Arts of Italy: the OVS collection inspired by our beautiful arts!


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Arts of Italy: the OVS collection inspired by our beautiful arts!

Arts of Italy. I don’t know about you, girls, but I’m completely and deeply in love with my country. With my beautiful Florence, of course, but also with the entire country that is full of such light and beauty which is admired by the whole world: our Italy. So when there are projects which appreciate and celebrate our beautiful country and its countryside and arts (of which there is a lot!), I’m always really interested: more so than with projects about fashion. So this is the Arts of Italy project by oVS which celebrates our Italian works of art.

Arts of Italy: and what if I wore… a rose window? 

Arts of Italy is a capsule collection for both men and women that is inspired by the details of important cultural treasures from the history of Italian art, from the north to the south: an ornament? An embellishment? A mosaic? For women there are pieces inspired by the mosaics of the Salerno cathedral, and of the rose window of the San Pietro di Tuscania Church, Viterbo. For men there are pieces inspired by the geometric prints of the Roman house of Spoleto, the dome of the Sant’Ivo at the Sapienza University in Rome, the sculptures of the Scala dei Giganti in the Ducal Palace in Venice. FIND THE COLLECTION HERE.

Part of the money made from sales of the collection will be donated to the restoration of various masterpieces of Italian art.

The work of art that I chose to wear is the Basilica Romanica, which is the cathedral of Tuscania built in the XIII century, with its beautiful rose window that inspired this look. I chose to shoot the photos of this look in the Tuscan countryside: it’s a work of art in itself! I hope you like this look, let me know what you think!

SEE THE ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE (Buy it online or in OVS stores)

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The blue shirt: the basic piece that solves your look!


camicia azzurra come indossarla

The blue shirt: the basic piece that solves your look!

The blue shirt. Ah, the humble blue shirt, what a beautiful thing it is. No, I’m not going mad, you know how much I love shirts and how often I wear them! They’re classic, elegant and go with every look, from the office to school, from meetings to days with friends, discos, drinks and ceremonies. Also, you can find them everywhere, in almost any shop: this allows you to build a proper wardrobe of shirts in all different kinds for different occasions, you will never be bored!

The blue shirt: here’s why having a blue shirt in your wardrobe will resolve all your outfit stress! 

Aside from the classic white shirt, the blue shirt is also something that you absolutely need in your wardrobe! It is the true and proper symbol of effortless elegance, especially if it’s a bit oversized and could have been stolen from your boyfriend or husband. It’s perfect for an androgynous look and for playing around with masculine tailoring, but it also works well with feminine skirts to add a bold edge to your look. The blue shirt is also the symbol of the sophisticated woman who has real style. But how should you be wearing your blue shirt??


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The world’s most beautiful beaches



The world’s most beautiful beaches

The world’s most beautiful beaches. Hands up who wants to go to the seaside? Hands up who wants some sunshine? Me, me, me!! I want to feel the sand between my toes, the sun on my skin and to see my freckles come out. I want to read a good book under a parasol, with the sparkling and fresh sea ready to dive into… Basically, girls, when are the holidays? My desire to hit the beach this year has reached new heights thanks to Piz Buin and their app Sun Finder which is a virtual list of all the more beautiful sunny corner of the world. 

The world’s most beautiful beaches. Here’s my list of my favourite beaches in the world (also in Italy!) 

To celebrate Piz Buin’s 70th birthday, and 70 years of beautiful sun protection, the brand has decided to surprise us all: they’re going to help sun-seekers find the best sunny corners of the world. This means you’ll be returning home from your holidays with an incredible story to tell… Piz Buin has put together a list of 70 sunny destinations around the world (find them here!). But that’s not all: they’ve given all of us, all across the world, the opportunity to share our own favourite sunny destinations to create a virtual list of inspiration for all our holidays. The full list (and photos) can be found HERE! 

If you want to get involved it’s super easy: download the Sun Finder app, upload your best photos from your summer on your favourite beach or in any location where you’re enjoying the sunshine. Write a short description of why that place is special to you and finally tag the place in which the photos was taken. Piz Buin has decided to choose from amongst your photos a few of you to become “Sun Ambassadors” for Piz Buin like me!

I’m also taking part, with my 5 favourite sunny destinations… and 2 are Italian! Which ones, you ask?? Here they are!!



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Off the shoulder trend!


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Off the shoulder trend!

Off the shoulder trend. This season’s fashion (here’s my post on all of summer’s trends) calls for exposed, naked shoulders. This is a trend which emphasises the feminine form, without being vulgar. It’s fresh and easy-breezy, and works for daytime and evening wear for Spring Summer 2016! I also told you about it HERE in my episode of Detto Fatto on Rai 2 (which you can watch again!) ;)

Off the shoulder trend: let’s see those shoulders!

Shoulders are the new cleavage: a wide boatneck, so with the entire shoulder exposed (like in this look), with cut-out sections on the shoulder (like in this look) or all american, with ruffles and naked shoulders. I’ve put together a few daytime and evening looks for you to see how best to wear this trend. Are you ready to be inspired? :)

(Continued below….)

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The guide to the 2016 sales: they’re about to start!


quando iniziano i saldi estiviThe guide to the 2016 sales: they’re about to start!

The guide to the 2016 sales. Tell me the truth, for how many weeks (months?) have you been asking “when do the sales start?“. Well, I can officially announce that the 2016 sales are about to commence and so it’s time to put aside some cash specifically for sale shopping. Yes, because the error that we often make is to spend too much of our shopping budget at the beginning of the season and not hold onto a single penny for the best part of the season: the sales! Have you been a bit better this year? Have you already prepared for this? Great, so what are we waiting for? Here’s my guide to the 2016 sales!

The guide to the 2016 sales: here’s what to buy this year!

Let’s start off with the most useful information. Here are the official dates for when the 2016 sales start (but look out for individual shops that might start their sales sooner!)

Saturday 2 July 2016

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Liguria

Monday 4 July 2016

  • Toscana

Tuesday 5 July 2016

  • Lazio
  • Piemonte
  • Veneto

Wednesday 6 July 2016

  • Lombardia ( Milano the 5th )
  • Sardegna

Thursday 7 July 2016

  • Abruzzo
  • Basilicata
  • Calabria
  • Campania ( Napoli the 2nd )
  • Emilia Romagna
  • Marche
  • Molise
  • Puglie
  • Sicilia
  • Umbria
  • Valle d’Aosta

Before we explore which items we should be looking for in the sales, a little foreword. There is a strategy for sale shopping – a proper plan of action for making the most of your time and not missing any opportunities… THE PLAN OF ATTACK FOR SALES – read it here! Have a read before you set off! :)

Here’s a practical list of what to look for in the sales this year :)


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