PAILLETTES: come indossare le paillettes anche dopo Capodanno!


PAILLETTES: come indossare le paillettes anche dopo Capodanno!

PAILLETTES: come indossare le paillettes anche dopo Capodanno! Ciao ragazze, sono finite le feste e stiamo per tornare alla nostra vita di sempre, quindi questo significa per voi appendere al chiodo pizzi, tulle e lamè, ma specialmente rinchiudere i vostri meravigliosi capi di paillettes nell’armadio, pronti per essere utilizzati il prossimo Capodanno…SBAGLIATO!!!! Vi scrivo questo articolo proprio per suggerirvi qualche idea per indossare le paillettes anche dopo Capodanno!

A volte non è necessariamente obbligatorio indossare un capo eccentrico solo in occasioni particolari e speciali come la festa dell’ultimo dell’anno! Vediamo qualche outfit insieme:

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How to dress for Halloween: ideas for women! My look!


costume per halloween come vestirsi per halloween (2)

How to dress for Halloween. It’s time for a general rehearsal for Halloween ladies!! Have you already decided what you’ll be doing? Where you’ll be going? Will you be celebrating it or is Halloween not really your thing? For me, it has become a tradition I share with my friends. Ever since we’ve known each other, which has been quite a while now, Halloween has been the evening where we reunite and get in the spirit: tables laden with pumpkins and little ghosts, and little finger food shaped like zombies or vampires. And let’s not forget the costumes. We often went with couple’s costumes: the epic Vampire and Vampiress for Giova and I a few years ago or Devil and Angel. And this year??

How to dress for Halloween: ideas for women! My look!

Let’s begin with this year’s general rehearsal! After sharing my table adorned with pumpkins and skulls with you on Instagram (I’m posting it here too because I love it that much!), the moment has come to talk costumes! I accepted the #VegaooChallenge, the challenge set out by Vegaoo (an eCommerce dedicated to party decorations, costumes and accessories that I also used to find the decorations for my nephew Luca’s birthday in June!). In what did the challenge consist?? Finding the perfect costume for Halloween! I went with the Mexican theme of Dia de los Muertos. What do you think?? Along with the pictures you’ll find all the links to replicate my look and to browse through all the awesome Halloween costumes (here’s a personal tip: don’t miss the section dedicated to Christmas and New Year’s Eve!).


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How to wear military green: military green look ideas taking you from day to night!


come indossare una giacca verde militare

How to wear military green

How to wear military green. Military green was elected one of the ugliest colours in the world (we’re referring to colour Pantone 448 in particular, a mix between green and brown..). Yet it’s quite in style, and if paired with the right colours, it can also be very chic and help you transition stylishly from day to night. You need to take the just precautions to find the best pairings. I prepared a gallery with 10 military green looks that you can take inspiration from and copy, each one more beautiful than the next. In the meantime, here are some ideas on how to wear military green.


How to wear military green: military green look ideas taking you from day to night!

– WITH BLACK: The most frequent pairing is most probably with black. Try pairing a military green blouse with a black leather mini skirt, black accessories and booties.
– GREEN ON GREEN: another chic look, especially if you choose to add brightening accessories or tone on tone sequin detailing, is the green on green pairing. If you’re not too sure about this look, break it up with a few hints of black.
– WITH BROWN / LEATHER: a chic pairing that sees military green paired with brown, whether a leathery shade or a darker one.
– WITH WHITE: Pairing a military green piece (a pair of pants, a skirt or a parka) with white is always a great idea!


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Personalizing your jeans: ideas to customize your denim at home!


personalizzare il jeans

Personalizing your jeans!

Personalizing your jeans.  Now more than ever before the words PERSONALIZE or CUSTOMIZE have become part of our vocabulary. Differentiating oneself is at the frontier of fashion, and it’s all about not conforming and having pieces in your closet that are not only unique but that help you affirm your uniqueness and distinguish yourself. This is how the trend of personalizing clothing was born, especially with denim. Why personalize your jeans? Because with jeans you have free reign, because jeans are easy to personalize, because it’s rather frequent to have a few extra pairs in your closet and therefore you aren’t taking that big of a risk personalizing and working on them.. Isn’t that true? To follow the latest trends in denim, I gathered some pictures – examples of the season’s coolest pieces, that you can easily recreate at home with a little bit of manual work. What do you need? Fabric glue, pens for fabric, patches, pieces of cloth, little pearls, sequins.. and a lot of creativity!

Personalizing your jeans: ideas to customize your denim at home!

Need more specific ideas as to how to personalize your jeans?
– WRITE YOUR NAME OR A QUOTE ON THE BACK: with an indelible fabric marker.
– LOOK FOR THE COOLEST PATCHES AT THE FLEE MARKET: and create something on the sleeves, chest or back.. or on the leg of the pants! Don’t be afraid to use them abundantly!
– OPT FOR LITTLE PEARLS AND SEQUINS: this is a bit more complicated given that these need to be sewn on, but the result is beautiful!
– SCRAPS OF FABRIC (EVEN DENIM ON DENIM): cut scraps of colourful fabric from old clothing you no longer wear or from different coloured jeans and create a patchwork on your pants or jean jacket ;)


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