Abiti da sera eleganti: in lungo per festeggiare la fine del 2015!


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Abiti da sera eleganti: in lungo per festeggiare la fine del 2015!

Abiti da sera eleganti. Voglio terminare questo strepitoso 2015 con un post degno di quest’anno: che è stato scoppiettante, incredibile, ricco di novità. Sono sicura che il 2016 sarà persino meglio!! Se vi siete perse qualche avventura di questo anno che sta per concludersi QUI trovate la mia biografia con molti dei progetti ai quali ho partecipato, QUI trovate i miei viaggi, QUI gli eventi e qui tutti post di BELLEZZA e di LOOKS, VIDEO compresi che ho pubblicato. E’ stato un anno ricchissimo!!!

Abiti da sera eleganti e un augurio di buon anno!

A voi alcune foto di looks per occasioni speciali, abiti lunghi eleganti, da vere principesse, che vi avevo fatto vedere nelle passate settimane sul mio canale Instagram. Grazie a SOPRARNO SUITES HIP HOTELS, nella mia Firenze per l’accoglienza!!! E tanti, tantissimi auguri per un 2016 ricco di tutto cio’ che desiderate.

Ci sentiamo domani con i buoni propositi del 2016, ormai è diventata una tradizione :)))

A prestissimo e passate le migliori ore del 2015!

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COSA INDOSSARE PER CAPODANNO? Idee per brillare questo ultimo dell’anno

Idee per vestire la tavola per le feste :)

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Christmas Sweater… All About My Christmas!


Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater… All About My Christmas!

Christmas Sweater. It’s been the best Christmas Ever! Seriously, it’s been amazing! Made of simple things: the fragrance of bread in the morning, biscuits in the afternoon and roast meat in the evening. Then, Christmas songs for kids, board games, laughter, jokes, succulent feasts and full bellies. Grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunties, cousins, daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law and the list goes on… Then, all my friends: from near and far. And presents, this year just little gifts to remind to people I love that I really care about them. About those that will always be there for me. This Christmas’s been simple and simply great!

Christmas Sweater for Christmas…

And what’s better than a Christmas Sweater for this festive atmosphere? This is my perfect christmassy look… with reindeer of course! :))) I hope you enjoy it!!

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New Year’s Eve Look: 7 Outfit Ideas To Shine Bright… With Style!


idee look per capodanno

New Year’s Eve Look: 7 Outfit Ideas To Shine Bright… With Style!

New Year’s Eve Look.  Hi girls, what are you up to for New Year’s Eve? Did you make up your mind yet?? But, let’s talk about serious stuff: have you chosen your outfit for the last night of 2015?!?! Today I choose for you 8 bright ideas to get inspired for your New Year’s Eve Look. Crazy, young, sparkling with style! Each idea is based on one item that is perfect for New Year’s Eve Party and you can create your outfit from that one fundamental item… Enjoy 8 outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve! 

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Christmas 2015: My Red Dress For You and My Christmas Wishes!


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Christmas 2015: My Red Dress For You and My Christmas Wishes!

Christmas 2015. Finally the moment we were all waiting for is here, Christmas Eve! Now, I’m working on my laptop to finish some work before throw myself into holidays, feasts, great dinner parties with friends and family. Honestly… I can wait! Christmas lights glisten behind my desk, Christmas songs are playing and cookies for tonight are in the oven. Everything is almost ready for 2015 Christmas!! :)

Christmas 2015: My Red Dress For You !

Tonight I’ll be at Giovanni’s parents’house with my family and all his relatives. Tomorrow, on Christmas day we’re going to my parents’ house with all my relatives and my brother . I can’t wait! And as someone once said “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” and I think is true! So, enjoy this Christmas! I wish you to spend this day with those you love!

For my special Christmas wishes, this year I’m wearing the red dress designed by me that you can buy HERE or in all KIABI stores untill December 31!

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Holidays In The Snow: Some Ideas between Corvara and Siusi Alp. Our Journey!


passo gardena

Holidays In The Snow: Some Ideas between Corvara and Siusi Alp. Our Journey!

Holidays in the Snow. Almost a week ago, Giovanni and I spent a week on the mountain, on our wonderful Alps. As you probably know my love for the mountain is infinite. And after some holidays in Austria I decided to “go back to my roots”, looking for some relax and to make some new photo projects on our beloved Alps, more precisely in Alta Badia at Siusi Alp. Amazing uplands, unique valleys and the beautiful Dolomites, which are part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Holidays In The Snow: Some Ideas between Corvara and Siusi Alp!

First stop Corvara. During the trip to get there you should stop at Passo Gardena, about 2.136 mt high: the view of the valleys, the surrounding peaks and the little villages all around is breathtaking. Giovanni and I came here again by night: to see the most amazing starry sky we’ve ever seen (hopefully there was no full moon!), and you can see the pic on Instagram. Corvara is a quiet town, trendy and full of gourmet restaurant, bakeries and ski slopes!

(To be continued…)

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