Piazzale Michelangelo: Back to My Roots


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Piazzale Michelangelo: Back to My Roots

Piazzale Michelangelo. Sometimes, there are things that you take for granted. Maybe because they’re always there in front of you. But, when someone that is not so used to that, someone detached and objective points out how extraordinary that thing is, you realize the beauty that’s in front of you. If you think about it, it always happens… like with your significant other when he’s been there at your side for many years!

Piazzale Michelangelo and My Outfit (Almost) Total Black

It happens with your family that’s always been with you. But only when you have problems you open your eyes and see, you understand how important and wonderful are the things that we take for granted because they’ve always been there. You’re so lucky and you and you must realize it! Never take this things for granted. Not even your city. Is the place where you were born and you see it every day. It’s amazing. Beautiful! And it’s your home! And despite its beauty, you don’t have time to stop and enjoy it You’re too used to it. You run up and down and you don’t see it! Well, sometime you need to stop and go back to your roots, forgetting about your crazy routine. You need to see with new eyes that thing that have always been there. Rediscover them. Reevaluate your everyday life. That’s a thing that I need to do sometimes….


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Cape Or Jacket? That Is the Question. I Chose Both!



Cape Or Jacket? That Is the Question. I Chose Both!

Cape. When I was in Paris with Harmont & Blaine I fell in love with it (Do you remember?). I’m talking about the blanket jacket, a cape-jacket, that looks like a cape… but it’s a jacket!(and much more comfortable to wear… I wrote about capes and ponchos in this post). In , Paris, I tried on one with black and camel geometric pattern, but eventually I chose that one that I’m wearing in the pics. It has a beautiful palette and the cat perfectly fits! What do you think?

Cape Or Jacket? That Is the Question. I Chose Both!

I decided to create my outfit with a pair of high waist skinnies and a basic shirt. Of course I finish my look with the amazing Harmont & Blaine Fedora  I hope you enjoy today’s outfit and I can’t wait to read your comments. hugs and kisses!

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Blue Long Dress and Blue Hat: My Outfit Feels Blue Today!



 Blue Long Dress and Blue Hat. My Outfit Feels Blue Today!

Blue long dress. On the runaways, for this winter, we saw lots of maxi dresses, especially in boho version, between romantic and hippie: beautiful, feminine and as I like to say they can always “sort out the look”, they don’t even need too much effort with accessories, they just look flawless as they are. Recently I wore a maxi blue dress that i find amazing!

 Blue Long Dress and Blue Hat. My Outfit Feels Blue Today!

Fist, the charming print with different blue tones, secondly the perfect cut with details that remind me a dress from another time but with a definitely contemporary mood. So, to consolidate that mood I decided to match the long blue dress with a wide brim boyish hat end a blue clutch, very feminine. What do you think about this outfit? I’m looking forward to reading your comments. Hugs and kisses!

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Fringe Dress and a Preview of Fall Fashion Trends… in September!


outfit con cappello neroFringe Dress and a Preview of Fall Fashion Trends.

Fringe dress. Yesterday I wrote about Fall Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Trends , today, instead, I want to show yo a new outfit in some photos taken at Venice Lido during our days at Venice Film Festival dedicate al Festival (you can read about it in THIS post. This September look is a kind of preview of summer to fall “transition” style.

Fringe Dress and a Preview of Fall Fashion Trends… in September!

I was wearing a black fringe dress that I find gorgeous (the front wrap beautifully enhance the waist). Fringe will continue to be a huge trend next season! Since the sky looked threatening, I decided to match this dress with mannish lace-ups and a wide brim hat. I hope you’ll appreciate this outfit and I can’t wait to read what you think about it :)

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Borsa nera borchiata ed un vestito di pelle


borsa nera borchiata

Borsa nera borchiata ed un vestito di pelle

Borsa nera borchiata. Okay, diciamocelo, queste lunghezze sono parecchio difficili da indossare, sono una piccola sfida. Pero’ e’ anche vero che sono lunghezze un po’ diverse che spezzano dalla routine e che per questo mi intrigano. Ovviamente con i tacchi la lunghezza a meta’ polpaccio e’ il top, ma per il giorno?

Borsa nera borchiata J&C jackyceline, per il giorno

Io ho deciso di indossare questo abito in pelle con un taglio che esalta il punto vita (adoro!) con un paio di stringate maschili, maschili come il cappello dal quale in questo periodo non riesco proprio piu’ a separarmi. Al mio braccio la Katy Bag di J&C jackyceline, la mia borsa nera borchiata, compagna di questa stagione, come sapete bene! Voi che ne dite di questo look? Aspetto i vostri commenti con le vostre opinioni se vi va. Un abbraccio forte!


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