Charm bracelet: here’s mine!


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Charm bracelet: here’s mine!

Charm bracelet. I’ve always been fascinated by charm bracelets: they’re essentially bracelets which reveal your personality, through little charms that narrate our experiences, feelings, interests, travels… who we are and how we feel. The charms are a way of expressing ourselves through jewellery! So for my charm bracelet I was very tempted by the glamour collection of charms by Giovanni Raspini (that I wore in this post, remember?). They are really original and fun, and I’ve decided to put together a little wardrobe of my charms… I’ve got one for everything! There’s everything from a bra to a perfume bottle to a dress to high heels and an IT bag of the moment! Isn’t it adorable?

Charm bracelet: a bra, a perfume bottle, heels and an IT bag. Here’s my super fashionable bracelet!

I’ve decided to pair it with a summery and feminine look. A pair of colourful sandals, a denim miniskirt, a basic shirt and a floral jacket.


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