Espadrilles in the city!


spadrillasEspadrilles in the city!

Espadrilles in the city. Espadrilles are flat shoes (But that can also be reinvented with a high or medium wedge) made from canvas or cotton with the sole made from jute rope. Born in Spain the Espadrilles have become popular around the world, not only for the beach but also for the city. Comfortable and extremely casual (But most importantly very trendy!), they often divide men’s opinions when we wear them in the city: Can they be worn in town? Or just at the beach? Which style do you prefer? And how do you wear them? The answers to all these questions can be found in this post!

Espadrilles in the city: how to wear the best summer shoes!

Espadrilles in the city? Or only on the beach?

Espadrilles on the beach are absolutely perfect, comfortable and casual. But for the city? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the model you choose: the typical flat espadrille, slip on style, with smooth and colorful fabric is definitely not recommended in cities and is better for the beach.

Which style of espadrilles is the most suitable?

And for the city? The classic flat model in slip on style, that is perfect for the beach, but for the city becomes a bit more structured. The material is a little more durable, the sole is more hard-wearing, they might have embellishments and the fabric covers your entire foot. Perfect for evenings in the city are… espadrilles with wedges. They are elegant and always in fashion!

But how to you wear espadrilles?

Here are some ideas for outfit ideas with espadrilles


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A colourful striped dress with a touch of yellow and white!


outfit vestito a righe colorate

A colourful striped dress with a touch of yellow and white!

A colourful striped dress. Hey girls!! Today I was in need of some colour. Have you seen my gorgeous colourful striped dress?!?! I’ve gone a bit wild but still sticking to the 3 primary colours. The rule is that you can’t wear more than three colours at the same time, excluding black and white, which are neutral. I told you about a few secrets for wearing colours in this post!

A colourful striped dress: so much colour!

In this look I wore a colourful striped dress in red, blue and white worn with a yellow bag (my favourite bag!! In this post I’ve given you 21 good reasons to buy colourful bags, remember?). I didn’t think this pairing would work, but in fact, red, blue and yellow go perfectly together. What do you think? I chose white neutral shoes so not to distract from the look. Scroll down for all the photos! Let me know what you think and if you like this look :)

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Maxi dresses: for summer, let’s buy ourselves a long day dress!


Abiti lunghi e vestiti maxi
Maxi dresses: for summer, let’s buy ourselves a long day dress!

Maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are perfect for summer: yes because in winter we’re always thinking “what can I wear on top?” and “but what if it rains?”. For summer these questions usually aren’t necessary, hence why maxi dresses are ideal… and also on trend (a bit like long skirts). The maxi dress, like the jumpsuit, resolves many outfit stresses: all you need are some accessories and you’re good to go. So it’s time to go out and get your own maxi dress!

Maxi dresses: for summer, let’s buy ourselves a long day dress!

Here are the maxi dresses to choose and how to wear them:

– LONG DRESS WITH A FRONT OR SIDE SPLIT (like I’m wearing in the photo). Perfect, providing the split isn’t too high. This adds movement to the dress, especially when you walk. Wear with a bag and a pair of flat sandals.

– FLORAL MAXI DRESS: summery, colourful (or monochrome!), the floral dress gets you noticed. Wear it with a bright lippie, mini bag and jewellery.

– MONO-COLOUR MAXI DRESS: a colourful dress that’s the same colour all over is perfect with a straw hat and sandals!

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Protect your hair from the sun


Due pezzi | bikini | costume americano | ragazza costume | costume da bagno | ragazza bikini | capelli lunghi | capelli sani

Protect your hair from the sun

Protect your hair from the sun. Summer… don’t we just love it? It makes us happy, gives us beautiful weather, amazing nature, and relaxing holidays. But unfortunately, it also has some downsides: most of all, for our hair. The combination of sea and sun dries out our hair, makes it knotty, fades our colour or tints it yellow, so that in September we have to give it a serious chop. But in fact, you can repair it yourself: you just need to use the right products… and don’t forget to use them! :)

Protect your hair from the sun: I’m not talking about suncreams… but treatments you can do at home! 

Here are the best products for protecting your hair from the sun in summer:

       Hydrating oil to put on wet hair after showering 

Hydrating oil brings back moisture to dry hair that has been ruined by too much sun and salt water: basically this oil reverses the negative effects that we don’t want! Apply it to towel-dried hair after showering before going to bed as a form of mask. In the morning your hair will be super soft!


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Ruffles: my new obsession! Here’s my look!


Rouches, la mia nuova ossessione

Ruffles: my new obsession! Here’s my look!

Ruffles. Haven’t I already hinted that ruffles and lacey trims are one of the biggest trends of this season? I mentioned it in this post on the “Cowgirl – Little House On The Prairie Style“, where I said that ruffles, suede and ankle boots are in fashion this season. I also told you about them in my post on trends for summer 2016. I have fallen head over heels for ruffles, and bought this fabulous yellow dress with ruffles.

Ruffles: my new obsession! Here’s my look!

I made this look more romantic with a pair of cork wedges and a straw hat and black bag. What do you think of this look? Scroll down for all the photos :)


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