How to dress for Halloween: ideas for women! My look!


costume per halloween come vestirsi per halloween (2)

How to dress for Halloween. It’s time for a general rehearsal for Halloween ladies!! Have you already decided what you’ll be doing? Where you’ll be going? Will you be celebrating it or is Halloween not really your thing? For me, it has become a tradition I share with my friends. Ever since we’ve known each other, which has been quite a while now, Halloween has been the evening where we reunite and get in the spirit: tables laden with pumpkins and little ghosts, and little finger food shaped like zombies or vampires. And let’s not forget the costumes. We often went with couple’s costumes: the epic Vampire and Vampiress for Giova and I a few years ago or Devil and Angel. And this year??

How to dress for Halloween: ideas for women! My look!

Let’s begin with this year’s general rehearsal! After sharing my table adorned with pumpkins and skulls with you on Instagram (I’m posting it here too because I love it that much!), the moment has come to talk costumes! I accepted the #VegaooChallenge, the challenge set out by Vegaoo (an eCommerce dedicated to party decorations, costumes and accessories that I also used to find the decorations for my nephew Luca’s birthday in June!). In what did the challenge consist?? Finding the perfect costume for Halloween! I went with the Mexican theme of Dia de los Muertos. What do you think?? Along with the pictures you’ll find all the links to replicate my look and to browse through all the awesome Halloween costumes (here’s a personal tip: don’t miss the section dedicated to Christmas and New Year’s Eve!).


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OVS Fashion Message: this season I’ll be your virtual style consultant in all OVS stores!



OVS Fashion Message: this season I’ll be your virtual style consultant in all OVS stores!

OVS Fashion Message. When I told you a week ago on Snapchat about my new collaboration with OVS, I was so excited. And I’ll tell you why. Those of you who have been following me for a while know it: OVS was one of the first brands I collaborated with. It was 2010 and only a few months after I opened my blog when Scott Shuman shot me for the OVS fall-winter 2010-2011 campaign (HERE if you’re curious to know more). Over the past few years we have collaborated together on many projects, one more exciting than the next: the one related to Expo (that was incredible!), to the opening of the biggest OVS store in the world to the OVS Arts of Italy to list only a few.

The project we are announcing today is on a whole other level: it’s pure innovation, in my opinion. Today is the start of the OVS Fashion Message for which I’ll be your Digital Personal Stylist: I’ll be the one to give you style tips while you shop at OVS!! Okay, okay, don’t worry! Let’s start from the beginning and let me explain what I’m talking about and how it works!

OVS Fashion Message: here’s what it’s all about 

If you have the OVS APP (if you don’t have it yet, download it on the App Store or on Android!) and you find yourself near or inside an OVS store in Italy, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone… from me!!! In these notifications you’ll find some of my never before seen looks wearing OVS pieces available in stores at that moment that you’ll be able to purchase in real time, and you’ll also find style capsules on pairings and trends present in the store.

While you’re shopping I’ll be there virtually to give you a few style tips on what you’ll see in stores… I find it awesome to say the least! Aside from my tips, you’ll also receive news on promotions, prices and personalized digital coupons that you can use by simply passing your smartphone at the cash.

All you have left to do is try it.. and let me know what you think about my looks and style tips you’ll receive on your cell phone while you’re shopping at OVS!

The look in this post is a 100% OVS look that I put together to inaugurate this collaboration: a 70’s-inspired look that.. Well, all you have to do is download the OVS app, head over to an OVS store and read my style tips in real time.. I’ll be with you until February! :))

Happy shopping!


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A Tutto Stile! by Irene Colzi: my first book, published by Mondadori!


a tutto stile irene colzi | libro irene colzi

A Tutto Stile! by Irene Colzi: my first book, published by Mondadori!

A Tutto Stile!. I still have to realize that I can finally write this for real: I wrote a book. And it’s not just any book. “A Tutto Stile! » published by Mondadori and available in bookstores throughout Italy as of September 13th. My book. A crazy year, with crazy amounts of work. A year of “I can’t do it!” followed by a series of “Yes, I can do it, come on!”. A year in which I gave everything I had to give: a year rich with enthusiasm, hysterical fits, ideas, ups and downs and juggling things better than the best juggler.

