The Oriocenter in Bergamo: my day of shopping in over 200 shops!


irene's closetThe Oriocenter in Bergamo: my day of shopping in more than 200 shops!

The Oriocenter in Bergamo. Have you ever been to the Oriocenter, the big shopping centre in Bergamo, which is just next to the Orio al Serio airport? If your answer is no, you absolutely have to go. If you do know it, I’m sure you’ll agree with what I’m about to say. The Oriocenter is a gigantic shopping centre (definitely one of the biggest in Italy). It really is a shopping paradise: basically if you’re looking for a particular shop or item of clothing, you’ll find it here… and more. It’s a pretty crazy place. You can go from Zara, Bershka, Mango, Pull & Bear, Jennifer, OVS, Stradivarius, Motivi and all the other fashion chains that you can possibly think of, to shops such as Negozi Pellizzari, Imperial, Pandora, Swarovski, Hollister, Diesel, Replay, Timberland, Iper and MediaWorld, and so on and so forth. There are hundreds of beauty and make up shops, from MAC to Sephora, and also Kiko, Lush, Madina, Douglas, Erbolario, Bottega Verde, plus sports shops such as Universo Sport and Nike as well as book shops and other services (for example a really cheap tailors that can do any tailoring job super quickly while you’re out shopping, which I think is great!). If you’re then in need of a break, the only problem is choosing where to eat from the enormous range of options: from sushi to pizza, burgers to ravioli, meat to puddings.
The Oriocenter in Bergamo:  the #ORIOSTYLE feature with all the items of clothing I chose!
If you still haven’t visited this shopping centre, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to go round it. It’s worth it! A little while ago I was invited by the Oriocenter, where I discovered something which I already suspected to be true: shopping really does burn calories! We walked more than 10km in one day of shopping at the Oriocenter (I told you it was enormous!). My task? To go round all the shops and choose for you guys the trendiest looks, for both girls and boys. I chose outfits for 4 occasions: elegant, travel, casual and sporty. Are you curious? If you look at the #ORIOSTYLE feature on the Oriocenter Facebook page, you’ll find all the items of clothing I chose! In today’s post, however, you can see a bit of the behind-the-scenes action from my day at the centre… already caught your attention? See you soon!
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The Petali shopping centre: my day at the shopping centre plus your chance to win €500 to shopping!


irene's closet

The Petali shopping centre: my day at Petali plus your chance to win €500 to go shopping!

The Petali shopping centre. You should know that I’ve been shopping for you… and I had so much fun! A little while ago I spent a day at the Petali shopping centre in Reggio Emilia, the new shopping centre with loads of shops, restaurants, a gym and a cinema (basically a great place!). My task for the day was to go round all the shops and choose items of clothing and accessories that are on trend right now, for three occasions: a romantic dinner, fitness and let’s go party, both for men and women. Other than making me want to shop till I drop, we also took photos of some of the clothes I picked out… and here they are!

The Petali shopping centre: my day there plus your chance to win €500 to go shopping and be a stylist! 

On the Petali website from today 1st April until the 30th April, you can choose your own favourite items of clothing and accessories, create a virtual look for men and women for the three occasions (romantic dinner, fitness time and let’s go party). I will then choose three winners which will be the three contestants that have created the three looks that I think are most on trend. Go wild! The three winners will receive €500 of spending money to spend in the Petali shopping centre!

I’ll leave you with a few photos from my day at the Petali shopping centre, of a few of the clothes I picked! Good luck everyone!!


shopping al centro commerciale

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Easter 2016: what to wear, how to decorate your home, what to eat… the ultimate guide!

outfit pastello
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Easter 2016: what to wear, how to decorate your home, what to eat… the ultimate guide!

Easter 2016. Christmas is always spent with your parents, but Easter you can spend with whomever you want. This year we’ll be respecting this rule: we’re actually escaping our busy schedules for a few days of holiday to relax with some friends! I can’t wait :) What are your Easter plans this year? Will you be watching my favourite tv show (ahaha!), or will you be spending Easter 2016 with your family?

Easter 2016: what to wear, how to decorate your house, what to eat.. the ultimate guide!

