come abbinare le scarpe da ginnastica nei look

How to wear sneakers with NON-sporty looks!

How to wear sneakers. At any age, and please correct me if I’m wrong, sneakers are, by far, the most comfortable shoes we have in our closets. If, up until a few years ago, sneakers weren’t much more than shoes to wear to the gym after decades of absolute splendour between the 80’s and the 90’s, in the past years they’ve made a comeback as footwear to wear even during the day, with non-sporty and happy hour appropriate looks. Yes, because sneakers are perfect to create casual chic looks that take you from day to night. Don’t believe me? Do you still have doubts on how to pair sneakers with non-sporty looks? 

How to wear sneakers with non-sporty looks, from day to night: look ideas for you!

Before showing you the big inspiration gallery I put together for your looks, here are my 3 favourite pairings. How to wear sneakers with non-sporty and happy hour appropriate looks. Try it and let me know:)

– WHITE SNEAKERS WITH A BLACK TUBE DRESS: pair white sneakers with a black tube dress, diva glasses and an elegant purse. So chic!

– CONVERSE WITH A LONG SKIRT: very casual yet very feminine. A pairing loved especially by young girls!

– SNEAKERS WITH A TUBE SKIRT+ LONG COAT: perfect for winter.. I’m warning you though, without tights!

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A Tutto Stile! by Irene Colzi: my first book, published by Mondadori!


a tutto stile irene colzi | libro irene colzi

A Tutto Stile! by Irene Colzi: my first book, published by Mondadori!

A Tutto Stile!. I still have to realize that I can finally write this for real: I wrote a book. And it’s not just any book. “A Tutto Stile! » published by Mondadori and available in bookstores throughout Italy as of September 13th. My book. A crazy year, with crazy amounts of work. A year of “I can’t do it!” followed by a series of “Yes, I can do it, come on!”. A year in which I gave everything I had to give: a year rich with enthusiasm, hysterical fits, ideas, ups and downs and juggling things better than the best juggler.

It was a year of chapters written in planes, trains, cruise ships, hotel rooms, in the Caribbean, in Asia, in Europe, at the sea and in the mountains, during the night, the day or early in the morning. Writing a book isn’t easy; it’s a real challenge I had with myself. When I met with the Mondadori team for the first time just over a year ago, I really did think to myself that I would never be able to summarize my ideas and write them all down on paper. I saw it as an insurmountable challenge, especially with the frenetic life I lead.


A Tutto Stile! by Irene Colzi, coming to bookstores near you on September 13th!

Writing a book means taking a step back from the world: only by isolating oneself from everything is it possible to put one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions down on paper as vividly as they appear in your mind. And for a multi-tasker such as myself, always on the go, it wasn’t easy. I learnt to do it, week after week, month after month, and it wasn’t long before the hours spent writing flew by without me even realizing it. Even the pictures in this book are special to me: the unpublished pictures you’ll find inside, as well as the cover, were taken by Giova and thought out entirely by ourselves: a book that was 100% created by me, which is something I’m very proud of. Seeing the complete product today gives me a huge sense of joy! “A Tutto Stile!”, published by Mondadori is my first book. I still can’t believe I actually wrote it! :)

“A tutto Stile!” is a 200 page book focused on who I am now and who I was before you got to know me on the web, and everything I know about style. In this book I’m opening up like never before and featuring all the fashion we love, the accessible kind with a few hints of reasoned madness. The fashion that makes us special. The spine of the book makes this resonate, and is a great preview of what my book is about.


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White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!



White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!

White dress. Summer = white. We have already talked about white jeans that are a constant trend for the summer. Yes, white is the color par excellence for summer! It’s as elegant as black and is fresh, bubbly, positive, and calm. Basically, you understand that I love white :D

White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!

So the item that absolutely can not be missing from our wardrobe for summer is a white dress (or a beautiful collection of white dresses :D).

  • A white dress is chic for the beach, especially if worn with straw accessories and colorful swimsuits
  • A lacy white dress is summery and sensual: it looks great with leather accessories for the day or in black for the evening
  • A white dress is the black of the evening: it is elegant, especially worn with metal or gold accessories
  • Dare to go for a total look in white: white dress (Even with a blazer for the evening), sandals and white sunglasses
  • Here is a bit of inspiration for some different ways to wear your white clothes :)



IMAGE SOURCE via pinterest
IMAGE SOURCE via pinterest
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Exercise on the beach: sport and exercises to do on holiday to return home in great shape!


 schiena donna

Exercise on the beach: sport and exercises to do on holiday to return home in great shape!

Exercise on the beach. When you’re on holiday, at seaside, in the mountains or in the hills… not only is this not an excuse to return to the city out of shape and weighing lots but it’s also a great excuse to work out while having fun, without even realizing it and go home in perfect shape !

Exercise on the beach: sport and exercises to do on holiday to return home in great shape!


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Espadrilles in the city!


spadrillasEspadrilles in the city!

Espadrilles in the city. Espadrilles are flat shoes (But that can also be reinvented with a high or medium wedge) made from canvas or cotton with the sole made from jute rope. Born in Spain the Espadrilles have become popular around the world, not only for the beach but also for the city. Comfortable and extremely casual (But most importantly very trendy!), they often divide men’s opinions when we wear them in the city: Can they be worn in town? Or just at the beach? Which style do you prefer? And how do you wear them? The answers to all these questions can be found in this post!

Espadrilles in the city: how to wear the best summer shoes!

Espadrilles in the city? Or only on the beach?

Espadrilles on the beach are absolutely perfect, comfortable and casual. But for the city? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the model you choose: the typical flat espadrille, slip on style, with smooth and colorful fabric is definitely not recommended in cities and is better for the beach.

Which style of espadrilles is the most suitable?

And for the city? The classic flat model in slip on style, that is perfect for the beach, but for the city becomes a bit more structured. The material is a little more durable, the sole is more hard-wearing, they might have embellishments and the fabric covers your entire foot. Perfect for evenings in the city are… espadrilles with wedges. They are elegant and always in fashion!

But how to you wear espadrilles?

Here are some ideas for outfit ideas with espadrilles


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