Espadrilles in the city!


spadrillasEspadrilles in the city!

Espadrilles in the city. Espadrilles are flat shoes (But that can also be reinvented with a high or medium wedge) made from canvas or cotton with the sole made from jute rope. Born in Spain the Espadrilles have become popular around the world, not only for the beach but also for the city. Comfortable and extremely casual (But most importantly very trendy!), they often divide men’s opinions when we wear them in the city: Can they be worn in town? Or just at the beach? Which style do you prefer? And how do you wear them? The answers to all these questions can be found in this post!

Espadrilles in the city: how to wear the best summer shoes!

Espadrilles in the city? Or only on the beach?

Espadrilles on the beach are absolutely perfect, comfortable and casual. But for the city? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the model you choose: the typical flat espadrille, slip on style, with smooth and colorful fabric is definitely not recommended in cities and is better for the beach.

Which style of espadrilles is the most suitable?

And for the city? The classic flat model in slip on style, that is perfect for the beach, but for the city becomes a bit more structured. The material is a little more durable, the sole is more hard-wearing, they might have embellishments and the fabric covers your entire foot. Perfect for evenings in the city are… espadrilles with wedges. They are elegant and always in fashion!

But how to you wear espadrilles?

Here are some ideas for outfit ideas with espadrilles


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