My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin: Pura Vida!


My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin: Pura Vida!

My trip to Costa Rica. ‘Pura Vida’ is the official motto of Costa Rica, meaning ‘pure life’. These two words perfectly sum up this beautiful country: a wild and sun-kissed land that is rich in beautiful nature and animals. A land of nature that is still blissfully untouched, dreamy beaches, unforgettable little places. Costa Rica is the country that we had the pleasure of exploring together with Piz Buin, the famous sun-care brand that was the creator of the first suncream, and that is celebrating its 70th birthday this year with the launch of lots of new products and its search for the best sun-kissed corners of the world for you to explore!

My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin: Pura Vida!

So super protected by an infinite range of products by Piz Buin that we were lucky enough to try out during the trip (and that I must say, provided excellent sun protection even in adverse circumstances… and this comes from someone who is obsessed with sun protection!), together with the Piz Buin team and some bloggers from all across Europe (Trendy TasteFashion MumblrThe muse and the ladybugSandra Kisic), off we went to explore Costa Rica!

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After a wonderful breakfast at “Silencio Lodge and SPA” (A marvellous hotel right in the heart of the jungle, it’s incredible!), our first adventure in Costa Rica began in the tropical jungle. Astonishingly dense jungle, more green that you can even imagine, moss, vines, leaves that were bigger than me. Here our guide told us that hidden within the humid vegetation there are adorable sloths, ferocious cougars, monkeys, and thousands of species of parrots and birds. So we very carefully tiptoed through the jungle, walking for over two hours, and on our way we waded through streams, slipped over, and got covered in mud and finally arrived “En el lugar secreto”, which is a beautiful waterfall covered with greenery, with beautifully cool water that was a godsend in the strong Costa Rican heat. Only the sound of rushing water, birdsong and the deafening silence of nature surrounded us. Such natural beauty. Such purity. Being in the presence of such untouched nature makes you think how wonderful it is to be at one with the earth while the sun warms your skin. Utter peace!!

Irene Ambassador for Piz Buin irene closet My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin pancakes

Here I tried the Refreshing Sun Mousse Protect & Cool, SPF 30. I really liked this suncream because it remained light and fresh on my skin even on the hottest days, and especially because after having applied it I didn’t even notice it was there, as the texture is so light on your skin. My skin was glowing and beautifully hydrated. The afternoon was dedicated to our well-being. Have you ever bathed in the heart of the jungle in 40 degree water that is heated by an active volcano? No? Then head to Eco Termales, the Eco SPA in Costa Rica! Here we began by taking some beautiful photographs and videos with the Piz Buin team, and we tried out some new products: I fell completely in love with the Instant Glow Skin Illuminating Sun Spray that leaves your skin with a gorgeous golden glow thanks to its luminous shimmer.

resort in costa rica costa rica mood piz buin piz buin sun cream resort spa in costa rica piz buin in costa rica spa in costa rica costa rica swimming pool in costa rica

After an amazing stay at the Royal Corin Hotel, which is right next to the Eco Termales Spa (and the breakfast area, and the pool!!), we spent the second day on the road, in the direction of the coast! Along the way we stopped at a cacoa plantation where we ate the BEST CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER TASTED: made from the dried beans from the cacoa fruit, ground finely, mixed with cane sugar and a spoonful of cinnamon. We tried it in the form of a drink, simply adding hot water to the mixture (and it was divine), and then in the form of chocolate as we know it simply by putting it on the fire. Guys, it was truly lust-worthy chocolate, I swear I would have taken the entire pot with me on the bus if I could have! During our road trip we also stopped at a shop which sold hand-made hammocks: they were all so colourful, it really was a magical place!

cacoa fruit cacao plantation cacao fruit How to make chocolate cacao plantation my trip to costa rica with piz buin chocolate plantation jeep in costa rica Hammock shop Handmade hammocks My trip to Costa Rica with Piz Buin hammock in costa rica hammocks costa rica handmade jewellery piz buin sun cream

On arrival in Tamarindo on the Costa Rican coast, we were staying in the Hotel Esplendor: an insanely amazing place, with the infinity pool of my dreams, where we shot several photos and videos that you’ll get to see very soon! During our second day in Costa Rica I tried the Piz Buin Wet Skin, a suncream that you can apply directly to wet skin, immediately after coming out of the water without having to wait for your skin to dry, therefore making sure you are constantly protected from the sun (which is fantastic!). I also tried the Tan & Protect which protects you from the sun at the same as giving you a healthy glow.

Over the next few days we were by the sea, working on our tans, of course! First on our list of beaches to visit was Lola Beach at Tamarindo: the land of surfers, endlessly long and gleaming white beaches, beach bars, cocktails, and then finishing the day horse-riding at sunset, what an absolute dream! After a quick shower I tried the Piz Buin tan intensifying After Sun cream, the only after sun to hydrate the skin and intensify your tan: my skin is turning more and more golden by the minute! Ready for a BBQ supper on the beach at Casa Aurea with the girls (and the bonfire on the beach was just magical!).

beach in costa rica swimsuit 2016 beach in costa rica coconut water palm trees surfing in costa rica beach in costa rica beach in costa rica irene colzi horse riding on the beach my trip to costa rica with piz buin surfing in costa rica beach in costa rica

Next we visited the beautiful Juanillo Beach, close to the Azul Ocean Club, which has a spectacular private beach: this is where two seas meet, it’s very remote! During our days on the beach I used the Moisturising Sun Lotion and the Allergy Sensitive Skin Lotion: the first one is super hydrating and the second is perfectly light for sensitive skin! Here are all the photos and also the backstage videos from our adventure.

my trip to costa rica with piz buin the sea in costa rica iguana costa rica ambassadors in costa rica for piz buin sea in costa rica beach in costa rica costa rica beach swimming costume 2016 piz buin ambassadors sunset over costa rica piz buin sunset in costa rica sunset in costa rica beach in cosa rica

costa rica hotel irene colzi piz buin coconuts by the pool piz buin ambassadors my trip to costa rica san jose in costa rica

Thank you so much to Piz Buin for such a beautiful adventure and for having chosen me as your Sun Ambassador for Italy ;)


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