TOUCHE ECLAT LE TEINT, SLOGAN EDITION: I tried them out and here’s the result!


Irene Colzi

Touche Eclat Le Teint, the Slogan Edition: I tried them out and here is the result!

Touche Eclat Le Teint, the Slogan Edition. Have you ever asked yourself what is or are the beauty product(s) you simply couldn’t live without? Which are the absolute essentials in your make up bag? I personally have no doubts about which products are my all time favourites. For me, they are the products that create the base of my make up: products that give me flawless, radiant and smooth skin. No, don’t think this is impossible! Once you know what you want from your foundation, all you have to do is hunt for the perfect base make up.

During my last adventure with YSL beauty in Paris, as I’m sure you will have seen on my Snapchat (irenecolzi), I was lucky enough to try out all the new beauty products from the 2016 YSL make up range, including the gorgeous foundations.

The latest product that I tried (and that you can see me wearing in these photos) is the new Touche Eclat Le Teint, the new foundation by YSL, which promises the same dewy, luminous glow as the Touce Eclat, giving your skin the appearance of having had 8 hours of sleep, thanks to its clever wake-me-up luminous particles. It’s perfect for hiding any imperfections, is long-lasting, has a beautifully light texture, and contains SPF to protect your delicate skin.

Touche Eclat Le Teint, the Slogan Edition: what did I think?

What did I think having tried the new products? I was amazed at what impeccable coverage the foundation gives in such small quantities, and I loved how light and un-cakey it felt and on my skin (and this comes from a girl who is prone to spots, redness and has very sensitive skin). Thanks to it’s golden reflective particles, vitamins and hydrating effect, this foundation really does give your skin the most beautiful, healthy and luminous glow… even if in reality you only had a couple of hours sleep or are mega-stressed by daily life!

The finishing touch is a little bit of Touche Eclat Slogan edition, the new “magic pen” by YSL beauty that highlights and brightens the strategic points of your face, along with a touch of rock and roll with the phrase that comes with it. My favourite slogan is “No Need to sleep!”, which I say often! What about you? What sort of woman are you? Apply the Touche Eclat under the arch of your eyebrow, down the sides and corners of your nose, above your upper lip, on dark under-eye circles and on your cheekbones for a super easy contouring effect! Radiant skin even if you’ve had no sleep! Here are all the photos, what do you think of the result?

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A colourful dress and a bit of fringing here and there for a rainy day


abito colorato con frange

A colourful dress and a bit of fringing here and there for a rainy day

A colourful dress. Hi ladies!! I’m writing to you live from Milan Fashion Week where I’m having a super intense but amazing week dashing about between catwalk shows, presentations, work appointments, shoots, filming for Detto Fatto… have I forgotten anything?! Eeheheh!! Catch all the live action on my Instagram @ireneCCloset and on my Snapchat (Find me under the name Irene Colzi).

A colourful dress and a bit of fringing here and there for a rainy day

Today here on the blog I’d like to show you one of my outfits that I wore in Milan a few days ago: I love this look because it’s extremely comfortable for day, without being too casual. I wore this colourful dress with a touch of fringing and a pair of chunky brogues: the perfect look for a rainy day here in Milan! What do you think? As always at the end of this post you can find the brands I’m wearing! Big kiss to you all! :)

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Androgynous fashion: how to recreate the perfect masculine style… while still looking super feminine!


masculine style

Androgynous fashion: How to create the perfect masculine style… while still looking super feminine!

Androgynous fashion. During my most recent episode of Detto Fatto (watch it HERE!) we discussed how women can try out a masculine look, with unequivocally feminine elements that make the look super sexy. Given that this topic is particularly popular, today I’m delving further into the theme of masculinity in female fashion, and giving you some more ideas for how to create the perfect androgynous look ;)

Androgynous fashion: how to recreate the perfect masculine style while still looking super feminine!


When we think of androgynous or masculine style, we assume we can just steal garments from our man’s wardrobe. Yes, for certain items of clothing this is true. But for this typically androgynous look, which is largely inspired by masculine style combined with little feminine touches, simply dressing entirely in men’s clothes risks being a bit over the top or could make you look slovenly. So the risk is that you could end up looking like you accidentally fell into a man’s wardrobe by mistake. Instead, our aim is to create an androgynous look that is fundamentally masculine in its essence, but at the same time remains feminine and on trend. Therefore what I recommend that you nick from your boyfriend/husband/brother’s wardrobe include collared shirts (providing it’s not ten sizes too big for you – risk of looking ridiculous), ties, braces, silk pocket squares, fedora or trilby hats, reading glasses and any other masculine accessories that you can think of.

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Natural-looking nude make up: Sephora kindly gave me a wonderful free makeover that took just 15 minutes!


sephora make up nude

Natural-looking nude make up: Sephora kindly gave me a wonderful free makeover that took just 15 minutes!

Nude make up. Have you discovered NUDE make up yet? It’s essentially very natural-looking make up, that looks almost invisible but enhances the features of your face and compliments your natural skin tone without weighing your skin down with heavy products. It’s a very sophisticated and elegant kind of make up that’s perfect for wearing in the day or for when you wan to look well-rested and have bright, perky skin. It’s also a great, luminous look for evening. I had the pleasure of trying out this gorgeous make up for free in the hands of the expert make up artists at the Sephora store in via Martelli in Florence (this is a free service offered by Sephora, available in all their Italian stores, even without a scheduled appointment).

The first step is to choose between three different types of make up from the Sephora Nude range: Glowy, Bronze and Glamour – I chose Glamour! This make up really makes your eyes stand out, gives a luminous sheen to your lips, and gives you the most gorgeously radiant, dewy skin… Here’s the step-by-step account of my beautiful Nude make up!

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Clarins Spring 2016: My make up tutorial video in Barcelona, plus… win my make up!



Clarins Spring 2016: My make up tutorial video Barcelona, plus.. win my make up!

Clarins Spring 2016. It’s been almost a year since I started filming these tutorial videos, from when we started this big project together with Clarins. Take bloggers from all over the world (I was chosen to be the representative for Italy, and I’m incredibly happy and honoured!), and take them to a lively, vibrant city – Barcelona. Add in some easy-to-use products, which are very colourful but completely natural, and there you have the new Spring 2016 collection by Clarins. The array of products is beautifully appealing, enjoyable, and super exciting…

Clarins Spring 2016: My make up tutorial for a glowing look!

But let’s start from the beginning!! The first thing I want to show you is my first video tutorial with my favourite products from the Clarins Spring 2016 collection that we shot last spring in Barcelona :)

Find the video tutorial below or click HERE

The goal? To create RADIANT MAKE UP that is, first and foremost, SIMPLE to achieve! And here it is!

(Make sure you check out the video description to see all the products I used and to find more videos…)

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