White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!



White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!

White dress. Summer = white. We have already talked about white jeans that are a constant trend for the summer. Yes, white is the color par excellence for summer! It’s as elegant as black and is fresh, bubbly, positive, and calm. Basically, you understand that I love white :D

White dress: and I’m not talking about wedding dresses! The ultimate wardrobe item for July!

So the item that absolutely can not be missing from our wardrobe for summer is a white dress (or a beautiful collection of white dresses :D).

  • A white dress is chic for the beach, especially if worn with straw accessories and colorful swimsuits
  • A lacy white dress is summery and sensual: it looks great with leather accessories for the day or in black for the evening
  • A white dress is the black of the evening: it is elegant, especially worn with metal or gold accessories
  • Dare to go for a total look in white: white dress (Even with a blazer for the evening), sandals and white sunglasses
  • Here is a bit of inspiration for some different ways to wear your white clothes :)



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Back From Holidays, New Outfit and News for September !


_MG_1948aBack From Holidays, New Outfit and News for September !

Back from holidays. Hello ladies! This is going to be a juicy post because I have a lot to tell you! First, I’d like to know if you enjoy your holidays. Are you back to your routines: office work or books? I’ve already told you everything about my holidays: you read it in THISTHIS, THIS post! My trip has been amazing: three weeks to take a break and relax my body and my mind. I couldn’t ask for more :))

Back From Holidays and News for September !

Now I’m super excited to get back to work and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm. Because, you know, September is a new start just like New Year’s Day in January. After writing about my good resolutions, on Monday  it’s time to tell you some good news. In the last few months I’ve worked really hard and now I’m more than ready to live this new year. It’s going to be full… crowded with news! As you know, I can’t stay still, I always need to be active and I love experimenting new things! Many more videos, two new collections coming soon in stores with my name on (I can’t wait to tell you every detail!), some editorial project still work in progress that I’m going to discuss with you to see what you think about them… and much more but you have to wait… it’a surprise! :)

Well, now let’s face September, this new beginning together! Next stop: Venice International Film Festival :) Follow me live on Instagram @ireneCCloset!

Thank you for always following me, you’re the best! :)))

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6 goals for September to start with the right foot!!

Tan: how to maintain your tan and avoid going back to milky white

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Off Shoulder Dress and a Profusion of Fringe: Homecoming. Bye bye Summer Vacations!


off shoulder white dress

Off Shoulder Dress and a Profusion of Fringe

Off shoulder dress. Hello ladies!! I’m about to come home from my super long 3 weeks holiday on the mountains. I must say that I’ve really enjoyed it! :) But I must also admit that honestly I’m super, super, super happy to get back home. Now I’ve got the right amount of relax and enthusiasm to face a year that is going to be really intense and full of new experiences.

Off Shoulder Dress and a Profusion of Fringe: Homecoming. Bye bye Summer Vacations!

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to enjoy the last instants of my holiday (the diary of my mountain trip will be online tomorrow!) showing you one of my favorite outfits of this month: a super romantic off shoulder (one of this summer top trends!) white dress and a profusion of fringe. How about this outfit? I send you a big hug my beautiful girls and I can’t wait to read your comments.



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