Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty


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Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. Love is the force that moves the world and the stars. War and peace are caused and resolved by mad stories of love and passion that take hold of our souls. That love is born from such insane passion and the only way to escape from it is to give into temptation. This unconventional, upside down love that breaks all the rules is the inspiration behind the new perfume of amour fou, of mad love by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Mon Paris.

Mon Paris di Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is the new fragrance for women who are sure of themselves, free, and appreciate Paris for its modernity and metropolitan essence, and who are not afraid of loving fiercely and wholly with whomever they encounter, that make them unite, divide, enrage, calm and delight, and shout with happiness, pain and pleasure. A love that is dizzying and that makes you fee like you are upside down on an endless rollercoaster. The love that I’m living. 

Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and my mad love story!

Like upside down love also in Mon Paris, the classic olfactory pyramid is turned on its head to highlight its fruity notes of raspberry, pear, strawberry and bergamot but also notes of the Datura flower: the narcotic flower which gives a very unique note to the fragrance. The first narcotic white chypre! The packaging is one of my favourites by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. The silk lavallière bow is the protagonist with leather strings, held together with a little sparkly jewel: the tie is a symbol of the couture fashion of Yves Saint Laurent, and is now the symbol of a dizzying embrace that sweeps away all certainty but that binds you forever.

This is my interpretation of “Mon Paris” and of my love story, which is a bit mad, and which unites and separates us, that makes your heart skip a beat. My special guest is my amour fou Giovanni Gambassi, photos by Gabriele Colzi. 

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What to say to your hairdresser when you want a change


capelli di che colore farli

What to say to your hairdresser when you want a change

What to say to your hairdresser when you want a change. Good morning ladies!! How many of you are keen to change your hairstyle but are too scared to do it? The biggest fear is that your hairdresser won’t understand exactly what you want, and, after having spent lots of money (often ridiculous amounts.. I certainly know!), you leave unsatisfied or worse, in tears, which has happened to lots of my friends. As you all know, if you want to change your hairstyle, whether it’s a slightly more drastic cut, or a big colour change, you must trust your hairdresser and most of all be confident enough to explain exactly what you want. This is the only way to get exactly what we had in mind… trust me!

What to say to your hairdresser when you want a change: I did it correctly, and here’s the result!

I’m always afraid of “putting my hair in the hands of someone else”: my long main is one of my most prized possessions, and I’ve been meticulously growing it and making sure it’s protected and nourished… so that it’s nice and soft if anyone touches it! But, I decided it was time for something new, be it a decent chop, an emergency trim, a new colour, highlights or something else… For all of these things, you have to find a hairdresser that you absolutely trust, who understands your ideas and can execute them exactly according to what you had in mind. But how on earth do you explain to your hairdresser exactly what you want? I went to Morena Acconciature, a great salon in Lucca that several of my close friends recommended to me. I’d never been to this salon, but I decided to trust the stylists and go for a change… and I did it correctly! Sara took fantastic care of me for an entire afternoon and after a cut and new colour… I left the salon feeling brand new and with a fab new hairstyle: or rather exactly the hairstyle I wanted! I’m so happy!!! But of course, you’ll know this already if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook. But how did I explain to the hairdresser what I wanted? Right, here’s what to say!

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Make up bag must haves!



Make up bag must haves!

Make up bag must haves. Our make up bags are magical bundles of fabulousness. Sometimes, (especially when I look inside and find I left the lid off a lipstick and it’s now covered everything in red, or worse, my bronzer has broken into a million pieces), when I need to organise my make up, I discover loads of useless things hiding inside (“Ahh, that’s why the bag was exploding!”). But then I try to calmly and collectively reorganise it by filling it with the essential beauty and hair products that I need in my make up bag. So, what are my make up bag essentials??

In the meantime, check out my beauty routine tutorial!

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Colourful and sparkly mascara, gorgeous new products from YSL


make up colorati | mascara colorati | mascara glitter

Colourful and sparkling mascara, gorgeous new products from YSL

Colourful and sparkling mascara. Have you ever tried something other than black for your mascara? No? Well now’s the time to try it… but without overdoing it. I tried it myself, with a unique touch that works for women of all ages and for all occasions. Yes, because this season, as you already know, colourful make up is a big trend and so why not try a few touches of colour, perhaps with a funky mascara like this one that’s flying off the shelves! YSL Beauté have overturned the beauty conventions by launching this new trend! The aim is to reinvent yourself every day with a swish of mascara!

Colourful and sparkling mascara. Here’s this year’s new eye make up trend: Mascara Vinyl Couture YSL!

I tried it out for the first time in Paris during my mini trip to the Ville Lumière together with YSL for the launch of their new beauty collection for this year. I must admit, I couldn’t resist this mascara and I couldn’t wait to try it out in Paris. I’m talking about the new Mascara Vinyl Couture YSL, the colourful mascara that comes in vinyl colours with a lacquer effect, that is sparkly and wonderfully colourful!

There are 9 shades of this mascara that you can choose from, including 2 sparkling top coats: the colour you see in the elegant transparent packaging is exactly the colour you’ll see on your lashes. Black, aubergine, green, chocolate, blue, purple and 3 shades exclusive to Sephora: fuschia and the sparkling top coat in gold or silver.

make up colorati | mascara colorati | mascara glitter


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Prepare yourself for summer by getting back in shape!!


piz buin creme solari | vinci un viaggio con piz buin

Prepare yourself for summer by getting back in shape… 

Prepare yourself for summer. After talking a little while ago about how to get away from dull, grey, tired skin and to get that luminosity and summer colour back, it’s now time to take the reigns and get back in shape… because the beach is getting closer every day!!

Piz Buin is celebrating its 70th birthday this year, and they’ve put together, on their web page for Piz Buin Sun Finder, all the best sunny destinations around the world :) Help them discover the most beautiful destinations for summer: upload onto the page your personal favourite summer spot, and offer inspiration for all sun lovers from around the world (here you can find the best sunny destinations already uploaded!). In this way, you could become the next Sun Ambassador for Piz Buin (like me!!). Plus, I will also be participating by postinghere my favorite sunny places for holiday, together with the rest of the Piz Buin  sun ambassadors from Spain and Greece.

Prepare yourself for summer by getting back in shape… 

So now that swimsuit season is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take control of our bodies… especially if you over-indulged during the winter months and now are worried about getting into your bikini!! We all know winter is the time for flopping on the sofa, watching films under the duvet… it’s amazing, I know, but now it’s time to kick start your summer fitness routine, because cake, pasta and Easter eggs all end up on our waistlines!! And it’s not impossible to arrive at the seaside and to be able to look in the mirror and think, I look good!! But how??

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