Black Opium Nuit Blanche Yves Saint Laurent: My after hours with YSL


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Black Opium Nuit Blanche Yves Saint Laurent: My after hours with YSL

Black Opium Nuit Blanche Yves Saint Laurent. What happens when the darkness of night meets the pink light of dawn? The neon lights stand out and illuminate the night. While the sky lightens from black to pink, the lights shine, the city comes alive. There are those who are just waking up, and those who are still asleep. And then there are those who have stayed up all night to watch the sun come up. Electrifying! Non-stop! After hours!

I always aim to live life to the full, so this amazing spectacle of light and shadows is something I often see. All you need is a cup of coffee while you’re reclining in a comfy chair, a spritz of perfume to suit the daring mood, with the atmosphere full of electrifying anticipation, and share in the moment of relaxation. Make sure you always live life with determination and glamour!

Black Opium Nuit Blanche Yves Saint Laurent

Tucked in the twilight shadows is where you’ll find the new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, Black Opium Nuit Blanche: a glittering and luminous bottle that perfectly embodies the light after sundown, the pink hues of day that mix with the dark shades of evening. Inside the bottle, there are dynamic and invigorating notes of black coffee, sweet and feminine notes of white flowers and orange blossom, and light fluttery hints of white musk. Black Opium Nuit Blanche is the first perfume to combine the scents of coffee and flowers! It’s a perfume that will get you hooked: after the first drop you won’t be able to live without it!

Here’s my verdict on the new fragrance by YSL, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Nuit Blanche: perfect for daytime, even better for nighttime.

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Get Dressed With a Lipstick: Rouge Pur Couture YSL and 4 Lipsticks for 4 Outfits!


Rossetto rosso

Get Dressed with a Lipstick: Rouge Pur Couture YSL

Red Lipstick. Lipstick should never miss in every woman’s makeup. Why did I say lipstick, I meant lipstickS. Let’s be generous. And never say “No, I don’t use it because I have thin lips” Lipstick is an essential part of our makeup: without lipstick it’d be like forgetting to put shoes on. In other words, without it you’ll feel almost naked. Lipstick is a dress for your lips and it should match the outfit that you’re wearing.

I’m a lipstick lover (I rarely go out without it!) and in this shooting I tried Rouge Pur Couture YSL lipsticks. 4 iconic nuances, revisited in an extra lasting limited edition. The line has more than 38 different couture colors… an actual wardrobe for your lips.

Get dressed with a lipstick: Rouge Pur Couture YSL

4 Lipsticks for 4 Outfits

4 iconic nuances Rouge Pur Couture YSL that I tried:

  • N.1, red. The color of audacity and the the most classic of all lipstick color. Pure and intense. Red suits me just like a dress.
  • N.19, fuchsia, a kind of shocking pink for strong girls. Gorgeous!
  • N.13, orange, great trend. Perfect both with brown and blond hair. A tribute to travel, Orient and mystery.
  • N.70, nude. Strange how we can put on our lips a dress that makes them look naked. Chic, elegant and pure.

What’s your favorite colors? Are you lipstick addicted like me? I can’t wait to read your comments. Enjoy the photos!

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Turning Into The Woman You Want to Be: From the Outfit to the Perfume. Black Opium by YSL


outfit con pantaloni di pelle

Turning Into The Woman You Want to Be. Black Opium by YSL

Turning into the woman you want to be. September is the month of changes: in the same way you change your hairstyle after summer, you change your outfits for fall and your beauty routine to prepare for the first cold, fall is also the right time to change your perfume. To tell the truth , the relationship between each woman and her perfume is different: someone, for example, grow fond of one single fragrance and would use it till the end of time. Well, I find it extremely reductive: the world of perfumes is a huge universe, always full of new ideas and it’s a pity to limit our horizon like this. Since I’ve opened my blog, I’ve “trained my nose” with thousands of different fragrances, learning how to change your perfume according to the message I want to convey, to my outfit, my mood or what I want to do that day. So, if you’re in a romantic mood, you need a delicate and super feminine fragrance, distinctly floral. If you’re going to face a full of expec then you need a stronger scents, possibly with spicy notes. If you feel bold and sexy, if you feel like a queen you need a resolute fragrance, that express our self-confidence, pure rock but feminine and glamour at the same time.

Turning Into The Woman You Want to Be: From the Outfit to the Perfume. Black Opium by YSL

This category of perfumes is perfectly represented by Black Opium, the new fragrance for women by YSL, the first Coffee Floral eau de toilette that contains in the same bottle strong notes like coffee, blackcurrant and musk with super feminine scents like jasmine and neroli. Plus you can smell energizing essences like tangerine or pear. You’ll be addicted after the first drop!

It’s a fragrance for a glamour woman that wants to seduce, that at the same time want to be feminine but determined and confident. You only need some drops of this perfume to get this result? It’s not a magic wand but a fragrance that helps us to enter this mood and to be the woman we want to be. You can be that woman not only with a cool outfit and the perfect makeup but also with the right perfume at the right time.

And today I turned into the woman I wanted to be and that’s it!

perfumeysl black opium

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Little Black Dress, a Touch of Yellow and Our Plans for Summer Vacations on the Way Back from Provence!


little black dress look

Little Black Dress, a Touch of Yellow and Our Plans for Summer Vacations on the Way Back from Provence!

Little black. Woooooow!! I’m on my way back from two wonderful days in Provence with l’Occitane, surrounded by lavender and sunflowers, among picturesque villages and incredible fragrances. Soon, very soon, I’ll tell you all about that: just give me the time of making a (very difficult) selection of the photos we took and to edit the video that we shot… it’ll be great!!

In the meanwhile I’d like to keep you updated about our plans for summer holidays. This year we’ll do all  at the last minute: these last months have been super intense and until few days ago we had no idea when we would have some time to rest and relax a bit! We haven’t decided yet and we don’t know where we’ll end up at last (There’s no need to say that I prefer mountain!).Who knows?! And you, where are you going??

But… today I’ll show you one of my recent outfits with a fluttering dress designed by my friend Maria from the Spanish blog Stella Wants to Die for FeatherPalm. I matched it with two long necklaces that I love because they have pendants made out of vintage Chanel buttons! A touch of color in the shoes and in bag and the look is done! What do you think? Do you like it?

A big hug to my beautiful girls. I’m always looking forward to reading your opinions about the outfit :)


P.S. And if you missed my latest posts… 



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Makeup Summer 2015: Pop Water YSL Beautè, a Wave of Colors and 3 Beauty Looks


Make up summer 2015

Makeup Summer 2015, a Wave of Colors!

Makeup summer 2015. Before starting my blog I wasn’t very keen on changing my daily makeup. Well, let’s say I was quite monotonous. Maybe I was a bit lazy but mostly the reason was inexperience. The fact is my favorite and only makeup was eyeliner + mascara 365 days a year, even in summer of course. Then, as you have seen in my posts about beauty, makeup universe is so wide, fun and especially always new, that it’s impossible not to enjoy experimenting a bit. So my makeup set has become larger and larger, as my makeup options for every season. Now, in summer the makeup I prefer is colorful, pop, fun. When I saw the new makeup collection summer 2015 Pop Water by YSL Beautè I thought they I had read my mind!

Makeup Summer 2015: Pop Water YSL Beautè

Pop Water YSL Beautè perfectly represents my idea of makeup for summer. Matching pop colors, glossy, water shine, a perfect makeup kit made of three products that can be combined to create 10 different total looks.

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