Video Tutorial Makeup for Fall: Purple Lipstick and Gold Eyeshadow! #ireneCClosetTV


Video Tutorial Makeup for Fall: Purple Lipstick and Gold Eyeshadow!

Tutorial makeup for fall. Today it’s time for a new video tutorial!!! I thought to show you a new makeup that I’m using these fall days and that I really like because it’s protaganists are purple lips! Purple lipstick is a great makeup trend for this season. And what about eyes? Colors of autumn beetween gold and pulple. Here’s the video tutorial makeup for fall  where I’ll show you every single step to realize it! Below the list of the products tha I used. Enjoy the video! <3

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Skirts Winter 2015-2016: Longuette Skirt With Front Slit… God Bless the 70s!


irene colzi

Skirts Winter 2015-2016: Longuette Skirt With Front Slit… God Bless the 70s!

Skirts Winter 2015-2016.  By now you should know that I love longuette skirts. They’re my favorite because they cover some skin but they’re really feminine and sensual, enhancing your curves. Among all the skirts for Winter 2015 2016, there’s one that is super trendy right now: longuette skirt with side or front slit. It’s super sexy! In this outfit I decided to wear a dark orange, almost tobacco skirt with a skinny waist belt and a bow shirt that come directly from the 70’s. An extra touch of style with a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses, to make the look a little less formal. What do you think about this outfit? I’m curious to read your opinions. I send you a big hug, girls!

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Ponytail Hairstyles: 6 Brilliant Ideas!


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Ponytail Hairstyles: 6 Brilliant Ideas!

Ponytail Hairstyles. As you know, since I have very long hair I often like to wear ponytail. Generally I prefer low ponytail but I must admit it starts to be a bit boring. To tell the truth, if you have long (or medium) hair, you can’t say no to a ponytail, it’s too convenient. But who says that all ponytail must be boring? They can be amazing! So I worked for you and I find these ideas for GORGEOUS ponytail hairstyles.They’re super easy to do (only few steps) and you can do one every day even if you are in a rush. Which is your favorite ponytail?

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Scarves for Winter: A Day in the Paradise of Made in Italy With Smart Prices. ErmesOutfit!


winter scarves.  2016 (14)

Scarves for Winter: A Day in the Paradise of Made in Italy With Smart Prices. ErmesOutfit

Scarves for winter. In the film/book “I love shopping” (and we all know very well), there’s a “girl with a green scarf”, that girl that will be remembered for her peculiar green scarf. I felt exactly like her, when a couple of days ago, I found myself, surrounded by hundreds of wonderful scarves by ErmesOutfit, company completely made in Tuscany like me that produce and sell online high quality scarves with really good prices, 100% Italian, or better Tuscan (And I swear, I saw it with my own eyes… that’s not that cheap fake made in Italy). So, while I was lost in the paradise of scarves, with capital S, I finally understand that a fine quality scarf can be the precious accessory that can make your outfit perfect. And if the price is so good, it’s even more perfect. But let’s start from the beginning.

Scarves for Winter: Fine Quality Made in Italy. Shopping!

As you probably know, Prato is a town with an ancient textile tradition: the best fabrics come from its factories. ErmesOutfit was born here, from a factory funded in 1987 and that since 2001 has been realizing scarves both for popular fashion brands and for its own brand, ErmesOutfit, that sells scarves exclusively on the Internet . That’s why, all scarves by ErmesOutfit, have incredible prices and, at the same time, the excellent quality of 100% made in Italy, that only great brands can afford. Essentially Heaven! :D

First, I wanted to verify that the manufacturing was actually 100% Made in Italy (Did you know that if you finish a product in Italy even if the most of the work was made in some other country, you can tag it as Made in Italy?). After a very interesting tour inside the factory where we witness the whole manufacturing process I can tell you (and you’ll see it in the photos) that that definitely was 100% made in Tuscany: huge bundles of fine thread enter the factory and finished product came out for great brands and ErmesOutfit e-store. So the quality is at the top in terms of materials and manufacturing and the prices are moderate.

Then during the rest of the afternoon, i lock myself in a place that immediately became my personal corner of heaven: a room full of scarves, the scarves that everyone can buy on their e-store ErmesOutfit. Girls, I’m talking about more that 400 different scarves. I was going crazy!I’ll show you some scarves that i tried, I love them all: I think that it’s not easy to find such good quality fabrics with that kind of rifined details (sparkling threads, little breaks, sequins, patterns that looks printed but are wisely weaved one by one…). Good job guys! :)))

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Little Black Dress: Different Ways to Wear It!


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Little Black Dress

Little black dress . The little black dress, is that item that, along with white shirt should never miss in your wardrobe. It’s the passe-partout of clothing, you can wear one in a lot of different occasions and in a lot of different ways. That’s why everyone loves it!!!

Little Black Dress: Different Ways to Wear It!

Speaking of which, one of the main risks, if you want to use this word, of wearing a little black dress, is to look boring. It’s easy to wear a black dress, so easy that you can find yourself in a room where every single girl wears a little black dress. Have you ever find yourself in such a situation? That’s why, in this post, I thought to collect some ideas on how to wear the little black dress. Lot’s of interesting tips that I found online. Are you ready to take note? Enjoy!

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