Dior and Florence: A Day As Miss Dior. Makeup, Accessories, Cocktails… J’Adore!


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Dior and Florence: A Day As Miss Dior

Dior and Florence. What’s better than the encounter between a wonderful city of art and beauty like Florence and a brand which is an international symbol of elegance and beauty like Dior. I’ve been part of this magical encounter in an incredible day with amazing makeup and wonderful accessories, inside a Dior boutique, a corner of Paris… in the cradle of Renaissance. Bags like masterpieces, chic cocktails and flawless, elegant views of Florence. Today, here on my blog, I’ll show you my day as Miss Dior with Dior, in Florence.

Dior and Florence: A Day As Miss Dior. Makeup, Accessories, Cocktails… J’Adore!

First makeup of the day. Created by Davide Frizzi, Dior makeup artist. natural, glowing and bright makeup. Clean face with bonne mine effect, eyes are protagonists, healthy and glowing look! With this kind of makeup is easy and fun playing with accessories. Just relax and choose the perfect outfit inside the room of one of the most beautiful and elegant hotels in Florence, Hotel Savoy – HIP Hotels is pleasure itself.The view is breathtaking. Pearl earrings, sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, precious details… What to choose? WHY should I choose?

Then doing some shopping in the city streets: elegant outfit, chic and contemporary, just like my Florence nowadays, just like Dior. the makeup became darker. The eyes are more intense, lips are turn purple, dark like a glass of good Chianti. So let’s stop at Dior boutique, in Via de’ Tornabuoni, the street of high fashion and classy shopping that at Christmas time turns into pure magic. Inside Dior boutique is just like being in Paris, inside Maison Dior. A long staircase, mirrors, white and light. Roses, roses and more roses. Private ares, sofas, the Winter Collection and the Cruise Collection. Amazing bags: next season is going to drive us crazy! In the photos I’ll give you a preview along with some other fall-winter pieces which are an absolute must have.

Sun is setting over Florence, Ponte Vecchio shouts “J’Adore!”. Makeup became more intense, sensual mysterious. Lips are fuchsia, eyes are beyond black. Makeup is the real protagonist now. A black little dress, an intriguing cocktail at a bistro with my name, Irene, in Piazza della Repubblica. Then, red and gold accessories because I want to be bold but I never forget elegance.

Enjoy all the photos of my day con Dior. Pure magic.

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