Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)

Allegria Resort austria

Summer Holidays 2015

Summer holidays 2015. When we had to decide what kind of holidays we wanted to do this year, we chose without a doubt that holiday package that I call “Spa&trekking”. By now you should know that in summer I love nature and wellness: all year long I have to “be perfect” (makeup, hair, clothes…) in my urban background so spending holidays surrounded by nature is a perfect way to run away from my routine, relax and take care of my body… on the inside and on the outside. Forgetting of hairstyling and makeup (hair and skin have the right to breath and relax a bit), a total immersion into the slower and peaceful rhythm of nature, a good amount of exercise and delicious food. Again, we chose Austria for our holiday. It’s very close to Italy, and they’re particularly good in term of hospitality and tourism management. And let’s talk about luxuriant nature and the landscapes so different on hills and higher peaks. Besides, in case you miss “civilization” you can visit and discover some wonderful cities like Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz… Needless to say, I’m deeply in love with Austria! :)

Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)

Our SPA & Trekking tour of Austria started from Stegersbach, in in the East of Austria, in southern Burgenland, few kilometers  from Hungary and the city of Graz (a place where sun shines 300 days a year). Here landscapes are amazing: gentle hills, endless fields, fruit trees and cute little houses just like those in children’s drawings: pointy roofs, squared shapes and white fences.



Vacanze estate 2015

In this thermal area you can find Allegria Resort, where we stayed for 4 days. Once inside, we immediately perceived the warmth and the intimacy: the staff is incredibly careful to all the needs of costumers and the facility is beautiful! A pinch of the Italian warmth in Austria :) Prices are moderate and the facility is very refined: according to Vogue Bambini that’s the perfect resort for families (children have special SPA treatments, lots of daily activities, huge waterslides to dive into thermal pools and girls can swim with mermaid tails WOW!). The wonderful SPA and the thermal pools are the main reasons why we chose this resort: outdoor and indoor pools with warm thermal water, jacuzzis, geyser, slides for grownups, streams, caverns. 2.200 sq mt wide sauna area with every kind of steam bath, an ice waterfall, infrared barrel sauna, outdoor hot and cold tubs… and the list goes on. Of course the food is delicious: generous buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner with local produce. And if you’re tired of relaxing at the SPA… 50 holes Golf course, trekking paths, bicycles, horses… there’re so many activities you can do!

_MG_2947a _MG_3126a _MG_2945a _MG_2933a _MG_3040a _MG_3067a _MG_3106a _MG_3055a _MG_3027a _MG_2986a _MG_2975a

_MG_2999a _MG_2964a _MG_2943a _MG_3032a

From Burgenland hills we went in the Austrian green valleys, surrounded by the highest peaks, in the hotel of our dreams, for some more wellness and a lot of trekking! The first region I’d like to tell you about is Leogang Saalfelden, near Salzburg, where we stay for some days. We heard many good thing about this area so we had to explore it!!

We stayed at Mama Thresl Hotel in Leogang. Its funny slogan says: “Urban soul meets the Alps”. The interior design of this  guest house is incredible, the attention to details is amazing. Everything around me made my jaw drop! For instance you can climb on the front wall (Seriously! It’s true!), every room has a terrace with a hammock (and we chose one with an outdoor hot tub too… to take a warm bath under the starry sky!), on the roof there’s a solarium with pouffes and hammocks, guests eat at tables made out of gigantic stone pieces or huge tree logs combined with the coolest design furniture. In the room the TV and the table are hidden behind wood panels… rooms, corridors, the whole facility is covered in wood. Just add some cool music, DJ sets with and Alpine twist and you get a super stylish place, for young people right in the middle of the Alps! I particularly liked: the excellent breakfast (have a look at the photos… it was so tasty!) and all the daily activities organized by the hotel: such as open-air yoga class , bicycle rental service, barbecue and night shows.

Here, we practiced a lot of trekking (You can find all the info about the best excursions at the front desk of the hotel or in Leogang city center). I personally suggest: itinerary number 14, 15 and 10. We took these pics during these excursions. Enjoy! :) :)

_MG_4352a_MG_4175a_MG_4111a_MG_4141a_MG_4118a_MG_4361a_MG_4362a _MG_4358a_MG_4378a_MG_4389a

_MG_4409a _MG_4393a _MG_4337a _MG_4349a_MG_4226a_MG_4317a_MG_4328a_MG_4297a

_MG_4305a _MG_4277a_MG_4446a_MG_4216a_MG_4429

I tried to get our amazing experience across and I hope you liked this juicy post! I’m waiting for your comments, my beautiful friends. See you tomorrow with the second post from my holidays :)


Hotel Mama Thresl

Allegria Resort


SPORTSWEAR: Dechatlon / H&M


BATHING SUIT: Golden Point (blu) / Moeva (Nero)



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42 thoughts on “Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)

  1. Bellissime foto Irene! Io adoro l’Austria, io e la mia famiglia abbiamo comprato casa a Sillian un carinissimo paesino vicino a Lienz e al confine italiano, e quando veniamo in vacanza qui ogni giorno scopriamo luoghi meravigliosi.
    Baci . Fede

  2. Primi sorsi di una vacanza che ti accompagnerà durante i prossimi mesi e sono certa, in qualche modo, ispirerà gli outfit dei giorni urbani… Perché la montagna è il respiro del cuore. À bientôt

  3. Non ho mai amato la montagna e fino allo scorso anno non avrei mai optato per una vacanza tra la dopo aver visto e letto i tuoi post su insagram e qui beh, non ti nego che potrebbe essere una prossima meta da visitare! :D

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