The Biggest Store in the World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires, Milan


The Biggest Store in the World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires Milan

The biggest store in the world. When, on my blog or on Instagram and Facebook, I tell you about the events that I’m attending all around the world, I do it through images. But this time, considering the special occasion, I decided to add a video to the photos, a Vlog that reports all the evening from getting ready in my hotel room: makeup and outfit, to the actual party!

As I was saying, it was a spacial day: the great opening of the biggest store in the world, a new OVS store, in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires! Once inside, you immediately feel the hugeness of the place: a gigantic piano, an actual playground area for kid and a really interesting menswear floor with a fitness clothing section and one with Studio Vincenzo De Cotiis Architets. You feel inside an international store, the space is super luminous and well organized (following the most innovative concepts of sustainability like the decrease of 30% in energy consumption and 40% in water consumption).

The Biggest Store in The World: OVS Corso Buenos Aires. Come with Me in the Backstage of the Party!

The store is extremely innovative, with some mind-blowing details. For instance: two virtual fitting rooms, Magic Fitting Room: instead of a mirror you find a huge interactive big screen. Through the cameras inside the fitting room you can see yourself from every angle while you’re trying some clothes (pure genius!) and if the size is wrong you just need to tap the touchscreen and a shop assistant will bring you the right size inside the fitting room so you don’t have to take your clothes back on… super convenient! Kids have a magic fitting room too; inside it they can live a wonderful adventure into the depth of the ocean or high up in the space… and they can even take a selfie! Both for children and adults (as you’ll see in the video) there’s a platform called Play Your Look where you can make you outfit play some music! It’s real fun!!! You’ll see it! ;) To be continued after a break…

OVS event outfit (1)

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Summer Holidays in the Mountains: the Video That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Mountain in Summer!


Summer Holidays in the Mountains

After talking about my three weeks of SPA&TREKKING holidays in THIS post, THIS post and THIS post, today I’ll show you the video of the backstage of my trip and you’ll find an Ire that you’ve never seen before:))))))

Summer Holidays on the Mountains: the Video That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Mountain in Summer!

This is what you’re going to see in the video:

  • A lumberjack version of Irene on different hiking trails… even when she was exhausted!(Walking for hours and hours… and more hours!)
  • Spectacular mountain tops: feeling freedom on my skin.
  • Extreme games: the Zip Lane jumping from the mountain top hanging on a suspended steel cable (OMG!), coming down a slope with go-karts, the alpine coaster and many more.
  • All the wonderful hotels that we chose for our trip: from the private sauna to the hot tub under the stars.

Summer Holidays 2015 part 1

Summer Holidays 2015 part 2 

Summer Holidays part 3. Don’t miss it!

Last summer holidays: what I did last year

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100 Questions You Never Dared to Ask in a Summer Evening: New Video! #ireneCClosetTV


100 Questions You Never Dared to Ask in a Summer Evening

100 questions you never dared to ask. When you’re on holiday (just a weekend out, in our case), and you have nothing to do, you’re feeling pleasantly bored and suddenly you come out with crazy ideas. That’s exactly what happened to us! And the result is this video filmed with my Giova. 100 questions that no one has ever dared to ask, 100 very deep and clever questions… Ahahah, I’m kidding!!!! They’re 100 terrible questions and we did it just to have some fun and spend some playful time together… because summer is all about having a good time! So enjoy this video! :D

100 Questions You Never Dared to Ask in a Summer Evening: new video! #ireneCClosetTV

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100 domande che non hai mai osato fare

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Travel in Provence with L’Occitane: Lavender, Beauty, and Pictoresque Villages


Travel in Provence with L’Occitane

Travel in Provence. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’d know everything about my latest exciting trip in the wonderful and authentic Provence, in the south of France. L’Occitane guides me in the discovery of this amazing land that offers precious natural treasures, fundamental ingredients for our beauty.

Travel in Provence: hot-air balloon, lavender and Provençal villages!

L’Occitane welcomed us in the best possible way at Le Couvent Des Minimes hotel – SPA , an incredible hotel surrounded by the nature of Provence. Apart from the design of the rooms and of the whole facility, the best part is the SPA by L’Occitane, where beauty therapists give you advice on the best face and body treatments, choosing the most appropriate products to your personal needs. Giova and I enjoyed a treatment for couples of 1 and a half hour, for the face and the body. They recommended me products from Immortelle Precieuse (Anti-Aging and prevention line) and Angelica (Hydration and Vitality) that you’ll see in my video report.

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PH. Giorgio Leone for Think Visual

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Homemade Ravioli Recipe: Irene in the Kitchen! Heeeelp! #ireneCClosetTV


Homemade Ravioli Recipe: Irene in the Kitchen!

Homemade ravioli. Hello my dear friends!! During our staying at “Il Ciocco” in the heart of my Tuscany I definitely put myself to the test. You know that I LOVE FOOD, eating and discovering new places where you can eat good local specialties when I’m travelling. A different thing is cooking: I like cooking, but, since I haven’t got much time I can’t practice it! Because of our jobs we hardly ever eat at home and when we do the menu is: salad, take away, a quick plate of pasta or a steak. To be honest, my culinary skills are extremely basic! So I jumped at the chance when Simone, the chef of Il Ciocco,  gave me a proper cooking lesson. We couldn’t stop laughing! Just chopping the vegetables into small pieces of the same size was a big deal for me: it took me half an hour . Another problem was that my arm were too weak to knead the dough! But, believe me ladies, with only a little help, the result has been amazing and you can see it this video.

So, today, you’ll see my cooking attempts and the recipe of handmade stuffed pasta… that seems a nightmare but is actually quite easy and incredibly tasty! Of course… it was so good ’cause we buy all the ingredients at the local market ;)))

Homemade Ravioli Recipe: Irene in the Kitchen with the Chef! Help!! #ireneCClosetTV

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Natural and bright makeup tutorial!

My morning routine: from alarm to makeup and creating the outfit!

My video report from Expo

Video diary from the Guadeloupe Islands.


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