It was a year of chapters written in planes, trains, cruise ships, hotel rooms, in the Caribbean, in Asia, in Europe, at the sea and in the mountains, during the night, the day or early in the morning. Writing a book isn’t easy; it’s a real challenge I had with myself. When I met with the Mondadori team for the first time just over a year ago, I really did think to myself that I would never be able to summarize my ideas and write them all down on paper. I saw it as an insurmountable challenge, especially with the frenetic life I lead.


A Tutto Stile! by Irene Colzi, coming to bookstores near you on September 13th!

Writing a book means taking a step back from the world: only by isolating oneself from everything is it possible to put one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions down on paper as vividly as they appear in your mind. And for a multi-tasker such as myself, always on the go, it wasn’t easy. I learnt to do it, week after week, month after month, and it wasn’t long before the hours spent writing flew by without me even realizing it. Even the pictures in this book are special to me: the unpublished pictures you’ll find inside, as well as the cover, were taken by Giova and thought out entirely by ourselves: a book that was 100% created by me, which is something I’m very proud of. Seeing the complete product today gives me a huge sense of joy! “A Tutto Stile!”, published by Mondadori is my first book. I still can’t believe I actually wrote it! :)

“A tutto Stile!” is a 200 page book focused on who I am now and who I was before you got to know me on the web, and everything I know about style. In this book I’m opening up like never before and featuring all the fashion we love, the accessible kind with a few hints of reasoned madness. The fashion that makes us special. The spine of the book makes this resonate, and is a great preview of what my book is about.


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The guide to the 2016 sales: they’re about to start!


quando iniziano i saldi estiviThe guide to the 2016 sales: they’re about to start!

The guide to the 2016 sales. Tell me the truth, for how many weeks (months?) have you been asking “when do the sales start?“. Well, I can officially announce that the 2016 sales are about to commence and so it’s time to put aside some cash specifically for sale shopping. Yes, because the error that we often make is to spend too much of our shopping budget at the beginning of the season and not hold onto a single penny for the best part of the season: the sales! Have you been a bit better this year? Have you already prepared for this? Great, so what are we waiting for? Here’s my guide to the 2016 sales!

The guide to the 2016 sales: here’s what to buy this year!

Let’s start off with the most useful information. Here are the official dates for when the 2016 sales start (but look out for individual shops that might start their sales sooner!)

Saturday 2 July 2016

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Liguria

Monday 4 July 2016

  • Toscana

Tuesday 5 July 2016

  • Lazio
  • Piemonte
  • Veneto

Wednesday 6 July 2016

  • Lombardia ( Milano the 5th )
  • Sardegna

Thursday 7 July 2016

  • Abruzzo
  • Basilicata
  • Calabria
  • Campania ( Napoli the 2nd )
  • Emilia Romagna
  • Marche
  • Molise
  • Puglie
  • Sicilia
  • Umbria
  • Valle d’Aosta

Before we explore which items we should be looking for in the sales, a little foreword. There is a strategy for sale shopping – a proper plan of action for making the most of your time and not missing any opportunities… THE PLAN OF ATTACK FOR SALES – read it here! Have a read before you set off! :)

Here’s a practical list of what to look for in the sales this year :)


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How to use Snapchat: all the basic steps for how to use this app plus a few tricks that you might not know of!


snapchat irene colzi

My Snapchat è IreneColzi, follow me!


How to use Snapchat: all the basic steps for how to use this app, plus a few tricks that you might not know of!

How to use Snapchat. The Snapchat obsession, the most popular social network of the moment that I absolutely love! Let’s start off with ‘what is Snapchat?’. The most famous little ghost at the moment :D Snapchat is an app (available for both iPhone and Android), that allows users to take a photo or a short video which automatically self-destructs after 24 hours.

Where can you download Snapchat from?‘. Snapchat can be dowloaded like all other apps from the Apple Store or Google Play, and once it is installed you can create your account by clicking on the button on the bottom of the screen.

How to use Snapchat: it’ time to send your first video and little message – the infamous ‘snap’!

snapchat come si usa

Sign up to Snapchat. Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose the username you want to use on Snapchat and verify your identity by typing in your mobile number. After having put in your number, press the confirm button, and choose whether you want to receive the confirmation code to activate your account either via SMS or voicemail.

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