Ripped jeans… and a chic look!


jeans strappati sulle ginocchia | outfit con jeans strappati | look casualRipped jeans… and a chic look!

Ripped jeans. The title of this post already seems like an oxymoron. Ripped jeans, especially VERY destroyed styles, are anything but chic. (HERE you can see all the jeans trends for 2016!). They’re perfect for very casual, daytime outfits, perhaps with slip on shoes or sneakers, a shirt and a bomber jacket. But how on earth can you incorporate them into a chic look?

Ripped jeans… and a chic look!

I experimented with this look: I paired a pair of ripped boyfriend style jeans with a beaded bon-ton jacket with a loose red shirt, a pair of bright heels and a white bag. What do you think of this look with ripped jeans… chic? :)

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