Animal bracelets: here’s mine!


raspini gioielli | raspini bracciali | raspini anelli

Animal bracelets: here’s mine!

Animal bracelets. If there’s a shop where I love to spend half an hour getting lost inside, while I’m wandering through the streets of my gorgeous city of Florence, it’s Giovanni Raspini (here’s the link to their website and store locator to find out where is your nearest shop… it’s not just in Florence!). Amongst all the furniture and jewellery, silver is the main material on offer, made into wonderfully unique shapes. The animal collection, that I’m wearing in this look, is one of my favourites. Lions, crocodiles, leopards, parrots and… chameleons!

Animal bracelets: a chameleon on my wrist… and leaves on my fingers! When jewellery is the main focus of your outfit…

Yes, you heard me correctly! I have a chameleon on my wrist: it’s a lovely little animal that’s both bold and original. I love it! I decided to wear it with a ring of leaves, also in silver. The look continues with a pair of high-waisted jeans, elegant accessories and an unexpected t shirt…

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bracciale a forma di camaleonte | bracciale a forma di animale

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Prepare yourself for summer by getting back in shape!!


piz buin creme solari | vinci un viaggio con piz buin

Prepare yourself for summer by getting back in shape… 

Prepare yourself for summer. After talking a little while ago about how to get away from dull, grey, tired skin and to get that luminosity and summer colour back, it’s now time to take the reigns and get back in shape… because the beach is getting closer every day!!

Piz Buin is celebrating its 70th birthday this year, and they’ve put together, on their web page for Piz Buin Sun Finder, all the best sunny destinations around the world :) Help them discover the most beautiful destinations for summer: upload onto the page your personal favourite summer spot, and offer inspiration for all sun lovers from around the world (here you can find the best sunny destinations already uploaded!). In this way, you could become the next Sun Ambassador for Piz Buin (like me!!). Plus, I will also be participating by postinghere my favorite sunny places for holiday, together with the rest of the Piz Buin  sun ambassadors from Spain and Greece.

Prepare yourself for summer by getting back in shape… 

So now that swimsuit season is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take control of our bodies… especially if you over-indulged during the winter months and now are worried about getting into your bikini!! We all know winter is the time for flopping on the sofa, watching films under the duvet… it’s amazing, I know, but now it’s time to kick start your summer fitness routine, because cake, pasta and Easter eggs all end up on our waistlines!! And it’s not impossible to arrive at the seaside and to be able to look in the mirror and think, I look good!! But how??

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Ripped jeans… and a chic look!


jeans strappati sulle ginocchia | outfit con jeans strappati | look casualRipped jeans… and a chic look!

Ripped jeans. The title of this post already seems like an oxymoron. Ripped jeans, especially VERY destroyed styles, are anything but chic. (HERE you can see all the jeans trends for 2016!). They’re perfect for very casual, daytime outfits, perhaps with slip on shoes or sneakers, a shirt and a bomber jacket. But how on earth can you incorporate them into a chic look?

Ripped jeans… and a chic look!

I experimented with this look: I paired a pair of ripped boyfriend style jeans with a beaded bon-ton jacket with a loose red shirt, a pair of bright heels and a white bag. What do you think of this look with ripped jeans… chic? :)

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Cruise through Northern Europe and around the Baltic with Costa Cruises


Crociera del nord crociera del mar baltico (15)Cruise through Northern Europe and around the Baltic with Costa Cruises

Cruise through Northern Europe and around the Baltic. It’s so true that when you come to the end of a cruise with Costa Cruises, you honestly don’t know how to get back to your normal routine back on land. The amazing experience, entertainment, sense of being part of a big family, the magical sea and its incredible sunsets, the food (varied and delicious) at all hours, the chance to get to know new countries and cities… it’s marvellous, ladies!!

Cruise through Northern Europe and around the Baltic with Costa Cruises: Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn

Let’s start at the beginning. It was my very first cruise: so I’d never tried it and I was a bit sceptical of this kind of trip. What if we get bored? What if we don’t have time to explore all the cities that we visit? But now, sitting in front of my laptop back in Florence, let me tell you this: you feel SO weird being back on solid ground after a week of walking around on a moving vessel! The Costa Luminosa, the beautiful Costa Cruises ship that was our home for a week, is incredibly elegant, and designed in the Italian style (you can see all the photos of our suit below!). On board there is a huge spa with a pool, sauna, Turkish baths, and all kinds of spa treatments, plus 4 restaurants and 11 bars, where there is an infinite choice of food and drink. You can go from the buffet to the focacceria, pizzeria, formal restaurant (where there are also themed dinners by the chef Bruno Barbieri or gala dinners) to the Samsara restaurants (asian fusion, our favourite!) and the Club Luminosa (on the top floor of the ship, with an incredible view of the sunset!. Costa is also very entertaining: there’s a disco, a cinema, a theatre on 3 floors, a casino, shops, indoor and outdoor swimming pools with hydromassage, a gym and an outdoor running track. The ship is beautiful and very welcoming (and also organised to make sure everything runs smoothly and you have a stress-free holiday), with friendly and personal staff who are happy to help (like Alex, our cabin manager and Carlos, our waiter), who organise everything so that when you arrive at a new port for excursions (you can choose to go in a group or stay on the ship), and it’s almost a shame to leave them onboard…

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Cowgirl style and “Little House on the Prairie”: this season’s new trend!


influencer italiana

Cowgirl style and “Little House on the Prairie”: this season’s new trend!

Cowgirl style. I’ll admit, even I was a little dubious of this trend. Yes, basically, I’m talking about the cowgirl trend and of “Little House on the Prairie” style. It’s similar to the boho-chic style of Coachella, but distinguishes itself with elements that nod to the Wild West.

Cowgirl style and “Little House on the Prairie”: all suede, fringes, buckles and ruffles…

Yes, I’m talking about suede jackets with fringes on the back, arms or even both! (I wore a look like this HERE), plus pointy leather ankle boots with plenty of buckles… or in the true cowboy style, to be worn with your fringed suede jacket and a ruffled blouse, flared blue jeans, or a boho dress (perhaps in white). Here you have a gallery of inspiration for how to nail this look… what do you think? Are you a fan?

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