Travel in Provence with L’Occitane: Lavender, Beauty, and Pictoresque Villages

Travel in Provence with L’Occitane

Travel in Provence. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’d know everything about my latest exciting trip in the wonderful and authentic Provence, in the south of France. L’Occitane guides me in the discovery of this amazing land that offers precious natural treasures, fundamental ingredients for our beauty.

Travel in Provence: hot-air balloon, lavender and Provençal villages!

L’Occitane welcomed us in the best possible way at Le Couvent Des Minimes hotel – SPA , an incredible hotel surrounded by the nature of Provence. Apart from the design of the rooms and of the whole facility, the best part is the SPA by L’Occitane, where beauty therapists give you advice on the best face and body treatments, choosing the most appropriate products to your personal needs. Giova and I enjoyed a treatment for couples of 1 and a half hour, for the face and the body. They recommended me products from Immortelle Precieuse (Anti-Aging and prevention line) and Angelica (Hydration and Vitality) that you’ll see in my video report.

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PH. Giorgio Leone for Think Visual

Viaggio in Provenza (1) Viaggio in Provenza (2) Viaggio in Provenza (5) Viaggio in Provenza (3) Viaggio in Provenza (4) Viaggio in Provenza (6) Viaggio in Provenza (7) Viaggio in Provenza (8)

After a reinvigorating sleep (when we enter our room we found a diffuser of relaxing essential oils, on the pillow. Incredibly effective!), our second day in Provence was completely devoted to L’Occitane with a tour inside the headquarters in Manosque where, Jean-Louis Pierrisnard, director of the scientific team of L’Occitane, showed us the laboratories where more than 500 formulas are patented every year with a super innovative technique. Every product is examined and tested on samples of skin voluntarily given by women that undergo cosmetic surgery.In this way, skin reactions to active ingredients of L’Occitane cosmetics are accurately measured. In the past this procedure was not used and today L’Occitane is one of the few cosmetic industries that decided to opt for it.

Travel in Provence: from Immotelle to a Provençal Lunch with Olivier Baussan

Inside one of the laboratories we take part to the creation of Divine Immortelle Lotion (I had a blast playing the little chemist!). Immortelle is the best selling line by L’Occitane with 5 registered patents:they need 3.000 flowers to make a lotion that have been awarded for the innovative formula and its effectiveness in making the skin actually “Immortelle”. The plants used to produce Immortelle grows in Corsica, like Jean – Charles Lhommet, manager of sustainable ingredients, explained to us. In the showroom/garden, among all the different types of plants, he state that the strength (and the innovation) of L’Occitane is the monitoring of the natural ingredients that they put inside their products: from the field of every single farmer to the end product. The aim is not only to create naturally effective products of excellent quality but also to safeguard the environment and the territory. This great eco-friendly commitment is really impressive! The strong connection with the territory and the effort for its protection is a very important issue for Olivier Baussan, founder of L’Occitane, that I had the pleasure to meet during a pleasant lunch in Forcalquier, the little Occitane village where he lives. Olivier started to produce his first products when he was only 23. In 40 years L’Occitane have become an industry with 7.000 employees all around the world. I love people like Olivier: simple, genuine, kind and that believe in their passions and ideals like the safeguard of the territory where they born and grew up. Olivier is very active in the protection of lavender, symbol of Provence, one of the most precious ingredients that today is endangered. I asked Olivier which, among all his products, is the best for me and he suggested Pivoine Sublime line whose main ingredient is peony and that I had already tried inside the laboratories with Cecile Innocent, manager of the sensorial evaluation of L’Occitane products. Fresh and delicate texture. Feminine, floral perfume. Its components guarantee a smooth, bright and hydrated skin with a reduction of expression lines. I’ll tell you more about this line because is really good!

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Travel in Provence: from Lavender to the flight on a hot-air balloon

A tour in the lands of Hight Provence surrounded by fields of blooming lavender, a quick stop at one of the few traditional distilleries of lavenders still working (you’ll see it the video!) and a walk inside delightful villages like Banon and Simiane-la-Rotonde and our afternoon was over. Our adventure with L’Occitane ended with something that I’ve always wanted to try: hot-air balloon. Besides, flying over Provence, at dawn, made this experience even more incredible! I’ll take you with me in the video:)

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Viaggio in Provenza (10)

Viaggio in Provenza (11) mongolfiera 2

Enjoy the video!



Photographer: Giorgio Leone For Think Visual

Video: Giovanni Gambassi

Click on the pic to see all the photos that I took in Provence on my INSTAGRAM profile, @ireneccloset!


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  1. Mi è piaciuto tantissimo seguirvi virtualmente in questo viaggio e leggere questo tuo appassionato e curatissimo racconto ancor di più! Credo davvero sia stato emozionante ed unico, incredibilmente rilassante ed a tratti poetico, visti i paesaggi che hai visitato. Sono pillole genuine che fa davvero bene leggere, perché danno la possibilità di essere trasportati col cuore in luoghi che non abbiamo avuto il piacere di visitare.
    Le immagini sono meravigliose ed accompagnano perfettamente tutti i sentimenti che hai espresso.
    Brava Ire! E anche bravi Giova e Giorgio!

    Un abbraccio


  2. Che foto meravigliose!!!! ti seguo da pochissimo ed è la prima volta che commento, mi piace guardare i tuoi post perchè mi trasmetti sempre entusiasmo in ogni cosa fai :-)
    queste foto sono bellissime, che meraviglia questi paesaggi, ti invidio x aver avuto la possibilità di vedere la provenza e i bellissimi campi fioriti di lavanda, l’ho già messa in nota per le vacanze l’anno prossimo :-)
    Brava, continua così :-)

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