Balayage and Long Hair Care: Secrets, Tips and My Hair Routine!


fall winter 2015 2016 hair  (2)Balayage and Long Hair Routine: My New Hair and Some Tips!

Balayage. When I told you about my good resolutions for September, I wrote that one of the goals to set after the end of holidays, by the end of September, was to fix our manes with new colors, new cut and intensive treatments… and I was very interested in Balayage, a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. So finally I did it! Taking care of long hair is extremely important! A few days ago I renewed my long hair. I made an appointment in Milan with Pier Giuseppe Moroni, artistic director for Wella Professional. I’d already had the pleasure of meeting him for THIS and THIS color and when I worked with Wella a few years ago (HERE). Every time I need to dye my hair and I want to step out of the salon feeling amazing, I know that the person for this job is Pier Giuseppe: he always understands what I want and does it better than I expected. He uses the incredible Wella Professional Colors, which have a natural-looking effect, they’re not aggressive and last longer!

Balayage and  Long Hair Care: Secrets, Tips and My Hair Routine!

When, some days ago I went to Pier Giuseppe Moroni’s Salon without a clear idea in my head, except for Balayage (Maybe you read it on Instagram HERE). We made a decision together: no cut (my hair were still very healthy so I didn’t need one. I’ll tell you why later! Yay!), only an interesting color retouching: Balayage. This winter I dyed my hair black (QUI) but in summer my old color reappeared on the roots. And I have to admit that I really liked those lighter locks… they light up my face! So Pier Giuseppe Moroni enhanced my natural highlights coloring some strands, starting from the roots with the same color (in order to uniform it so it doesn’t look too different) then he enlightened of just one tone the strands that were closer to the face to make it brighter! You can see the result in the photos: I can’t be happier!

And now some tips to take a good care of your long hair… or I should say: my hair routine! I hope you’ll find it useful :)))

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Wavy Hair Without Curling Iron: 3 Techniques for Waves with No Heat!


hair lunghi wavy

Wavy Hair Without
Curling iron or Hair Straightener

Wavy hair without curling iron.  Summer and good weather bring with them the desire to take care of our beauty even more. Higher temperature for instance can help us with our hair. Summer is perfect to rigenerate our manes avoiding curling irons and straightener… or at least reducing their use, only in few occasions! I like wild hair for summer,. I love natural beach waves, like those you get with sea water and sun. But, how to get this beachy hairstyle at home? Here’re 3 techniques that I’ve learnt on the web. They actually work! ;) In this way you’ll stop using heat. Your hair will be grateful next winter!:)

Wavy hair without curling iron or hair straightener: you can do it in 3 different ways!


This is the easiest way to do it and you can get very natural waves, that just looks like beach hair. That’s how it works:

– Wash your hair as usual and dry it (better if they’re still a bit wet)
– split your hair in two sections

– if you have natural straight hair, you’d better apply a dollop of curling mousse
– twist each section tightly.
– set both twisted locks on the top of your head, like a hair headband
– hold firmly with bob pins
– after two hours or (better)the following, morning loosen the twists… and enjoy your waves! If you have super straiight hair spray with a holding product to help set the waves :)

irene colzi hair

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Cura capelli e l’esperienza Goran Viler hair & SPA a Trieste


cura capelli

Cura capelli: ecco i trattamenti che ho provato da  Goran Viler hair & SPA a Trieste

Cura capelli e l’esperienza Goran Viler hair & SPA a Trieste. Buongiorno fanciulle! Oggi vorrei continuare a parlarvi di capelli. Dopo avervi fatto vedere il post sulla mia personale CURA DEI CAPELLI LUNGHI, oggi vorrei raccontarvi della mia giornata trascorsa a Trieste in compagnia di Goran Viler hair & SPA, il moderno salone che coccola i capelli come in SPA grazie alle esperte mani di Goran e alla tradizione giapponese sul quale si fonda. Situato nel cuore di Trieste in uno stabile che, ad inizio Novecento, era adibito ad hotel lusso (Parquet e pareti sono originali dell’epoca!), il salone è tra i più innovativi. L’ispirazione proviene dal senso dell’ospitalità Onsen giapponese per rasentare la perfezione della cura e della coccola del cliente, grazie anche a prodotti quali quelli di Shu Uemura (Se li avete provati potete capire di che cosa sto parlando..), Kerastase, L’Oreal e Wella. Durante la giornata ho avuto il piacere di testare in prima persona questi servizi: una tisana depurativa, un consulto con Goran che mi ha consigliato subito come rinfrescare il mio colore dopo il mare (Consiglio: se non sapete bene come valorizzare il vostro taglio, chiedete a Goran, lui saprà come attuare il vostro “Make over” in modo perfetto!), un massaggio ai sali per rendere le mani morbidissime mentre il colore è in posa ed un check di punte e radici grazie alla macchina dell’ossigeno che ha scoperto che i miei capelli sono sani come pesci (YEY!). Ho sperimentato poi la cerimonia Shu Uemura in Suite: un massaggio di 50 minuti sul cuoio capelluto per poi scendere a collo, spalle e braccia tra olii, shampoo e maschera. Il risultato? Vi garantisco che raramente ho mai visto i miei capelli così leggeri, leggeri come un soffio, sani, corposi e lucidi!  A voi tutte le foto! Che ne dite del risultato? Un abbraccio a tutte! E non perdete il post del pomeriggio!!! :)))

P.S. Qualche curiosità? Tramite la macchina dell’Ossigeno che ha “scannerizzato” la situazione dei miei capelli ho scoperto (ed ho visto) che le punte dei capelli letteralmente scoppiano se trattate male (Ed ovviamente l’aspetto delle punte diventa tipicamente “paglia”). Le motivazioni? Trattamenti chimici troppo forti (Tipo decolorazioni o shatush) che non sono seguiti da regolari trattamenti ricostituenti oppure piastra e ferro di bassa qualità oppure passati sui capelli due volte sulla ciocca ancora calda (Il calore irrorato è doppio!).


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Long hair: how to take care of it and make it grow healthily. My experience!


capelli lunghi | shatush | ombre hair | capelli mossi | cura capelli

Long hair: how to take care of it and make it grow healthily. My experience!

Long hair: instructions for use. Hello beautiful girls! After having showed you on INSTAGRAM (@ireneccloset) a photo of my long hair fresh from a pre-holiday hairdresser trip, I have received many emails and comments on various socials (FACEBOOK | TWITTER) where I was asked how I was keeping them so long and healthy, what kind of colour I have, how I maintain my long hair .. so I decided, instead of answering them one by one, to create a post to tell you about my experience that maybe can be helpful for all those who read my blog silently and need the same advice!

And there’s more: in the next few days I will be a guest of a famous salon in northern Italy … and there will still be a lot to talk about together in terms of hair! Stay tuned ♥

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