Whatever you’ve decided to do for Easter this year, you should certainly start getting into the Easter mood wherever you are: so here are a few tips for getting into the perfect Easter mood! What to wear, how to decorate your house and dinner table, what to eat… the ultimate guide!

Qualsiasi sia la decisione che avete preso quest’anno è giusto entrare un po’ nel mood di questa festività ed iniziare a goderci questi giorni: ecco qualche consiglio per entrare nel mood Pasqua 2016. Cosa indossare, come decorare la casa, la tavola, cosa mangiare.. la guida definitiva!

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fiori di pasqua

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Caterina Balivo style and looks: my visit to the Balivo household to revitalise her wardrobe!


caterina balivo and irene colzi in caterina's wardrobe (1)

Caterina Balivo style and looks: my visit to the Balivo household to revitalise her wardrobe!

Caterina Balivo style and looks. Every time Caterina and I bump into each other in the dressing rooms of Detto Fatto before filming the next episode, there’s always lots of “Ah your dress is so cool!” “Noo! But your shoes! Where are they from?”. Essentially Cate and I understand each other completely in terms of fashion (even if sometimes we affectionally squabble during the show over the catwalk looks… aaah if they are tough!) HERE YOU CAN SEE ALL MY EPISODES OF DETTO FATTO! 

Ogni volta che io e Caterina ci incrociamo nei camerini di Detto Fatto prima della puntata è tutto un “Ah ma che figo il tuo vestito!” “Noo! Ma le tue scarpe? Di chi sono?”. Insomma io e Cate in fatto di moda ci capiamo (Anche se spesso lo sapete, in puntata ci becchettiamo amorevolmente sui look da sfilata.. aaah se sono difficili!) QUI POTETE RIVEDERE TUTTE LE MIE PUNTATE A DETTO FATTO!

Caterina Balivo style and looks: my visit to the Balivo household to revitalise her wardrobe!

Basically during one of the recent episodes of Detto Fatto, Caterina said to me “Of course, Ire, you’ll have to come to mine and rifle through my wardrobe and give me advice on how to style some of the pieces I have that I don’t know how to wear..!!” And what better challenge could there be for me? So here we are in Caterina Balivo’s house, rather, in her wardrobe (Check out her own fashion blog here!)  looking for items of clothing that, despite being gorgeous, Caterina has never really known how to wear: they’re either too detailed or too fussy, and they all live permanently inside her cupboard. But how to wear them? Ah Caterina Balivo and her wardrobe (one of the best, let me tell you!)…

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Detto Fatto Irene Colzi: All the Episodes of 2015, My Outfits and the Backstage!

Detto Fatto Irene Colzi
(Photo by: Lavinia Oldani)

Detto Fatto Irene Colzi: All the Episodes of 2015, My Outfits and the Backstage!

Detto Fatto Irene Colzi. The episode of the 8th January was my fourth appearance on TV and I still can’t believe it! I would have never imagined to say that… but I love it! Detto Fatto crew is like a big family and Caterina is so sweet! But let’s start from the beginning, I’m talking about Detto Fatto, a TV show on RAI 2 where I’ll make  fashion tutorials for the whole season! Have you seen the past episodes? Don’t worry, in this post I’m going to make a little recap of all the episodes of 2015! :)

Detto Fatto Irene Colzi: All the Episodes of 2015, My Outfits and the Backstage!

On Detto Fatto, I’m a Fashion Tutor, and I give some advice about outfits for different occasions, taking inspiration from the fashion shows and making them more appropriate for everyday life… never forgetting to talk about the latest trends ;) The first episode (WATCH IT HERE) was about winter outfits that girls can wear during exams at the uni, in the second one (WATCH IT HERE) I created some outfits to win your exes back, ideal for a romantic date. In the third episode instead, we’ve been more serious, showing some outfits for the office. (WATCH IT HERE), Finally, in the fourth one (WATCH IT HERE) I’ve talked about what to wear to go sightseeing in our art cities, to stay warm and comfortable.

Enjoy all the photos of my outfits and the outfits of my guests! Which is your favorite episode? And which is the outfit that you like the most? :)

Thanks for following me on Detto Fatto ant to the wonderful team of Detto Fatto that for me is like a beautiful family! Soon more news… and watch next episode live on Rai 2 :)

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