Wellness Weekend in Venice: JW Marriott Venice Resort and GOCO SPA


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Wellness Weekend in Venice: JW Marriott Venice Resort and GOCO SPA

Wellness weekend in Venice. JW Marriott Venice Resort and SPA is one of the most amazing resort with SPA in which I’ve had the pleasure to stay in. The hotel is located on a private island , l’isola delle Rose (island of roses), reachable only by boat. Once I got then from Venice the impression was to be on a true oasis of tranquility with a wonderful view on Venice lagoon.

The facility occupies the entire island and it was born as a clinic for respiratory therapies due to the favorable position of the islet: exactly between Vanice and the Lido of Venice. For this reason, Isola delle Rose has a peculiar micro-climate that, among other things, allows the the growth of many unusual plants for that area, like palms and olive trees. Since I love nature and authenticity,in my opinion, one of the most interesting features of the facility is the amazing private park where you can have a healthy walk and enjoy the view of the entire lagoon.

Wellness Weekend in Venice: Dream Stay at JW Marriott Venice Resort and SPA

Whene you get on the island I recommend you to have a coffee or a refreshing drink at Sagra Poolside Bar on the rooftop of the main facility of the hotel. The panorama is breathtaking: a 360° over the lagoon. There, Giovanni and I enjoyed some romantic sunsets and bright sunrise. You shouldn’t miss them for no reason!!! On the rooftop there’s the heated infinity pool where the protagonist is..Piazza San Marco that you can clearly see on the horizon.

Rooms are not just in the main facility but also located in the whole island with the other remarkable attractions of the resort. First, Goco SPA , the biggest in Venice with a convenient covered dock. With its view on Venice, it’s a bright and cozy SPA. No detail is left unturned: from the teapot infuser to the heated loungers, from the brightness to the design of the building. In the SPA you can enjoy the use of hammam, sauna, 40°C sauna and an indoor/outdoor heated pool that gives exactly onto Venice. The pool area offers different kind of whirlpool (the one for legs is fantastic!). Giovanni and I enjoyed a 50 minute couple treatment Inside the SPA suite, a relaxed and elegant space that for one hour and a half has been all ours (fruit and Champagne included!)

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Summer Holidays in the Mountains: the Video That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Mountain in Summer!


Summer Holidays in the Mountains

After talking about my three weeks of SPA&TREKKING holidays in THIS post, THIS post and THIS post, today I’ll show you the video of the backstage of my trip and you’ll find an Ire that you’ve never seen before:))))))

Summer Holidays on the Mountains: the Video That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Mountain in Summer!

This is what you’re going to see in the video:

  • A lumberjack version of Irene on different hiking trails… even when she was exhausted!(Walking for hours and hours… and more hours!)
  • Spectacular mountain tops: feeling freedom on my skin.
  • Extreme games: the Zip Lane jumping from the mountain top hanging on a suspended steel cable (OMG!), coming down a slope with go-karts, the alpine coaster and many more.
  • All the wonderful hotels that we chose for our trip: from the private sauna to the hot tub under the stars.

Summer Holidays 2015 part 1

Summer Holidays 2015 part 2 

Summer Holidays part 3. Don’t miss it!

Last summer holidays: what I did last year

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Oetztal and Soelden: Why We Fell in Love With This Valley (Part 3 of 3)



Oetztal and Soelden (parte 3 of 3)

Oetztal and Soelden. The last part of our “SPA&Trekking” trip has left an an indelible memory inside me because it’s been like going back to the origins, going back in that beautiful region of Austria that two years ago made us fall in love with mountain: Oetztal Valley. A stunning valley, peaceful and quiet full of kind and friendly people who always enjoy a nice chat. A valley made of the greenest meadows, brooks, placid grazing cattles, surrounded by high peaks with white tops also in summer. The sun warms up the skin, the smell of grass, the air is light and pure. But, what makes all perfect is the excellent tourism management that organizes lots of different activities… and there’s no time to get bored.

Oetztal and Soelden: Why We Fell in Love With This Valley (Part 3 of 3)

This summer during our stay in the Oetztal Valley we’ve been guests of Ritzlerhof Hotel in a village called Sautens. When I got here I emmediately understood that who designed this facility had in mind the same concept of holiday that I pursued during these three weeks: a vacation based on the idea of “Selfness” meaning not only physical wellness but also mental, interior, spiritual well-being. Taking a complete care or ourselves.







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Mountain Holidays, Not Only Trekking: Perennial Glaciers, Zip Lane, Go-Kart, Alpine Coaster (Part 2 of 3)



Mountain Holidays, Not Only Trekking (Part 2 of 3)

Mountain holidays. Have you read the first part of the diary about my trip on the mountains, yesterday? If you missed it you can find it HERE (It’s super juicy!). “And then, what have you done? You’ll say… Well, then we went to Stiria, in Schladming. We heard that it is a really beautiful touristic site, especially for trekking lovers. It’s a nice and lively village with all the comforts. And we verified that it’s as they say.

Mountain Holidays, Not Only Trekking: perennial glaciers, Zip Lane, Go-Kart, Alpine Coaster (Part 2 of 3)

We stayed at Falkensteiner Schladming Hotel. I’ve already stayed at Falkensteiner hotels (twice, HERE and HERE). Every time I’ve had a great time for three main reasons, and  I was glad to find all three in Shladming too. First of all, the design of of the facility and the rooms: always refined and in line with the location of the hotel combined with the friendly mood that makes you feel at home. In Shladming, our room was covered in wood, super cozy, with a white bed and extra soft duvets, a big sofa, tartan pattern here and there, a design shower stall with panoramic view and a breathtaking landscape from the terrace. When I entered our room for the first time I started jumping up and down for joy: the real alpine style with a classy touch!!








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Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)


Allegria Resort austria

Summer Holidays 2015

Summer holidays 2015. When we had to decide what kind of holidays we wanted to do this year, we chose without a doubt that holiday package that I call “Spa&trekking”. By now you should know that in summer I love nature and wellness: all year long I have to “be perfect” (makeup, hair, clothes…) in my urban background so spending holidays surrounded by nature is a perfect way to run away from my routine, relax and take care of my body… on the inside and on the outside. Forgetting of hairstyling and makeup (hair and skin have the right to breath and relax a bit), a total immersion into the slower and peaceful rhythm of nature, a good amount of exercise and delicious food. Again, we chose Austria for our holiday. It’s very close to Italy, and they’re particularly good in term of hospitality and tourism management. And let’s talk about luxuriant nature and the landscapes so different on hills and higher peaks. Besides, in case you miss “civilization” you can visit and discover some wonderful cities like Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz… Needless to say, I’m deeply in love with Austria! :)

Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)

Our SPA & Trekking tour of Austria started from Stegersbach, in in the East of Austria, in southern Burgenland, few kilometers  from Hungary and the city of Graz (a place where sun shines 300 days a year). Here landscapes are amazing: gentle hills, endless fields, fruit trees and cute little houses just like those in children’s drawings: pointy roofs, squared shapes and white fences.



Vacanze estate 2015

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