Cocktail Dress… or Beach Dress? Grande-Terre – Guadeloupe Islands #2/4

Cocktail dress

Cocktail Dress… or Beach Dress? Grande – Terre and Dinner on the Beach!

Cocktail dress. Our second day on the Guadeloupe Islands was completely dedicated to the discovery of Grand Terre and its most stunning landscapes:

Pointe des Châteaux in Saint François: absolutely worth a visit because it’ll make you feel extremely small facing the majesty of the ocean;

Portes d’Enfer: between two big cliffs, it’s one of the symbols of the Guadeloupe Islands;

Pointe de la Grande Vigie: in this spot of Grand Terre you can defy the incredible height of the coast.

Once on Grande – Terre it’s impossible not to take a walk through the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre, the biggest town of the Guadeloupe Islands. The colorful market must not to be missed: spices, tropical fruits, fish and much more in a triumph of colors and fragrances (I bought vanilla beans, rum, cocoa paste, coffee… all of eccellent quality!). We also had the chance (and it’s been an honor) to have a preview of the Mémorial ACTe (that will be open to the public from July), a museum, but even more than that (I’ll call it a memorial center of knowledge and life) dedicated to slavery and slave trade all around the world, but in particular their role in the history of Guadeloupe and the Caribbean Islands. Here you can find permanent and temporary exhibitions, convention centers, a panoramic garden, spaces for events, restaurants, libraries and media centers in an imposing structure placed in a strategic location. Beyond any doubt, it will become the symbol of Guadeloupe and I suggest you to go and see it after its opening.

Lunch at Port Louis “Le Poisson d’Or” with a side of mustard and banana sauce, or at  the Yacht Club in Pointe-à-Pitre or maybe at the Auberge de la Vielle Tour (one of the best hotels on the island,we stayed there before going back to Italy).

Finally a refreshing dip on  one of the many beaches of Grande – Terre, such as Anse du Souffleur Beach in Port Louis, that faces the Caribbean Sea and then… we’re ready to have dinner on the beach ;)

Cocktail Dress… or Beach Dress? Beachwear all day long

But now, let’s talk about fashion… For a lighter and smarter suitcase, do you think  it would be possible to wear the same dress from morning till night? I’d say yes, and that’s what happens in Guadeloupe! A long pastel-colored dress by Accessorize Beachwear (Find it HERE), some blue sky colored accessories: some bracelets  (Find them HERE) and a necklace (Find it HERE). A pair of sneakers and a backpack for daytime and a clutch with fringes for the night (Find it HERE). What about shoes? No shoes, of course, if you’re having dinner on the beach!  I don’t wanna leave this place!!

See you tomorrow for a whole new adventure!

irene colzi

necklace accessorize

Cocktail dress

bag accessorize


Cocktail dress

dress accesorize

Cocktail outfits

cocoterie guadaloupe

“Pointe des Châteaux in Saint François”

summer 2015 travelsea 2015summer 2015 travelguadeloupe sea guadeloupeguadeloupebeach guadeloupeguadeloupe beaches

“Typical coconut sorbet in Pointe des Châteaux”

coconut sorbet

“Tuna steak at Yacht Club Pointe-à-Pitre”

Tuna steak

“Anse du Souffleur in Port Louis”

seaside guadeloupesunset guadeloupe

“Market of Pointe-à-Pitre”

point-a-pitre market guadeloupe food guadeloupe fishguadeloupe music

“Mémorial ACTe” (soon a video preview of the interiors!)

memorial acte memorial acte guadeloupe memorial acte point a pitre

“Portes d’Enfer”

guadeloupe sea

“Pointe de la Grande Vigie”

cliff guadeloupe panorama guadalupe

“Lunchtime at Le Poisson d’Or”

le poisson d'or restaurant cibo guadalupe


 (with a lot of useful tips!)

I was wearing:

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15 thoughts on “Cocktail Dress… or Beach Dress? Grande-Terre – Guadeloupe Islands #2/4

  1. Mi piacciono molto queste foto e le cose di Accessorize sono sempre belle, il maxi abito è un jolly per le vacanze, io le valigie con la bambina le devo ottimizzare per forza

  2. Foto spettacolari, paesaggi mozzafiato!
    Sarebbe un sogno poter viaggiare come te!
    Continua così, se i bellissima e ti seguo sempre :*

  3. Ciao Ire! cavolo quante foto meravigliose! non sai qunato ti invidio per essere stata in Guadalupe! E’ un posto in cui ho sempre desiderato andare!

    Inoltre volevo dirti che sono in Erasmus in Austria da qualche mese, e ho sfruttato tantissimo i tuoi consigli sui luoghi da visitare!
    Sono andata ad Aqua Dome con il mio ragazzo, è stato magnifico! Senza il tuo post non ne avrei mai conosciuto l’esistenza, ma soprattutto l’hai recensito in un modo a dir poco perfetto!

    Un abbraccio,

    P.s. Se ti va di leggere di qualche mia avventura qui in Austria, questo è il mio blog!

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