Milan Fashion Week 2016: my travel diary and the apartment I stayed in!


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Milan Fashion Week 2016: I’m back!

Milan Fashion Week 2016. Hello beauties!! How are you? I’m back from Milan Fashion Week.. And what an intense week it was. Really, really, really intense! Milan is beautiful, but I’m also happy to be back in Florence for a few days before heading back to the RAI studios next week… Just the time I need to recharge and leave again! Yes, every time I go to Milan, especially during Milan Fashion Week, it’s always at an accelerated rhythm: running from here to there to there, trying to make every hour in the day as productive as possible (YES, I am still convinced that by waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed really late I’ll be able to increase the amount of hours in a day.. But there are still 24, dear Irene, ehehe!).
Many members of if not all of my professional acquaintances have asked me: “Why don’t you move to Milan like many of your colleagues?”. The truth is that I’m really happy in my city, in my Florence: you all know how deep my ties to my hometown are. I can’t deny that, every time I’m in Milan, the focus of my activities shifts to filming at RAI studios and fashion events, and I’m aware that the possibilities this city has to offer are incredible and unequalled. Although I’m aware of all this, I think I found the right balance for me. A balance made up of a team that works in Milan (and that represents “me” in the city 365 days a year), of trains and cars, of hotels that are like second homes and beautiful apartments. This balance is perfect for me!


Milan Fashion Week 2016: my travel diary and the apartment I stayed in!

During this edition of Fashion Week I spent 7 days in Milan, choosing this time to stay in an apartment. A huge apartment, the one you’ll see in today’s pictures and that also doubled as a set for the pictures of some of the looks I wore during Milan Fashion Week.. Including this pyjama (from H&M!) that reminds me that I sleep too little and work a little too much, ehehe!!  The super cool apartment I found once again via (yes, after our incredible experience in Haute-Savoie this summer I definitely needed to try the Homeaway service again!) you can find it HERE, at THIS LINK, if you’re curious (you’ll find the price here as well!). We needed the apartment to be huge to host part of our team. We were a total of 5 in this house.. And I can confidently say that we could have hosted even more people! A giant living area, a colourful kitchen with everything you could possibly need, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was ideal.. And this industrial and minimalist design was truly gorgeous!!

This apartment was also the set to shoot some of the looks I wore during this edition of Fashion Week, as I had told you it would be.. and you can see a sneak peek in this post. I’ll be revealing all the looks little by little here on the blog, along with all the details and brands I wore. Soon, very soon!! Talk to you tomorrow ladies! :)

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Renting a chalet in the mountains: Homeaway and my dream vacation!


chalet di montagna | jacuzzi nello chalet

Renting a chalet in the mountains: how dreamy!

Renting a chalet in the mountains. Hello girls!! How are you doing? As I’m preparing to leave to Sweden on a new trip the moment is here to share with you the beautiful pictures we shot during our summer vacation spent in the mountains in a chalet we rented, that I have to admit made many of us fall in love at first sight.. Many of you wrote to me on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!! Today I’m happy to share more about this beautiful chalet and insert a few direct links to browse through a few of the incredible homes to rent for your next vacation!!

But let’s go back to the beginning :)

This year was quite a frenetic one to say the least: events, trips, projects, changes. All together, we worked really hard: this summer our only desire was to escape from the world, from the chaos of our daily lives and relax (really relax!). And that’s when we said to ourselves: why not rent a nice chalet, a beautiful log cabin in the middle of the mountains to truly disconnect? And that’s exactly what we did! We found the log cabin of my most cherished dreams on, the online destination for homes, apartments and villas that you can rent in Italy and in the rest of the world. Here you can find anything from pocket-friendly deals to dream-worthy places.. Not only this chalet (but many others you can find by searching HERE, indicating the keywords Italy and Chalet in the filter) but also villas with pools, design homes, homes with grass roofs, huts on the sea in the Caribbean, mills in Greece.. and anything that could come to mind, all you need to do is search it up :)

Renting a chalet in the mountains: here’s the story of my vacation

Our “Chalet Tournette”, the one you’ll see in the pictures of this post was located in Manigod near Thones in Upper Savoy. You can find this dreamy abode in the French Alps HERE. A living room with giant couches, super soft carpets, a TV and DVD player, a rocking chair, a wood stove, a terrace with an incredible view to enjoy the sun at high altitude, an outdoor jacuzzi where the water was heated by wood, a barbecue, and a private sauna in the bathroom. Anything you could ever want in a house in the mountains, where you almost wish for a rainy day to be able to enjoy it fully, from the fireplace to the UNO games, to the pancakes fresh out of the oven to the DVD marathons!

In this post you’ll also find many pictures from the beautiful sceneries of Upper Savoy where we did some trekking for a week (accompanied by great food… How delicious is the food in France?!?!). Enjoy!!

chalet di montagna | jacuzzi nello chalet

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Disneyland Paris: my guide… for adults!


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Disneyland Paris: my guide… for adults!!

Disneyland Paris. The first time I went to Disneyland Paris was with my parents at New Year 1999-2000. I guarantee that even after 16 years the excitement is still there and honestly I couldn’t wait to go back! Disneyland Paris really is a place where dreams come true, where we adults can reminisce about our childhood, and bring back memories that we had forgotten, which is so exciting. Basically, Disneyland Paris is a world of magic, carefreeness, serenity for children of today and from the past.

During our trip (together with Human SafariMatcha Latte and Il Turista) we stayed for two nights at the Newport Bay club hotel, the 4 star Disney hotel that has been recently renovated and is a 10 minute walk from the entrance to the park and the Walt Disney Studios, which is the second part that opened 10 years after the founding of Disneyland Paris. Our first dinner in the hotel was of fish (what else in a nautical-themed hotel?) with lots of shiny strawberry cocktails with amazing sweets (we are at Disneyland, after all!).

