A colourful striped dress with a touch of yellow and white!


outfit vestito a righe colorate

A colourful striped dress with a touch of yellow and white!

A colourful striped dress. Hey girls!! Today I was in need of some colour. Have you seen my gorgeous colourful striped dress?!?! I’ve gone a bit wild but still sticking to the 3 primary colours. The rule is that you can’t wear more than three colours at the same time, excluding black and white, which are neutral. I told you about a few secrets for wearing colours in this post!

A colourful striped dress: so much colour!

In this look I wore a colourful striped dress in red, blue and white worn with a yellow bag (my favourite bag!! In this post I’ve given you 21 good reasons to buy colourful bags, remember?). I didn’t think this pairing would work, but in fact, red, blue and yellow go perfectly together. What do you think? I chose white neutral shoes so not to distract from the look. Scroll down for all the photos! Let me know what you think and if you like this look :)

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Gianfranco Lotti: Bags, Salon Privé and the Incredible Story of Gianfranco


Gianfranco Lotti

Gianfranco Lotti: Bags,  Salon  Privé and the Incredible Story of Gianfranco

One of the things that gives me more satisfaction about my blog, is the opportunity to get in touch with many entities that made the History of fashion. Personalities that are part of the History of Italy that I had the chance to describe from my personal point of view, inside my own space on the web.

Some days ago I attended a special event made by Gianfranco Lotti, a brand that made the history of bags in Florence. My day with Gianfranco Lotti started from his factory in Scandicci, just outside Florence: that is the historical factory where his wonderful bags continue to be made nowadays. Gianfranco Lotti, himself, told us his story, the story of a self-made man, a smart and brilliant man that is also a very approachable person. Gianfranco Lotti is 100% Florentine and is as tied as I am to his city.“Florence inspires beauty and the influence of my city has been fundamental in my professional growth “.

Gianfranco Lotti: Meeting Gianfranco and His Incredible Story

His story began when he was 14 and he quit school. At the time, in Florence, a young boy could choose among 3 jobs: mechanic, goldsmith or leather artisan. After giving a try in a garage, Gianfranco Lotti he started working as leather artisan for Empirio Brilli: at the time leather was not only used for clothing and accessories but also for many other purposes. In 1966 with Florence flood, the company and the economy of the entire city was struggling. Life in Florence and its businesses were crushed. But for Gianfranco Lotti’s career the flood was a turning point because he started his own leather company, opening his studio on the ground floor of the building where he lived at the time.

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