and summer, that we have to tackle every year. Not only because suddenly our eternally hidden skin is now on show (hello various flabby bits… we’ll be discussing this soon!), but also because our skin is bright white, hairy, dull… sad, essentially. Of course, winter doesn’t help: with freezing temperatures and tight clothes which suffocate your skin, plus if you don’t exfoliate regularly during winter and moisturise often, your skin is in a desperate state. But now that spring has arrived, it’s time to show off our beautiful skin: here’s how in 5 easy steps!

Banish dull skin and get summer-ready: goodbye fuzzy legs, hello tan!


First, you need to get rid of all the dry skin. Eliminate dead skin cells and reveal glowing skin. My advice is to exfoliate regularly at home, at least 2/3 times a week with an exfoliating glove on the driest parts of your body (knees, elbows etc) everyday. For your face, a gentler approach: exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week (but very gently, especially if you have very sensitive skin), followed immediately by a face-mask. But what kind of face-mask? Deep-cleaning, hydrating, brightening? Two ideas: first to use a different type of face-mask for different parts of the face. For example, I use a face-mask for oily skin on my forehead (where I tend to get pimples), a deep cleaning mask on my T-zone and finally an oxygenating mask (yes, one that makes loads of bubbles) on the rest of my face, or all over my face once a week.

If you want to invest a bit more, go for a deep cleaning exfoliator: it’s perfect for getting rid of all those dead skin cells in one use. I’d especially recommend this one if you have an important event at the last minute and you need to quickly “tidy up”, or also before a series of specific treatment (such as anti-cellulite treatment).


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Oversized sleeves: here’s why it’s all a question of the sleeve!


tee con maniche grandi

Oversized sleeves: here’s why it’s all a question of the sleeve!

Oversized sleeves. If, sartorially speaking, there’s one – or even two – key players this season and next, it’s the sleeve. Oversized sleeves are taking over! So yes, it seems that the fashion industry is focussing on the sleeve this year, with unexpected abundance.

Oversized sleeves: here’s why it’s all a question of the sleeve!

I really like this oversized sleeves trend because, even for a simple item of clothing like a shirt, blouse or coat, exaggerated sleeves will transform it into an exciting statement piece. Not bad, right?

  • OPT FOR WIDE SLEEVES: from the forearm downwards, or even the entire sleeve. The key word in this case is overside: but only for the sleeves!
  • OPT FOR REALLY LONG SLEEVES: another idea, which was seen frequently on the winter catwalks, is that of opting for extra long sleeves. It’s an appealing look, but it’s not terribly practical: so think carefully about when you’re going to wear a shirt with extra long sleeves. I.e., not for a dinner eating spare ribs…
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