Disneyland Paris: my guide… for adults!!

Like all those who stay at the Disney hotels (click HERE to see all the Disney hotels for all budgets!), we got to enjoy the park for two hours before it is open to the public at 10am (it closes at 11pm). This is amazing to be able to see the site while it’s not so frantic and to try out all the rides without enormous queues. I would also recommend getting a FASTPASS (here’s all the info) for very useful queue-jumping!

Disneyland isn’t just for children… Giovanni and I would absolutely go again (with all the friends and couples that we met who were also there with no children!).

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A weekend in Paris


moulin rouge parigi

A weekend in Paris: here’s our adventure!

A weekend in Paris. Hi girls!! I’m writing to you on my way back from 4 amazing days in Paris and at Disneyland together with Human SafariMatcha Latte and Il Turista. Paris is a city that I will never get tired of: I’m often here for work, fashion events, new openings and now Paris is like my second home (do you remember my post on “What to do in Paris, my top 7 attractions”?). It’s an elegant city that’s full of culture, great shopping and amazing food: a cared for and well-organised city. This time, however, my trip to Paris was with the French Tourism Office,  CRT PARIS ILE DE  FRANCE, and Disneyland Paris, who invited me to their amazing wonderland for a weekend in Paris (which I have been wanting to do for years). Let’s start at the beginning…

After flying with Air France from Florence to Paris Charles de Gaulle, we had a fantastic lunch in the famous Hall M Lounge with Air France (with a divine buffet, a relaxing area, massages… et voilà!) and a private tour of the “giants of the sky” of Air France, including the Airbus A380, as you will have seen on Snapchat. The first stop was the Hotel 1K where we left our bags and went off for an evening that we were SO excited for… the Moulin Rouge

Weekend in Paris with a show at the Moulin Rouge!

After having seen the famous film, one of things I wanted to do more than anything was to see a show at the magical Mouline Rouge, one of the symbols of the Ville Lumière. We also had a fantastic gourmet dinner in true French style, lit up by the beautiful red lights in the centre o f the table, and all washed down with sips of scrumptious Champagne before the show. It’s not possible to take photos during the evening, but I can guarantee you that the show will exceed your wildest expectations. The show leaves you breathless! Sensual but refined, entertaining, dreamy but never erotic. The dancers’ costumes are all circus-themed, including animals, historical Paris, the 1980s, the 1920s, and they all have amazing details which makes the nudity very elegant, and bring adrenaline to the gorgeous cabaret dancing. HERE you can see a mini video of the show.

cosa vedere a parigi


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Lake Como Villas: our weekend on Lake Como at Villa Silver!


Ville lago di Como

Lake Como Villas: our weekend on Lake Como at Villa Silver!

Ville Lago di Como. Oggi vi scrivo in pieno mood relax, appena tornata da un fantastico lungo weekend sul Lago di Como. Sì perchè 4 giorni a Villa Silver, la villa dal design elegante e di recente costruzione, affacciata sull’idilliaco Lago di Como in località Faggeto Lario che abbiamo affittato per il soggiorno, hanno davvero fatto la differenza e adesso posso ripartire con una settimana intensa piena di carica! Sicuramente avrete visto la mia diretta facebook dalla Villa o le mie foto su Instagram e Snapchat: sono stati dei giorni splendidi alla scoperta del lago e di relax in una villa da mille ed una notte (e giorni) ma dai prezzi non così proibitivi… Ma, come vi avevo promesso, eccoci qui per l’intero reportage del viaggio che potrebbe esservi utili se state cercando un luogo non solo per rilassarvi dai ritmi frenetici della città, ma anche per divertirvi con un gruppo di amici (Come abbiamo fatto noi!) o semplicemente scoprire una bellezza d’Italia, spesso sottovalutata, come il Lago di Como. Una vera perla, lasciatemelo dire… le foto parleranno da sole, ve lo garantisco!

Ville Lago di Como: il nostro weekend sul lago di Como a Villa Silver!

Erika, la proprietaria della favolosa Villa Silver che abbiamo affittato interamente insieme agli amici per 4 giorni, ci ha accolti con tutte le premure. Appena entrata in villa la prima sensazione è quella di assoluta meraviglia: dalle vetrate del soggiorno si gode già di una vista sul lago da lasciarti assolutamente senza parole.

La prima cosa che hai voglia di fare, appena entrata in villa, è esplorare il grande giardino panoramico che si affaccia sul lago: una piscina a sfioro privata, il BBQ, i divani bianchi, le sdraio che invitano al relax ed i prati verdi. E’ proprio qui che nei giorni trascorsi in villa ci siamo goduti la ricca colazione preparata al momento: sì perchè sia che tu affitti l’intera villa (La villa ha fino a 10 posti letto!), sia che tu scelga un soggiorno in una singola stanza, puoi scegliere la formula B&B lusso con colazione servita e servizio di pulizia in villa ogni giorno. I divani bianchi della terrazza sono diventati, durante il soggiorno, il nostro luogo preferito dove fare l’aperitivo con vista: la villa ha, al piano interrato, un’incredibile cantina di vini tutti da degustare che vengono serviti, su richiesta, con stuzzichini e prodotti tipici del luogo. Troppo bello! Tant’ è che ci siamo subito informati della possibilità di poter utilizzare la villa durante l’anno per feste private (Ed Erika ha detto che la villa può ospitare per eventi serali fino a 60 persone!). Sarà la mia prossima proposta per l’addio al nubilato delle mie amiche (Tra piscina privata, aperitivi, servizio make up su richiesta ad un prezzo molto interessante ed una villa tutta per noi sai che divertimento.. e si possono portare anche gli amici a 4 zampe!)




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