Vestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto: in partenza per il Festival del Cinema di Venezia!


look Vestito arancioneVestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto: in partenza per il Festival del Cinema di Venezia!

Vestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto. Felice venerdi ragazze!! Io sono arrivata a Venezia per alcuni eventi correlati al Festival del Cinema di Venezia (Vi ricordate la mia esperienza l’anno scorso?). Non vedo l’ora di iniziare:) Questo  settembre inizia davvero intenso, saranno mesi di fuoco, gambe in spalla, come si suol dire :) Se vi va di seguirmi in diretta dal Festival del Cinema di Venezia mi trovate su Instagram @ireneccloset :)

Vestito arancione lunghissimo sul tetto

Il look che voglio farvi vedere oggi è già, in parte, in tema Festival del Cinema :) Un abito lungo, lunghissimo indossato però in versione davvero casual ;) Abbiamo deciso di scattarlo in cima ad un bellissimo tetto: l’effetto del vento su questo abito plissè secondo me è molto bello, queste foto mi piacciono molto, grande Giova :) Sperò che il look vi piaccia e ci sentiamo domani! Aspetto i vostri commenti!

L’anno scorso al Festival del Cinema di Venezia, ecco cosa ho fatto (e indossato!)

Ancora caldissimo, ffffh! Ecco come NON vestirsi in estate in città.. gli errori da non fare!

Come indossare gli abiti lunghi in città: vi do qualche accorgimento per indossarli senza stress!

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Black and White Look: When a Dress Can Make the Difference!


black and white lookBlack and White Look: When a Dress Can Make the Difference!

Black and White Look. Hi gorgeous!!! Are you following my holidays surrounded by uncontaminated nature and mountains? My trip is almost over and next week I’ll tell you all about our vacation!! But now I’ll show you an amazing outfit that I love because, it’s effortless  and super easy.

All you need is a dress, a special one of course, to create a whole look! And accessories are a piece of cake. In my case the dress is long with a slit and I matched it with basic black accessories for the day. The result is a refined look…. without any effort. Not bad! Well, I’ve already told you, some days ago, how much I love maxi dresses… :D

I hope you liked this outfit!! Let me know and leave your comments! :)))



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Long Dress With Front Slit… Wow! Wear it During the Day ;)


Abito lungo con spacco

Long Dress With Front Slit… Wow! Wear it During the Day ;)

Long dress with front slit. I love wearing long dresses during the day. This year maxi length clothing is super cool, long dresses or maxi skirts. The common denominator is that they have to be fresh, fluttering… and with slits of course! Long is good, but it has also to be sexy, isn’t it? So I choose a long black and white dress with front slit that I wore in the incredible video with “I Trentenni” (Legendary… it shows you an unknown side of my personality!). Watch the video here If you’re 30 you can no longer afford to wear it – ft. Irene’s Closet.

But back to the outfit… I match the dress with a pair of basic flat sandals, a skinny belt una cinturina to avoid the long-shirt effect and to make it more feminine and a jaunty backpack… What do you think? I’m waiting for your comments! A big hug!!

P.S Speaking of backpacks… Have a look HERE to see how to wear them in summer ;)

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Rinascimento Winter 2015 2016: My Princess Dress and the Fashion Show!



Rinascimento Winter 2015 2016

Rinascimento winter 2015 2016. Imagine an ancient building, one of those building that once you pass the gate makes you feel all its magnificence, Palazzo Albergati. Frescoed ceilings, refined furniture from the time fashion went hand in hand with elegance. That was the perfect setting for the fashion show of fall-winter collection 2015 2016 by Rinascimento, the renowned brand, popular for its wonderful formal and cocktail dresses, made in Italy. Once again, with this show, Rinascimento proved to be not only that… but much more.

Long fringed cardigans, long leather jackets, sweaters, boots and hats in an extremely urban mood. And then, hounds-tooth matched with floral print it’s great idea that I’m definitely going to copy next season. Long, super long dresses. But also short dresses, knee length and a lot of bon-ton. I choose for you some photos of the outfits on the catwalk I loved more: Let me know if you like them!

Rinascimento winter 2015 2016: my princess dress and the fashion show!

Also the dress I was wearing during the event is part of Fall Winter Collection 2015 2016 by Rinascimento. This dress with the front vent and the floral print makes me feel like a princess for one night. Not to mention the enchanted setting…

Enjoy the pics, I’m waiting for your feed-backs… Kisses!

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Gladiator Sandals and Long Dress: My New Uniform!


irene colzi

Gladiator Sandals and Long Dress

Gladiator sandals and long dress. Have you ever found the perfect match, the outfit that makes you feel good and makes you feel like wearing it all over again, in the same identical way? Well, that’s it! I’ve found it! This outfit is the one. I wore it few days ago during an afternoon in Lucca with some friends.

Gladiator Sandals and Long Dress: My New Uniform!

I was wearing flat gladiator sandals by Timberland,  you might have seen them in THIS outfit. As you may have noticed, I wear them very often lately because, beyond being a trend of this season, they’re also really comfy,  so they’re perfect for walking in the city during the day. I decided to match them, in a boho chic mood  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here) , with a vitamin color dress, a leather bag and a big pendant. A pair of sunglasses and… et voilà! This is it! It will be my one and only outfit for summer 2015, ehehe!! :)

I hope you enjoy it, let me know your opinions!n

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