Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)


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Summer Holidays 2015

Summer holidays 2015. When we had to decide what kind of holidays we wanted to do this year, we chose without a doubt that holiday package that I call “Spa&trekking”. By now you should know that in summer I love nature and wellness: all year long I have to “be perfect” (makeup, hair, clothes…) in my urban background so spending holidays surrounded by nature is a perfect way to run away from my routine, relax and take care of my body… on the inside and on the outside. Forgetting of hairstyling and makeup (hair and skin have the right to breath and relax a bit), a total immersion into the slower and peaceful rhythm of nature, a good amount of exercise and delicious food. Again, we chose Austria for our holiday. It’s very close to Italy, and they’re particularly good in term of hospitality and tourism management. And let’s talk about luxuriant nature and the landscapes so different on hills and higher peaks. Besides, in case you miss “civilization” you can visit and discover some wonderful cities like Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz… Needless to say, I’m deeply in love with Austria! :)

Summer Holidays 2015: the Diary of My 3 Weeks of SPA and Trekking (Part 1 of 3)

Our SPA & Trekking tour of Austria started from Stegersbach, in in the East of Austria, in southern Burgenland, few kilometers  from Hungary and the city of Graz (a place where sun shines 300 days a year). Here landscapes are amazing: gentle hills, endless fields, fruit trees and cute little houses just like those in children’s drawings: pointy roofs, squared shapes and white fences.



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