What to wear to a wedding


What to wear to a wedding

What to wear to a wedding. Wedding season has arrived! Hundreds of you have asked me for advice on what to wear for ceremonies, especially weddings. Last year I already wrote a post about this but now it’s time to update it and refresh your memory with a few style rules but most importantly with new ideas for outfits (that will also work for Christening ceremonies and church services). Are you ready?

What to wear for a wedding: outfit ideas!


  • Don’t wear white. Ever. It’s not your wedding.
  • If there are bridesmaids, try and find out in advance what colour they will be wearing, and make sure you’re not wearing the same thing!
  • Don’t show too much skin. As well as being inappropriate, especially if it’s a religious ceremony, it’s just not the time and place: this isn’t the time for you to be at the centre of attention.
  • Pastel colours and prints (spots, flowers, stripes) are perfect.
  • Long dresses are better for evening ceremonies; short dresses for daytime ceremonies.
  • Hat or no hat? Yes but only for daytime ceremonies. I’d advise you to avoid enormous hats… unless you’re invited to the royal wedding!
  • Formal or informal? Try and find out as much information as possible before the wedding from the bride and groom or their families about the location and type of wedding. Every wedding has a specific dress code that should be adhered to. For example if the wedding is very chic and takes place in the evening, you MUST wear a long dress as a miniskirt would be inappropriate. On the contrary, if the wedding is during the daytime, a cocktail dress would be the suitable choice.

The same rules apply for Communions and Baptisms, but there are a few small differences that it is useful to remember:

  • These kinds of events are less formal than weddings but they are still formal events. Therefore you must always avoid clothes that are considered too casual (ripped jeans, sneakers…)
  • Hats and long dresses aren’t usually required for this kind of ceremony, unless they are particularly formal. Ask beforehand!


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